Ahh. Yes. Another Heiji/Kazuha. Couldn't resist. (sweatdrops) This will be more of a little SIDE-PROJECT, though - I'll just be working on it whenever I feel like it. I've got another fic planned in the back of my mind... (grins secretively)

Title: Childhood Innocence
Detective Conan
#28 - Wada Calcium CD3
Disclaimer: I don't own Detective Conan. Am just borrowing the characters for a bit!

Before Heiji turned fourteen and started his growth spurt, Kazuha had always - always - been taller than him. It was a fact that had irritated him to no end, especially since Kazuha always teased him about it.

When they were five, she was about a head taller than him. And whenever they got into an argument - which happened quite often - she would use her height to her advantage. She would draw herself up to her full height, place her hands on her hips, and yell, as loudly as she could. Which was a lot worse than it sounded, because when Kazuha started to scream, she screamed. She sure had some set of lungs.. He'd seen her making grown men wince at the sheer volume of her shrieks. Heiji had figured that before long, he'd either grow deaf or immune to her voice. He'd prayed for the former, but had somehow gotten the latter. Which, franky, stunk, because she could still get through to his ears..


When they were both eleven, another boy had decided to waltz right up to the two of them and had promptly begun flirting with Kazuha - "He wasn't flirting!" Kazuha had insisted afterwards, "we were just talking, Heiji!" - which had incited a strange, clenching feeling in the pit of Heiji's stomach. Never being one to to keep his mouth shut, the dark-skinned boy cleared his throat loudly to make his presence known.

"What do you think you're doing?" he questioned the other boy.

"I'm talking to Kazuha-san," the boy replied, and Heiji glared at him with distaste. He was older than the two of them by a year, and as Kazuha stood up next to him, he saw that he was taller than her.

"Well, I was talking to her first," Heiji told him, stubbornly. "So go away!"

"Heiji," Kazuha admonished, "he's not doing anything wrong."

"Keh," Heiji snorted, but kept a close eye on the two of them anyway. His eyes narrowed as the boy, whose name he'd learned was Hiro-kun, moved closer to Kazuha. They talked for awhile, about stupid, pointless things, and he positively glowered at the bast - uhhh, Hiro-kun's retreating back. As soon as they were alone, he approached Kazuha, angry and furious, but not understanding why.

"What was that about?" he demanded.

"We were just talking!" she replied, eyes glinting dangerously. "Why? Were you jealous?"

"I - Idiot!" he sputtered, quickly turning the other way. "He was all over you. It was disgusting to watch."

"I - di - ot!" Kazuha sang, sticking her tongue out at him. "He's cute and all, but he's nothing special. Anyway, didn't you hear? He's with Mikoto-san! They actually kissed last week!" A girly giggle, with Heiji rolled his eyes at. "Though he is really tall, though, huh? Unlike someone."

"Are you talking about me?" Heiji glared. The truth was, he was extremely sensitive about his height - he was one of the shortest boys in class. He knew that he would someday grow to be taller than the rest of them - if his father's height was any indication, Heiji knew he was going to grow up to be a giant - and eventually, outgrow Kazuha.

"Of course! You little - tiny - midget!"

"Why, you!" Heiji growled, and gave chase.

When he got back home that night, as he was dutifully taking his vitamins - his mother said that they would keep him healthy - his eyes landed on another bottle in the medicine cabinet. His eyes squinted to read, and then he positively lit up.

"Calcium pills," he said, slowly. "Calcium pills!"

Being the extremely smart young boy he was, Heiji knew that calcium helped to strengthen bones, and helped to grow! Therefore, if he took these calcium pills, he was sure to grow taller! He opened the lid and popped the pill in his mouth.

He waited.

And waited.

Nothing happened.

"Maybe," he murmured to himself, "it works overnight!" And quickly brushed his teeth, got dressed for bed, and went to sleep.

The next day, he was still the same height. Shorter than Kazuha. As they walked to school, he sulked silently.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked him, but a grumble was the only response.


Finally, when they were fourteen, they were walking down the hall at school when he turned to look at her -

And realized -

That he no longer had to look up -

But instead, he had to look down at her...

"YES!" Heiji burst out gleefully, jumping up and down excitedly. "YES, YES, YES!"

Kazuha sweatdropped and stared at him, bewildered. "What's up with him?"

- fin -