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Cyborg, Professor Baker, and Red-X, who had just ran back over towards them, raced at Robin and Beast Boy. Cyborg and Beast Boy stopped short and ended up sliding into each other. Red-X, Robin, and Professor Baker looked at them. Robin and Professor Baker's eyebrows were arched.

Hey, where's Raven- Beast Boy him off with a scream. Cyborg looked at him funny then continued. And Starfire- Robin screamed. Cyborg looked at him funny too. What? Are those two names suddenly swears? He asked as Professor Baker helped him up. Nobody helped Beast Boy up so he just sat there in the dirt looking up and joining the conversation of the others whom were standing.

Listen, this is Professor Baker. She created that hand-held game' of your Beast Boy. And it's not a game. Cyborg explained. Red-X and I had a chat back at the tower. He said he was trying to steal these modulators that controls people's emotions if they have the chip on. He said.

Let me guess, Raven and Starfire have them on the back of their necks? Robin guessed. The three looked at him stupidly. Beast Boy still sat on the ground with a confused look on his face.

How'd you know? Professor Baker asked.

Well, when Starfire and I left, she forced my arm around her neck. I felt something scrating at my arm but I wasn't about to bend her down, flip her hair over, and check her neck. Robin said.

He's got a point. X said.

So then how do we- Beast Boy got thrown into a trash can head first. Then Raven showed up in her strapped dress. He hands glowing with black powerful bolts. Then she turned her attention to Robin.

Your ex-girlfriend' is looking for you Robin. She slowly and scary creapt up to Robin. Robin back away, but then hit someone's chest. He turned around slwoly praying it wasn't Starfire- it was.

Hello, dear Robin. Starfire's eye began to glow a lime green along with her hands. Robin grabbed her shoulders and flipped over her and began running.

I'll figure out some way to get it off her! He called back to Cyborg, Professor Baker, and Red-X who just came back to the other two with a giant bottle of root beer.


Beast Boy rolled out of the trash can when Raven was still watching Starfire and Robin. He morphed into a tiny mouse and darted out of the area. But Raven was already whipped around watched him.

Beast Boy relixed she was coming after him again. He eyes grew big with fear as he changed into a cheetah and began running.

You can run, Beast Boy, but you can't hide. She switched into her very immense black Raven and laded right where Beast Boy would be in the next minute.

Soon enough the changeling fell into her trapped. He squealed like a girl, morphed back into human form, and ran the other way. He was quick on his feet, but Raven was quicker by flight.

She picked him up by the arms, and held him above her head.

Nobody dumps Raven Roth! She whipped him, still in her arms, like a lasso. The faint scream of Beast Boy was heard, for he was moving to fast in a circle. She jumped up high in the air and let him go.

Beast Boy fell into a closed shop. The galss broke then the alarm system sounded. Beast Boy changed into a hawk and flew away. Raven squinted to find him in the misty and clear bright sky, but she could not. Raven gritted her teeth and paced away trying to find him.

Beast Boy flew under a float in the parade, opened the hatch door and climbed into it. The lights flickered on. He saw faint visions of Robin.

Find your own hiding place! Robin whispered.

How do you think we should get that chippy thing off their necks? Beast Boy asked igonoring Robin's comment. Robin shrugged stupidly.

I don't know. All I can think of is trying to make them laugh or cry, or maybe we should try kissin them or something. Robin suggested. A disgusted look came upon Beast Boy's face.

Never mind. Robin said stupidly. Beast Boy's face lit up.
Maybe, if Star's mad at you, I can get her to laugh. She's mad at you and wants to kill you- not me. And you can do the same for Raven! beast boy suggested. Robin shrugged with a nod.

Worth a shot. He opened the hatch door and jumped out of the float. Beast Boy did the same. The crowds were watching them with confused looks on their faces. Nothing to see here folks. Robin said.

Yes because nobody would like to see the Titan boys get hurt. Starfire yelled. The boys turned in her direction. her and Raven were floating in the air, their powers out, and looks of rage on their faces.

So much for your idea. Robin said as he backed into Beast Boy's back for protection. The girls came closer.

If I don't make it out alive Robin, tell Slade, I always thought he was kind of cool. Robin looked at him with an angry look on his face. Beast Boy frowned. WHY IS EVERYONE MAD AT ME TODAY? He whined.

BECAUSE YOU'RE A STUPID JERK! You can protect yourself. Robin stormed off, grabbed Raven's arm and pulled her awya from Starfire and Beast Boy.

Beast Boy screamed. Starfire looked over at him and flew over. Beast Boy ducked with a scared look on his face. His eyes were closed in fear. After moments of not being thrashed, he looked up at Starfire with one eye opened, and the other closed.

So, why are you angry at Robin, again? Beast Boy asked looking up at her with both eyes opened and his back straight. She frownned and began bawling. She sagged and let her head rest against Beast boy's chest. Then she shot up with a happy look on her face. Then love, then angry, then unhappy, then happy.

Beast Boy looked around trying to find a way to help her. He hesitated then looked at the soda machine. He grabbed her hand and dragged her over there.

One cup of any soda! NOW! Beast Boy screamed. The guy gave him a medium sized cup. He grabbed Starfire's hand again, pulled her behind the trash cans and poured it on her head. It dripped onto her neck and back. The cracking of electricty and smoke filled the air. A small chip fell off her head. The glass was cracked. Starfire looked confused and exausted.

Please, friend, what just accured? She asked him not noticing or caring her head and back was dripping and becoming sticky with soda.


Robin ran around with Raven still jolting around in the air trying to release from his grasp. He aimlessly looked around. He decided whree they were, in the parking lot next to the water, right across from Titans Tower sitting perfectly and innocently on the island.

Robin, being quite smarter then Beast Boy, got right to the point. He let go of Raven's hand, and back away from the tip of the pier and her.

Hey rae, He asked. She turned towards him.

Think fast! He raced at her, grabbed her by the waist, and pelted into the ocean. Thinkg the chip wouln't come off that easily, he pulled it off as it hit water surface thinking the water would lossen it up.

The chip popped off her neck. Raven looked confused and tired just like Starfire. She looked up at Robin. Let' get back to the others. He said hoping she wouldn't ask to explain anything to her.
The first thing Starfire did when she saw Robin coming with Raven towards her, Cyborg and beast Boy, and the Professor and Red-X, was ran and jump onto him with a hug.

Please forgive my unhuman and unalien like behavior. She pleaded. He hugged her back sweetly knowing if she was talking like her regular self again she was good to go again. It's cool. He replied.

Raven wouldn't even look at Beast Boy, and he wouldn't look at her. But then she finally gave in and turned to him. I may have had the chip on, and I had to obey every emotion, but I was well aware to what was going on. She told him. He tunred to her nervously.

He asked in a small voice.

She screamed. Red-X, Cyborg, and Professor Baker began to laugh.
At the tower...

Starfire let her legs hand down from the rooftop of Titans Tower. She smiled and looked up at the night sky. Then a shadow appeared. Robin sat down next to her.

So, I guess all that stuff about loving me was all fake? He asked her sadly. As in, nothing was ging on between us? He added.

Perhaps, but I do believe there were still some works of the fire. She pointed up the sky that was now beginning to fill fire works from the pier. It was a sign of th parade and night ending.

Robin smiled. Starfire sweetly smiled back at him. Robin and her stood up. They smiled sheepishly at each othe once more then hugged. Robin pulled away and kissed her on the lips.

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