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Enjoy. I'm trying to pick up a few writing styles from some really great stories I've read.


Dear Diary.

No. That's too feminine. Guys don't do that whole "Dear Diary" thing. It's not masculine enough.

You know what? Guys don't even HAVE diaries.

So why do I, Draco Malfoy, probably the most masculine boy in Hogwarts have a diary?

My answer would be this: I don't know.

You know, they say that the most masculine men don't have answers to everything.

So hah

But the more you think of it, everyone has some sort of "diary."

If a boy inscribes "I love Lucy" on a tree, the tree becomes a diary, doesn't it?

Okay, well enough deep talk. I'm not a deep person. I'm quite shallow to say the least.


I am Draco Malfoy.

I, Draco Malfoy, who can take off my shirt and make a girl faint, who can say "I love you" without a second's hesitation, who can't walk in the hallways without receiving at least one flutter of eyelashes… and the list goes on.

Some people who just can't seem to remember names have made some nickname for me- what- "Slytherin Sex God" was it? I don't know, but I didn't fancy it much. I know I'm hot and all, but they don't need to worship me.

But true. I just love sex.

Enough about me, let's talk about you. I will name you Winifred. Because that is one cool name.

Cool like me. Hell yes.

Now, I don't have to start by doing the whole "Dear Diary" thing. It'll just be

Hey, Winifred


You know what, Winifred?



Or just

Guess what, Winifred?

And yeah.

So until next time, Winifred.


Sup, Winifred.

Just finished shagging a girl. She gave one helluva ride. I love sex. She was one of the better ones, I'll say. What's her name… Bridget was it? She's one year younger than me, I think..

Did I tell you that I love sex?

Anyway. We did it in the potions room today. I would have preferred the ground, but when she got ready to ride me, I decided the desk would be sexier. And then, we were out of there like that. And I ran into the little Weasley girl. Man, she grew some spunk over the years.

"Ouch! Jesus- watch where you're going."

"Actually, I'm not Jesus. They call me the God."

The girl didn't even flinch. "God? God of what? Hell?"

"Something about a sex god, I remember."

"Oh yeah! How could I forget. Hm… maybe because you're a ferret and I don't do ferrets."

"Whoa there- won't you like to try, though? It might be a great one."

"Oh sure. I know it would. I mean, why else would people call you a god? But no thanks, dear. I'm not a disgusting pervert who humps anyTHING in their way." The Weasley girl pushed me aside and sauntered away, her red hair swishing to the side.

Whoa there.

Did she actually say that to me?

The nerve of that girl.


Winifred, there's something about that Weasley girl. Don't get jealous now.

Yeah- I've realized that ever since I named you Winifred, you became a feminine diary.

That's a knee slapper. Draco Malfoy's got a feminine diary.

Anyway. We were all in the Great Hall today eating dinner. All's well and swell. And we got ice cream for dessert!

And then- suddenly, my eyes wander towards that Gryffy table and catch onto this CERTAIN redhead. Hah. Funny, right?

I don't think so.

It's almost like she was seducing me! I swear! The way her tongue flicks when she licks off the chocolate from the spoon… I would have been so happy if that spoon was me.

Oh dear.

I think I've been getting too much sex.

No sex for a week Draco! Bad bad bad Draco.

Are you kidding my penis? Of course I'm doing it again!

Lustful stares at the little Weasley is not going to deprive me of my happiness.

I won't even mind to do her.

Oh baby.

Too much sex.


Winifred, I think I'm bloody mad.

Yesterday, I was staring at the Weasleyan today… I don't know!

But I have gooood excuse.

We got out of the Great Hall today after lunch and me and Blaise met a friendly affair. On top of the Grand staircase, there was Both Weasley's, Potter, and Granger. They seemed to be in a big gigantic fight. Fun fun.

It went something like this.

"Hermione- I thought I can trust you! You're nothing that you were just now!" the red headed boy bellowed.

"I know Ron, and I'm so sorry! I was just… It hasn't been the best day for me! And you weren't there to comfort me and… Oh Ron! I know what you think right now but it's not like that! It was just a friend thing. You need to understand."

"Yeah, mate. You know I won't do anything." Potter said.

"Yeah- I thought I knew but I guess I didn't." the boy Weasley screamed. What a drama queen. "You didn't need to do any kind of… hug or anything!"

"Ron, please."

"No. Hermione. I think this is the end of a very good… relationship we had going."

And then THE voice appeared in all the mess.

"Oh, for heavens sake. Ron, you're not going to break this off just because of something really stupid that they've been trying to explain to you. You know you're just going to miss her more than she'll do for you. So why don't you just hear her out for your sake too!" The Weasley girl said as she got in front of her brother.

Shockingly, the big Weasley ignored her and pushed her away.

I swear, Winifred. It's like time stopped. The little Weasley lost her balance at the top of the stairs and started tumbling down. I could barely hear her ear popping scream.

Girls and their screaming… oh dear.

And then what made me even madder was that there were dozens of people watching her fall and they just stood there watching with a dumb blank look on their faces.

I mean, there's a girl falling down the giant staircase and they're not doing anything.

And Winifred- I swear it was by instinct.

I started running and running to the foot of the stairs and got there just in time to catch her in my arms. She had a small but heavily bleeding gash on her forehead and looked like she broke some bones. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she muttered something like "Ronald, I'm going to fucking kill you." And she was limp.

I have to admit, since you're my diary, that it was pretty scary.

I thought she died! Like died! Like… DIED.

Okay. That sounded really girly so pretend I never wrote that.

Anyway, the whole area around the stairs was deathly silent as I checked her heartbeat. It was still there. Surprisingly, yes, I was so relieved. You have no idea. I ran up the stairs with Weasley over my shoulder and as I passed her totally dismayed brother, I stopped and gave him a full punch on his right cheek.

Go Draco!

And then I ran her to the hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey took her from there.

I just left after that.

I've done enough humble knightly deeds to last me my whole lifetime today.

I'm a weird person, I think.

I think I think too much.


How was that? I think it was a bit cliché and all and I've put in everything in this chapter that all other stories have… Draco running into Ginny or Draco saving Ginny from a near death accident… but uh… hm… I'd say it was different because it was all in Draco's POV like the rest of the story will be! It's my new twist to my clichés.

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