The Best Christmas Day Ever

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Syaoran was pacing in his room worrying himself sick. Eriol was sitting there laughing at him which wasn't making it better. Eriol had wormed out Syaorans plans for the next day and found it astonisheing that Sakura asked him.

"You know what if your not going to help maybe you should just leave!" Syaoran yelled to Eriol who was chuckling to himself

"You wouldn't kick me out and besides if you did i'd tell your sisters" Eriol said smiling evily

"...I hate you" Syaoran said looking in the mirror one more time.

At Sakura's house

"I can't do this!" Sakura said screaming again

"Pull your self together Sakura your going to be fine, besides he's probably more nervous then you" Tomoyo said shaking her head

"I doubt it" Sakura said a dreamy look in her eyes "He always so calm and collected...he's so..." Sakura sighed

"Love really is blind" Tomoyo said laughing to herself

The door bell rang and Sakura was shaking she was so nervous. Touya, who had hadn't heard about the date at all was at yukito's and knew nothing about his sisters plans. Mr. kinomoto opened the door.

"Well hello Syaoran and Eroil, Sakura will be down in a minute." He said smiling

Syaoran nodded and tried to stay calm. This had to be the most terrifing day of his life but it was also the happiest. He was going on his first date with the girl of his dreams. The only thing that could make this better is if Eriol had a minor concussion and never remebered anything about Syaoran's nervous break downs that came before this. Sakura came out of her room and walked down the stairs blushing slightly. Shw was wearing agreen full length skirt and a light pink top with a flower on the right shoulder. Syaoran's jaw droped. thecouple left the house before saying anythingdo to the fact that they suspected there friends had tape recorders.

"You look amazing" Syaoran said when they got to the amusmant park

"Thanks" Sakura repiled blushing even more "You look great to"

At first they were nervous and a little quite but after a couple of minutes of eating high sugar foods they were running around like little kids. They went to the house of mirrors fist were they had a race to see who could get out faster which resulted in them both crashing into a lot of mirrors and getting hoplessley lost. They then went to play a few arcade games and Syaoran won Sakura a massive pink teddy bear.

"Its so cute!" Sakura squealed and huged the bear tightly

"Im glad you like it" Syaoran said smling

They ran to the swings but the line was huge to they went on the roller coaster instead. Sakura who was terrified of roller coasters protested at first but agreed when Syaoran said he'd protect her. They got on and went straight to the front Sakura screamed and clung on to Syaoran for dear life and he sertainly didn't mind. They finished there amusmant park trip with a ride on the ferris wheel, it was alomst tradtion to go on that together.

"Its so pretty up here" Sakura said looking out the window at all the lights below.

"Yea its beautiful" Syaoran said then thought to himself "But know were near as beautiful as you"

They continued there day by stoping at a small fast food place for lunch. They ordered the same thing but Syaoran finished first and starrted munching on Sakura's fries.

"Hey thats mine" Sakura protested as she saw Syaoran swip a fry.

He shoved it in his mouth "want it now"

Sakura stuck her tounge out at him and grab his pop and took a sip.

"Oh now its war" Syaoran said and reached for the fries

They were grabing at the fries but in the end they tied because Syaoran got the fries and Sakura got the pop. They made there way to the movie theater but hte only movie that had seats left was a horror movie. Syaoran said they didn't have to go but Sakura refused to ruin his time. Sakura watch about 10 minutes of a 1 hour and 45 min film the rest she was burried into Syaorans shoulder. Syaoran wraped his arm around Sakura and pull her closer to him. When they got out of the movie it was getting dark and they decided to take a walk around the park.

"We spend alot of time her huh?" Sakura said pulling her jacket closer to her

"Yea lots of memories were made here" Syaoran replied thinking about when he first asked Sakura out. He saw the start to set and pretty colors filled the sky, he had to tell her now.

"Umm Sakura" Syaoran said feeling his face grow warm

"Yes" She answered turning towards him

Syaoran froze, his voice was gone and his mind was spinning, Eriols words came flooding back to him. He took a deep breath and without hesitation sent his lips crashing down toSakura's. Sakura was in shock for only a moment then leanedin and kissed back. She felt herself melting in his arms and cluched on to him to stop her self from falling. When they parted Syaoran wispered quitly in her ear

"I love you"

No as beautiful as that is theres a couple things left to finish up

The next day at school Syaoran and Sakura stayed together but tried to keep there realationship on the down low just in case. but this plan was bombed for when they walked into class there was a moive playing andwhen they saw what it was about there eyes grew wide. It was all the time they had spent together on film and sitting in the corner with triumphant grins on therefaces wereTomoyo and Eriol. Turns out they had being stalking the two film there closes moments to make a film to show theenitre class. The class felt the need to comment when they walked in.

"Way to go Syaoran! really smooth"

"Can you give us dating tips?" some other guys asked

"Wow Sakura your so lucky" the girls squealed

"What was it like kissing him?" more girls asked

Sakura went beat red and hid behind Syaoran who did nothing but give a serious glare to his so called friends and mouth the words


Later the night

Laughing came from the living room of Tomoyo's mansion

"You to make a great couple" Eriol said nearlyfalling off his chair from laughing

Syaoran sarcassitcally laughed. Sakura popped her head out of the kitchen

"Hey Syoran could you help me for a sec" She asked

"Yea sure no problem" He answered getting up from his chair

"Don't do anything naughty" Eriol yelled when he entered the kitchen

"Please tell me you have a plan" Syaoranwispered

"Oh do i ever" Sakurasaid grinning holding up a box. Syaoran looked in side and grinned

"I love you and your vengful ways" He said kissing her lightly

"Oh you'll love me more when they fall into our trap" Shesaid and started the set up.

"Hurry!" Syaoran yelled from the kitchen "Sakura found something"

Tomoyo and Eriol ran to the entrance way only to find Sakura grinning evilily and Syaoran holding a video camera

"She's found a couple of suckers who are about to get a taste of there own medicine" He said pointing towhat was hanging in the door way. Misiltoe.

"Syaoranhow couldyou be so cruel" Eriol saidknowing thatwith Syaoran this could be broadcasted world wide.

"Hey it was Sakura genious plot not mine" He said wraping an arm around his new girlfriend. Sakura smiliedsweetly

"Well hurry up! we haven't got all day" Sakura said taping her watch

Tomoyo and Eriol looked at eachother and shruged. They kissed briefly, when they parted Eriol looked up at the stairsin shock

"Hello loverboy" SaidRuby sounding rather amused

"r..ruby"Eriol said looking at his sister who had beinggone for months

They all started laughing andSyaoran walked Sakura home andkissed her gently

"I love you so much"hewispered

"I love you too" She replied and walked in side.

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