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On the Lookout, high above the Earth, a handful of Z fighters were gathered.

"Are you sure we'll survive?" Trunks said.

"I know we will," Goku said.

Suddenly, a red streak flew by.

"What on Earth was that?" Gohan said startled.

Then, a group of hover ships appeared.

"Who are they?" Krillin said.

A brownish gray animal was sitting in the lead hover ship.

"Don't let her escape!" he yelled. "Dimitri wants her back alive!"

"Who are they talking about?" Gohan said.

"Beats me," Krillin said.

The hover ships landed. Everyone then got a closer look at the leader. He was wearing gray sackcloth and a torn gray cape. He had black rings on his dreadlocks.

"Where did she go?" he yelled looking around.

"I'm right behind you!" a female voice said.

He turned around. A girl similar to him stood behind him. She had a blue vest and pink leather boots. Some of her dreadlocks and left arm were mechanical. Her fur was red and she had blue eyes.

"You want me," she said. "Come and get me."

"You heard her!" he yelled. "Get her NOW!"

A troop of cloaked soldiers charged at her, but she easily dodged them.

"You're gonna have to be quicker that that," she taunted.

Two soldiers ran at her from opposite sides. She just stepped back and the two collided. Another group tried to grab her. She started spinning her fists. The knuckles on her hands changed into buzz saws and she soon KO'ed the entire army.

"This isn't over!" he yelled.

He grabbed a hover ship and flew off.

"I'll get you yet, Menniker!" she yelled. "You and the rest of your legion will pay for all the pain you've cause for my family!"

Everyone ran up to her.

"Excuse me," Goku said. "Who are you?"

"Better yet," Krillin said. "What are you?"

"My name is Alee-Na," the girl said. "I'm an echidna."

"Why are you here?" Piccolo demanded.

"Actually," Alee-Na said. "I was brought here. I'm not going to get started on it since it's so long. Why are you so edgy anyway?"

"We were about to go fight Cell," Goku said.

"Cell," she thought. "The name sounds familiar. He may have some connection to the Dark Legion. I'd better go along and check it out."

She flew off with everyone behind her.

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