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I've decided to write a sentence from a movie, book, show, or something else that I thought was funny. It will not always be from Teen Titans. Maybe you've heard of what I write down, but if you haven't then I don't know what to tell you.

If you hold your wedding reception at the waffle house- then you might, be a redneck. -Comedian Jeff Foxworthy

I must also tell you that these saying have absolutely nothing to do with the story or chapter.

Emotion Sickness: Part One

Every Titans was doing their morning daily routines. Beast Boy and Cyborg were fighting over the game controller, Raven was reading, Robin was working out in the training room, and Starfire- Starfire was doing very strange and haphazard things such as beginning to make pudding and then beginning to dance with a pillow or something.

And then, like every morning, the alarm would sound. The gem on Raven and Starfire's uniforms would flash red, Cyborg's eye would flash red, Beast Boy's belt buckle would flash red, everything would flash red, and then Robin would run into the main room in a flash. Robin quickly ran over to the computer and began typing. A map of Jump City appeared on the screen. There was a middle sized red x moving around downtown.

And then, you all know what's going to happen next, "Titans, Go!" Every Titan filed and flew out of the tower. Raven flying ahead of them all with Starfire holding Robin and Cyborg behind her, and then Beast Boy flying behind the two girls in a bird type form.

The Titans would twist and turn up and down, right to left, left to right to get to their destination. Too bad their destination kept moving around.


"I've got it." Red-X said out loud triumphantly as he held up a small yellow device. "Now, where are those chips?" He asked as he slid his hand around the shelves. Then there was an explosion in the wall. Red-X whipped around. The shadow of Robin appeared followed by Starfire and Raven, then Cyborg and Beast Boy.

"Where ever they are, they're not going to be with you." Robin said. X jumped up in the air. "I beg to differ." He shoved his foot out towards Robin's face as Robin's jumped up in the air. Robin grabbed his leg and X fell to the ground but landed on his feet. Robin did too.

"Okay," Red-X drifted off as he shot a giant red x at Robin. Robin shot backwards onto the wall and stuck there with the big x on top of him. "Don't you ever try and hurt Robin again!" Starfire shot off the ground with her hands and eyes glowing green. Red-X backflipped backwards.

Starfire aimed for X who was standing right in her target area. "That's it. X marks the spot." He encouraged her to attack him. She flung the lime green starbolt directly at him. At the last minute, he whipped out another X. The bolt bounced off of the X and hit her. She went flying backwards and landed on a shelf. Little did any of them know, a small chip landed on the back of her head and grabbed lightly onto her skin.

"Starfire!" Robin screamed. Red-X laughed knowing he had hurt Robin and Starfire by just reflecting a starbolt off of an x. His laugh quickly got cut off by a blue surge going literally through his body. He looked up. Cyborg put away his sonic cannon. "Boo-ya." X growled and ran towards Cyborg. He flipped over by grabbing onto his shoulders. But he didn't let go of them as he landed so Cyborg went flying into the wall.

"Well-" X got cut off by a sudden jerk of a certain green animal. Beast Boy quickly retreated back to human form. "Dude, where'd X go?" Beast Boy asked looking around. "Try up here." X was floating in the air with nothing holding him up or down. Beast Boy was in complete shock.

"Now you see me," X kicked Beast Boy in the eyes. He went flying backwards. His communicator with a white T surrounded by black and yellow fell out of his pocket. "Now you don't." X finished as he landed on the ground.

Raven jumped out in front of him. X sighed. "I really don't have time for this. Can we postpone this little shindig?" X asked her. Her eyes began to glow. "Why afraid of the dark?" She asked him as she crept forward towards him. He back away. "I don't think so." He replied sharply. Raven quickly pounced on him. Raven was quick, but X was quicker. He jumped out of the way and she ran into a shelf.

Just like Starfire, a chip fell onto the back of her neck and grabbed lightly onto her skin. Raven backed up and rubbed her head. Then she turned her attention back to Red-X. He was already running towards the door. Raven quickly stripped the big X sealing Robin to the wall with her black magic.

"Robin, go!" Raven yelled. He pelted towards X but he slammed the door in his face and locked it. The alarm began to go off as X kicked the alert system box.

"Have fun!" X waved the ran off and then vanished. Robin's fist slammed onto the ground in anger. Starfire was the first to go over to him. She picked him up off the ground. "It is okay Robin. We are all unharmed." Starfire told him. Robin hung his head in shame.

"Yeah, but X got away. And it was my fault." Robin whispered. Then all the glass smashed on the doors and windows. Guards ran in with rays and guns in their hands. Cyborg help Beast Boy up. Then he turned his attention to Raven.

"Rae, get us outta here." He asked. She nodded. "Wait!" Beast Boy yelled. "I need to get my communicator. I dropped it." Beast Boy looked around. His eyes still very blurry from being kicked in the eyes, he grabbed the yellow device Red-X was after.

"Okay!" Beast boy called to Raven. She lifted her arms up with eyes glowing black. A black ball covered all the Titans. Then they left leaving the guards baffled.


They all got home quickly. Beast Boy and Cyborg went back to fighting over the game, but the other three didn't begin to do their morning routines again. Robin was still upset about loosing to Red-X, but the girls looked sick.

"Anything wrong?" Robin asked Raven. Only the kitchen counter kept the distance between them. She sighed. "I could almost ask you the same thing." She replied as she sat down on a booth stool. "I let Red-X get away." He sighed deeply in reply. She shook her head.

"You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. It's human nature. Nobody's perfect." Raven told him. Robin nodded. "I know but I still hate it." He said. Then he looked up at her. "What about you?" He asked her. She let out another deep breath as she clutched her stomach.

"I don't know. I feel different. Inside. It's weird. My head and stomach hurt, but I don't know why. They've hurt ever since I fought with X." She said. Then Starfire walked over.

"Yes. That is exactly as I feel. I do not like this earthly type feeling and I wish it would leave me and my body alone." She whimpered.

"I'll look into it. In the mean time, you two should get some rest. We have a power hour of training tomorrow morning and you guys need to be there. I've seen you two doze off during fights nowadays." He said getting up and leaving the room. Raven and Starfire watched him leave. Starfire whimpered again.

"Yeah, we're okay Robin, thanks for your concern." Raven called to him sarcastically. Robin turned around. "Your welcome." He replied sarcastically.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed. Remember to review! And I want to inform you all now, that I got the plot from the Kim Possible episode when Ron holds Kim and Shego's emotions in his hands, but there are going to be plenty of differences between the story I wrote, and the episode.