This is based of the movies of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Lemony Snicket a Series of Unfortunate Events. Some of it may seem a bit strange, but for the most part I do have reasons for what I do. So questions, comments, and concerns, please let me know. Also, just to let you guys know, I've only seen the movie of Lemony Snicket. So please forgive my poor knowledge. If you see any incongruence, please point them out so I can make this story more accurate! Oh, and, pleas tell me if I should keep going with this. And thank you thank you thank you so much to Ellina HOPE for helping me with this story! I never could have done it without her!

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It had been a very long day for Joe Sullivan, or more commonly known as Sky Captain to the rest of the world. It hadn't been a day of fighting whatever evil forces were at currently at work, trying to destroy the entire human race or deplete Earth's supply of oxygen in one go. No, this particular day had been filled with paperwork. Not just any paperwork though, these were guardianship papers.

Joe remembered the morning he had been told about the girl. He had been in his office, reading. It was his habit to read the newspaper, when he had free time in the morning. Just as he was finishing a story about the new air blimps that were becoming so popular, the phone rang.

Shuffling madly through stacked flight plans and loose blue prints, Joe managed to unearth his phone and answer on the third ring. "Hello?"

There was a pause as the person on the other line cleared their throat. "Hello… is this… a Mr. Joe Sullivan?"

Joe tried to contain his sigh. A fan or news reporter was just looking for a story. "Yes." He said neutrally, attempting to conceal his annoyance.

"Ah… Good. I am Mr. Poe. I'm sorry to say, but I've called to tell you about some rather unfortunate events."

Joe raised his eyebrows. "Oh?" It figured. If someone wasn't asking for an autograph, they were asking to be rescued. He drummed his fingers on his desk and wondered who needed saving this time and what modifications Dex would need to make on his plane.

"Yes, but… let me see… you are the son of a Mrs. Cassandra Sullivan, who was the elder sister of a Mrs. Lily Baudelaire?" Joe's eyebrows climbed even further. This was family business?

"Yes, but I've never met my aunt. My mother," he paused and considered how to put his mother's anger into more appropriate words, "said she and her sister didn't agree with each other. Didn't see eye to eye."

"Yes… do you know anything of your aunt?" Mr. Poe pressed.

"No. Well… I've seen a few pictures."

"Hmmm… You see Mr. Sullivan, the thing is… your aunt has perished along with her husband in a terrible fire."

Joe was surprised at the news, but it didn't really affect him. It was the disconnected feeling of loss that one gets when they learn of a very distant relative's death. Still, there must have been a reason as to why Poe contacted him. Maybe he was needed at the funeral? "Oh?"

"Yes… Mrs. Baudelaire and her husband were survived by three children. Miss. Violet Baudelaire, Miss. Sunny Baudelaire, and a Mr. Klaus Baudelaire."

"Okay..." Joe felt like he was pulling teeth, the way this man was dancing around what he wanted to say.

"You see… you, and a Mrs. Rosetta Cromwell are the only living, capable guardians for these children."

"WHAT?" Joe stood up in his shock.

"Mrs. Rosetta and her husband are willing to take in Miss. Sunny, and Mr. Klaus, but they can not support Miss. Violet as well. Apparently, a teenage girl is just too much for them to handle. So… are you able to take in Miss. Violet?"

Joe tried to grasp words that were just out of his reach. Finally he managed to stutter. "What about Montgomery Montgomery? Surely he'd love to take her in?"

"He already has. He took her and the other two children in. Sadly, he to has passed away. Snake venom."

Joe tried again. "What about Josephine and Ike?" It wasn't that he didn't want to take care of the girl, per se, just that he didn't feel a military base was a safe place for her, especially with all the men running around. And he couldn't leave her alone in the apartment, what kind of guardian would that make him?

"Both eaten by Lachrymose Leeches." He winced in sympathy. Even in his aquaplane, he wouldn't tangle with the Lachrymose Leeches.

Joe hesitated on the last one he knew of. He hated to subject the girl to this, but he had to ask, "and Count Olaf?"

"That dastardly fiend!" Cried Mr. Poe. "He was the children's first guardian, but all he wanted was their inheritance. He is solely responsible for the death of Mr. Montgomery, and Mrs. Josephine. He even tried to marry Miss. Violet to get to her money. Then he disappeared. So either way, it is completely out of the question!"

Joe winced again, and sat back down. He rubbed his forehead, feeling an intense headache growing. "So I'm it?"

"Unless you can not support her. Then she will be put up for adoption."

Joe sighed, and thought for several silent minutes. "It won't be very glamorous," he said after a time. "She'll have to be able to adapt quickly." Desperately, he hoped she wouldn't turn out to be another Polly Perkins.

There was something that sounded suspiciously like pride in Mr. Poe's voice. "Don't worry sir. Violet is quite a capable young woman."

After a week of rifling through personal belongings and boxes, searching for photographs of the Baudelaire five and letters between his mother and aunt, here he was, signing the last of the papers that would turn Violet over to him. Finally, he was done. Then he turned to study the young girl whom he'd never met, but was now the guardian of.

She was younger. He guessed around sixteen or seventeen, with brown hair and brown eyes. And she looked… familiar.

She smiled hesitantly at him as she played with a long silk ribbon. "Hello."

Joe smiled back, when suddenly it hit him. The smile, he recognized it from some pictures of his aunt and mum from their childhood. "You look like your mother." He said, causing Violet to return a stronger smile.

Mr. Poe cleared his throat. "Mr. Sullivan. I trust you'll take good care of Miss. Violet."

Joe nodded, and shook the man's outstretched hand. "Don't worry, she'll fit in perfectly here." He turned to Violet. "Speaking of taking care. We need to leave soon if we're to get back to the base before it's dark."

Mr. Poe nodded his agreement. "Don't forget." He told Violet. "You can call me any time." With that he nodded to Joe again, and left the room.

Violet rolled her eyes at his retreating back.

Joe chuckled, and bent down to get her suitcase. "Shall we?" He gestured to the door.