Chapter Twenty-Five

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"We are dead. D-E-A-D, dead, dead!"

"Don't think that…James…."

Remus watched as James paced back and forth. The three of them were still in the Hospital Wing. Sirius had fallen asleep as they waited for Lily and Dumbledore to come back from their teatime. It was nerve wrecking, and the time seemed to go on forever. They wondered if Lily would ever forgive them for doing such a prank.

"Sit down James." Remus demanded.

"I can't! What if she kills Dumbledore then comes for us?" James asked.

"I think the bump to your head did some bad damage, Prongs. Lily wouldn't do that." Remus said.

"Oh yeah?" James asked. He stopped pacing for a moment. "What about the first day she arrived? The chicken and the fork? The knives in the Room of Requirements? The whole 'Dorks eat Dorks'? Or whatever that was? That probably will lead to cannibalism! Then recently we went down into the dungeons, and she almost gave me a heart attack by showing me that dead rat in the jar. She also liked it when Hagrid chopped her cake with an axe! AN AXE! And with the broom and the water incident, she had a tormented childhood! She almost died!"

James raved on and on, until Remus stopped him. "I know Lily's had some…troubled times, but there were good and funny things! Like when Lily smiled after accomplishing something good. We laughed and had a moment when Lily would ask silly question. We really laughed when she peed in Sirius's bed, even though she was scared of the reaction he would give her. Or when she threw the frog down my back! The first part of swimming was fine, until she was pulled away from us. It was cute when she would fall asleep and when she sometimes snored. When the Week of Holiday's came around, and when she got Roy, it was good to see her smile. The camping trip was fun, except when she left to the forest. Her birthday was fun altogether." He said. "And it is amazing how we remember every little detail." He added as an afterthought.

James flopped onto Sirius's bed, making him fly off of it. Sirius sat up quickly and took a look around the room. He was afraid that Lily had come, and made his doom. "Where is she?"

"She is right here."

The three boys jumped. They slowly turned around to see Lily, Dumbledore, and McGonagall. Lily looked calmer then she had been only a half hour before, although they saw the little flicker of anger in her eyes.

Lily was mostly angry, but what they didn't see was the confusion. What was to become of this adventure? What was to become of the four of them?

Dumbledore conjured up some seats, and everyone sat down in a little circle. The three boys tried to stay as far from Lily as they could. They were really afraid and tensed around her.

"First of all, I'm sure you three have something to say to Miss Evans." Dumbledore said.

"We're sorry…" The three mumbled in unison, not really looking into Lily's face.

Lily didn't say a word at first. But then she sighed. "I guess I could forgive you. And I should say sorry myself." She said. "I didn't know I'd be such a…handful to everyone."

"Apology accepted." McGonagall answered. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Dumbledore smiled. So far it was getting off to a good start. "Now what have we learned from this experience?" He asked.

"Don't tamper with potions…" James said.

"It'll probably do something bad or harmful…" Sirius added.

"Nothing good comes from such bad pranks…" Remus added.

"Black isn't allowed to breed." McGonagall teased with a smile. Sirius frowned a bit. He didn't like his test results all too much.

"I should never drink a potion that comes from Professor Slughorn after being distracted from them." Lily said. The Marauders flinched a little. She was still angry.

There was a calm silence. Dumbledore interrupted it though with a clap. Everyone stood up, and the chairs disappeared. All four of the young adults were to stay in the Hospital Wing for the rest of the day. Madame Pomfrey had to test Lily out, and the Marauders were just exhausted.


Lily avoided the Marauders for the next few days. Mostly on purpose, and others because she wasn't really permitted out of the Hospital Wing where they were staying. But she did want to sort out her feelings. Not feelings about James, but feelings about everything that just happened within that month or so. So much happened, and she didn't know whether to be amused or just be angry or sad that she wasted so much time in her young life.

Madame Pomfrey had to test out everything and make sure nothing was erased in her mind. So far, after the second day of testing, everything checked out okay. She remembered all her spells, family friends, old memories, or at least enough to be safe, and she wanted one more day to check out everything before letting Lily go.

The Marauders waited for Lily too. James was just not feeling all too good, and with the bump it made his head hurt a lot. Sirius still had the burns, and Remus was just there because he wanted to see everyone through. This included Lily. They hoped terribly that they could get things straight and not start out on life with such a bumpy entrance.

Finally four days after Lily's eighteenth birthday, they were allowed to leave. This included Hogwarts too, but the four of them, yes that did include Lily, decided to stay one last day to say goodbye to everyone. Even though they still didn't talk too well, and Lily still avoided them.

The Marauders said their goodbyes to Emily and Rosmerta. They explained that Remus's niece had gone back home, and that she really did wish to say goodbye but was in a rush. They understood completely, and sent them off.

Of course they didn't leave without guilt. They felt it heading back up to Hogwarts. Guilt hit them hard.

They went into their rooms where they found Lily packing away her things. They too started to pack up in a uncomfortable silence. Boy were the four of them going to miss this room a lot. It held so much meaning, with it's weird colors and memory. But Remus would have to turn it back to its original color. They didn't want to leave it to Dumbledore.

Lily sat on James's bed, for hers was way to small, and stared at Roy. She had a little smile on her face. "It's weird…" Lily said to them. The boys listened intently. It was the first time in a while they heard Lily actually speak to them with a nice tone. It seemed that Lily wasn't so angry with them any more. "I still remember my past childhood…and this one too, although I almost forgot it four mornings ago."

She set the bear down and smiled up at the Marauders. "It's like I have two memorable childhoods."

The boys smiled. It was always nice to see Lily smile. Lily finally concluded that it really was a harmless prank, and that maybe she'll look back at these events and laugh. And even maybe she'd laugh with them. They weren't bad men after all, although their sense of humor was just a little different then others.

They finished packing in a comfortable silence. When everything was packed. They went to dinner and said their, almost tearful, goodbyes to Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Hagrid. Hagrid was in tears.

They went back to their room, grabbed their stuff, and the four of them prepared to go down towards Hogsmeade to apparate before it got too dark. They said goodbye to their rooms, Hogwarts, and the grounds.

The four of them with their luggage in hand, looked at each other near the gates of Hogwarts. It was almost as if they went and did everything in the world that half of summer, but in fact really did nothing but got to know each other more. Or at least got to know Lily more. But then again, Lily learned so much about the boys.

"Before…we go." Lily said. "I want to say sorry…Sirius."

"Why?" Sirius asked.

"I really didn't mean to pee in your bed." Lily answered. She blushed slightly.

But after a moment, they shared a good laugh. When the laughter died out, they stood staring at each other once more. Lily finally pulled out her wand, though, and smiled a little.

"I guess this is goodbye." She said.

Lily turned around. The boys felt as though they were seeing a family member for the last time. James could feel his heartbeat faster as he found himself walking quickly towards her. He didn't want her to leave just yet.

"Wait! Evan— Lily." He said, grabbing her hand. Lily turned around. There was a moment of silence, but James smiled warmly and said, "No hard feelings?"

Lily smiled a little wider. She nodded. "Of course! I couldn't hold this whole…thing on you like that."

"We should go out sometime!"

"Not on your life, Black!" Lily teased.

James let go of her hand, and she gave them all a sad kind of wave. Somehow they felt a little connection of understanding between them, and it didn't seem like they were losing someone now. Maybe with this connection they shared they could even see each other again. That ought to be fun, at least, for them.

With a pop Lillian Evans apparated.

James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black made a date to meet up again, after getting their own lives ready to go on, and grabbed their things.

And with another few pops, the Marauders apparated away to start a new life outside the gates of Hogwarts.

The End


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