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Part 1

Ed Deline tried to wave off the worry that clouded his senses and prevented him from concentrating on his work. He decided after a whole thirty-minute try, that he could not do it, so, sighing deeply, he snatched his cell-phone from his pocket and dialled Danny's number again.

"Got there yet?" Ed demanded the second he heard Danny's voice answer back.

Danny McCoy shook his head in mock annoyance. "No Ed, for God's sake, you just called fifteen minutes ago!"

"Thirty,"Ed corrected.

"Whatever! Ed, Just stop worrying. It's not like she's an eight-year old, or something," Danny glared at the woman sitting next to him in the passenger seat of his car, and was instantly rewarded with a voluptuous smile from Delinda. He rolled his eyes. "I assure you, she can take good care of herself."

With another promise to call once they reached their destinastion, Danny finally ended the call. "He can't stop worrying."

"I know," Delinda admitted.

"You know, I don't blame him," Said Danny as he made a left turn, "If I had a daughter, I wouldn't let her go to a strange party, in a deserted place, at one o'clock in the morning."

"First you don't have a daughter, and you won't have one before you get married."


"Second, I don't need my father's permission to do anything anymore, I'm a big girl."

Danny rolled his eyes. "Tell me again, why did I agree to be your date?"

"Because it's what you wanted. Actually, what you dreamed of since you heard I'd be needing a partner."

"Uh ha ha ha, very funny! What was the address again?"

"We need to stop at Mackey's."

"What! You never said that!"

"Well," Delinda reasoned as she used her flashy mirror to fix her makeup, "I can't go there empty handed!"

"Of course you can't, what was I thinking!" Danny mocked.

Delinda flashed him a disapproving glare.

They stopped at the deserted parking lot across the street from Mackey's.

"You're coming?"

"Of course, I am," Danny chided, "I promised Ed to never leave you out of my sight."

They got out of the car, and Danny was about to lock his car when...

"Danny? Danny McCoy?"

Danny turned around quickly, surprise masking his face.

A large, athletic built man stood before them, he was few inches taller than Danny.

"Umm, sorry, and you are?"

"Come on man! We went to high school together! It's me!" The man clapped Danny on the shoulder then offered his hand for a shake.

Delinda smiled as she saw Danny's embarrassment.

"I'm sorry," Danny felt uneasy but the man looked friendly enough to wave off all hints of alarm from his mind. "I really can't remember you, it's been along time I guess," Danny explained as he accepted the man's hand and shook it anyway.

The next thing Danny felt was the cold hard end of a gun being pressed against his chin as the man used Danny's extended hand, to pull him close. Danny was about to react when he heard Delinda gasp suddenly. He whirled around, panic blinding his senses, fearing that she was being harmed. Three other men closed on them, surrounding them, their guns aimed at the restrained Danny and nervous Delinda.

"What's going on?" Danny demanded angrily.

"What do you want?" Delinda shouted.

"Relax, beautiful," One of the men warned as he approached her. Delinda stepped away, her leg instantly shooting out to kick the man's face but he blocked her attack easily and grabbed both her wrists, twisting her around, he whispered in her ears, "I see you're a wild one. I like it wild too."

"Let her go!" Danny shouted. Ignoring the gun aimed at him, he tried to escape the hold of the man restraining him and rush to Delinda's aid, but two men instantly grabbed at his arms and held him back forcefully. "Easy now, boy!" One of them mocked.

"You know who my father is?" Delinda warned.

"Of course I do," The man replied as he spun her around easily, "That's why I'm here. It's too bad you and I can't have fun together, huh, beautiful?" He clawed at Delinda's chin, forcing her to grit her teeth with pain. He smiled.

"Go to hell!" Delinda spat at him hatefully. The man brought his hand down and slapped her hard across the face. The force of the blow, sent Delinda sprawling through the air before hitting the ground with a thud.

"YOU BASTARD! She's just a woman!" Danny screamed, "Leave her alone! Just leave her alone, you hear me! You have me!You don't need her. Just let ..."

Danny was cut short by a thunderous blow to his stomach. His breath stolen away, Danny doubled over and would have fallen to his knees if not for the arms restraining him. He was hit by a large iron handle that would have shattered his skull if directed to his head.

Before Delinda could straighten herself from the fall, the man who caused her fall, kicked her hard in the face. Delinda's throttled cry of pain caused Danny's blood to boil. He struggled against his captors like a caged lion.

"Relax Kid," one of the men coaxed, "It's you the boss wants, so cool off. You'll join the fun later."

"Yeah, too bad it isn't the girl we're after. Too bad her pretty face had to be ruined."

Danny's desperation and fury only multiplied as he watched Delinda get beaten in front of his eyes. He kept struggling with all his might.

One of Danny's kicks finally found a target, as one of the men holding him grunted in pain. "Dammit! You Brat!"

One of his arms freed, Danny tried harder to free the rest of his body, but failed miserably. This time he was handled roughly and shoved against his own car with force enough to break his bones. Danny didn't have time to comprehend what was happening to him, as arms tore his jackets away, and yanked at his shirt sleeve, to finally expose his arm. Three men were piling over him, pulling his naked arm out, while restraining the rest of his body. Out of the corner of his eyes, Danny saw one of them filling a syringe, then approach him steadily.

All Danny managed was a weak, "No," before the needle was jammed into his flesh, and the mysterious liquid it contained was pushed into his veins, invading them rapidly.

They pulled him off the car then, supporting his weary body with ease.

"Danny." The weak voice brought him momentarily to his senses. Danny's eyes traveled to Delinda's and stopped there to embrace her eyes with his.

"I'm sorry," he murmured weakly, taking in her battered face. He had failed her, and most importantly, he had failed Ed.

Delinda's beater smiled. He had stopped his assault long enough for Delinda to witness Danny's fall. His boss didn't want Ed to miss anything.

"Danny," Delinda called to him as she tried to push her battered body off the ground but her injured body protested.

Danny tried to fight the effects of the drug but it was too powerful. The last thing he heard was Delinda screaming his name before he slumped heavily into the waiting arms of one of their snarling attackers.

Delinda watched horrified as Danny fell unconscious in his attacker's arms. She screamed his name but there was no use.

"Scream all you want sweety, there won't be anyone coming to save you now," This time two men approached her.

Delinda was scared. She crawled away from them. "What did you do to Danny?"

"Oh believe me honey, nothing so far."

They were going to hurt her again, and this time, Danny won't be around. "Why..Why are you doing this?"

"Ask your father, if you wake up after today that is."

And soon the nightmare started again. When it ended, it left Delinda bleeding and battered and mercifully unconscious. Leaving her there, the men carried Danny's body to their own car, which was parked not too far away, and drove off.


Ed's cellphone rang and he answered it eagerly. "So you finally got there."

"Hello Ed," a strange voice said after a long pause, "it's a pleasure to hear your voice again."

Ed froze upon hearing the unexpected voice. "Who is this? And where the hell is Danny?"

"Worry about Danny later, now you should worry about your precious daughter. Trace the cell phone and you'll find her." With that, the phone went dead.


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