A/N: This was a challenge from Tora-chan—Moroi Mikomi. It's from Hiro's POV.

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Ratings: G

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Nothing…

Main Characters: Hiro

Additional Notes: Hiro's thoughts about Tohru


He glared across the table at her. He hated her. She'd stolen Kisa's affection. His Kisa's affections. He hated her.

Her smile was too bright, for one. Her eyes—too innocent. Kisa clung to her like she'd once clung to him. And he hated her for it. For stealing Kisa from him. All Kisa had talked about when he was there, was her. She'd stolen his love and friend from him.

He hated her.

He hated her because she made the tiger smile. That was his job—his sole purpose! She'd stolen that as well. Hated her because she accepted Kisa. Hated her for being so kind to everyone. No one was that nice to all the time!

But she was…

How? How could anyone be like her? So lame, so stupid, so trusting? He hated people like her—the kind of people who could never see—or had never seen—the darker side. He hated them because they didn't understand.

He hated her innocence because he'd lost his with his hope long ago…


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