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Chapter 1- Lily Kate Evans

Privet Drive was quite a dull street indeed. The houses were all architecturally identical, having the same shingled roofs and potted plants on the perfectly paved driveways. The lawns smelled of freshly cut grass and were never parched looking. The gardens were always perfectly pruned, showing beautiful arrays of colored flowers, while kitchens always held the aroma of freshly baked cookies and mince pies. Expensive cars were showcased prominently in the driveways, and always looked spotless. The people inhabiting this street were perfectly nice, but once inside their air-conditioned homes took up their favorite hobby: spying on and gossiping about their fellow neighbors.

One could say that it was all a pointless act, trying to impress the person living beside you, but those living on Privet Drive took pride in the art of gossip.

In such a neighborhood, nothing extraordinary ever occurred—that is to say—until the beginnings of each summer holiday.

What caused the street to liven up? Well, none other then Lily Evans.

At that precise moment, loud screams could be heard coming from the Evans' house-hold. This had been a regular occurrence during the summer, for the youngest Evans daughter had returned home from her boarding school—or so the neighbors thought. Lily and her older sister, Petunia, were not the closest sisters in the world. The occupants of Privet Drive kept a close eye on the pair of girls, hoping something exciting would take place and give them something to gossip about.

Mrs. Boggleskin was the nosiest woman living on Privet Drive. How she loved when controversy came to light! She was peeking through her kitchen drapes with a pair of binoculars, wondering what could be going on. She noted the peculiar gold sparks that seemed to be bouncing off the walls inside the house, the loud shrieks, and caught a glimpse of Petunia Evans yanking on Lily's long, red hair.

Whatever could be going on?

Mrs. Boggleskin hobbled over to her husband quickly and started to search through some drawers.

"What are you doing by the window, dear?" Mr. Boggleskin, an older, ailing man asked his wife politely.

"Something is about in the Evan's household. I must know what it is." she said offhandedly.

"Has that pretty Evans girl come back from her boarding school?" Mr. Boggleskin asked, hacking horribly.

"Of course she is home, you old crone! She comes home every summer and causes complete havoc!" Mrs. Boggleskin said, rustling through some drawers for a better pair of binoculars.

"I quite like the girl." Mr. Boggleskin said affectionately, "She reminds me of myself when I was young."

"Then you must have been a fair bit of trouble! Now keep your nonsense to yourself, I must hear!" Mrs. Boggleskin barked, shushing her poor husband.

"Such a nice young lady." Mr. Boggleskin said, ignoring his wife and rambling on.

"Be quiet, I must hear! The girls 'round the neighborhood are probably listening in right now!" Mrs. Boggleskin said roughly, peering through her visual aids.

"What are you up to now Lily Evans?" Mrs. Boggleskin murmured, shutting his eyes to take a nap.

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