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Detention and planning

Tomoeda School-last Period

It was 3:00 and Syaoran had once again fallen asleep during math class. he had his book covering his sleeping face, as he dreamed about a certain brown haired girl behind him. He just couldn't get her out of his head, Her Brown hair, that gorgeous smile and his favorite feature those beautiful green eyes that spark with innocence and joy.

Syaoran shifted slightly and smiled. But he was pulled out of his dream world by the all too familar sound of Mr. Terada's displeased voice

"Mr. Li, does my class boreyou that much or do you find it amusing to disturb my class again?"

"Sorry what was that?" Syaoran said rubbing his eyes

The class burst into laughte at his response, except for rika who seemed rather angry that Mr.Terada was being made fun of. Syaoran looked around the class ignoring Rika's glares and saw Sakura fighting away giggles that were still escaping from her mouth

He smiled "God i love that smile" he said to himself.Unfortunatly Mr. Terada wasn't in the mood for Syaoran's behaviour problems and Syaorans smile vanished when he saw his face.

"Since you seem to love being the centre of attention Mr.Li you may join me on Thrusday for a detention that way you'll have a whole 45 minutes to be the star as you clean this class room till its spotless"

He would have said somethingbut he was to busy thinking about how beautiful Sakura was to even care about the punishment so he just nodded and continued to look dazed.

Sakura was scribbiling down the notes on the board but not really reading them because she was admiraring how magnificent Syaoran was as the sun beamed down on him

"Hoee! what am i thinking Syaoran's my friend" she thought but a voice repiled back "yea a really hott friend who is strong, and caring and sits infront of you in every class" "But i can't think that about him it could ruin our friendship" she argued back "What are you talking about for starters you always think of that and secondly how could beinghis girlfriend effect your realationship negativley" the voice said Sakura shook her head and continued to right notes while occasionaly looking at Syaoran.

Across the class room two dark haired students were looking over to see what was going on

"Its so obvious they like eachother i don't know why they don't just say it and get it over with" Tomoyo said

"ah but you see fair Tomoyo if theyjust said it that would be to easy and they must make it hard and as difficult as possisble to ever be together its just the way sakura and my dear descendant are. to them its a way of life" said Eriol

Tomoyo giggled and agreed the Sakura and Syaoran would out off telling eachother untill the were forced too tell eachother how they feel

Tomoyo eyes lit up as she thought of a "Super Amazing" plan to set her two friends up. Eriol seeing the all too familar evil look in her eyes quickly returned to writing down notes.

the class ended and everyone packed up Sakura and Syaoran walked out of the school together and were about to set off wehn Sakura asked

"Tomoyo are you walking home to day?"

"Sorry Sakura i'm not my mom's toy company has a meeting and i have to go with my mom"

"Oh thats ok i'll just get Touya to come pick me up" Sakurasaid smiling

"but doesn't your brotherwork later tonight?" Eriol asked

"HOE! that's riht now what am i going to do?" Sakura yelled frantically

Tomoyo and Eriol turned there head to Syoaran. He turned his head and blushed a million shades of red and mumbled


"what was that" Sakura asked

Syaoran once again blushed a million shades of red and repeated

"i...could...walk...you... home if you like" He said and looked at the ground wait for the no

"oh thank you so much Syaoran that really means a lot" Sakura said smiling

Syaoran blushed and started walking as Sakura waved good bye to tomoyo and Eriol. They walk for about five minutes when a group of older guysdrove by with there radio blasting. just as sakura was crossing hte street that car came zooming by and didn't see her. Sakura screamed as the car came speeding towards her unaware of her presance

hmmm i think i'll leavethis at a cliffhanger and keep people guessing for a while i really think i'mgetting the hang of this!