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Cosmo woke up, keeping his eyes closed.

"Wanda," he murmured, feeling over to her side of the bed. When he couldn't feel her in her usual spot, he opened his eyes and sat up a bit. He saw the covers on her side had been thrown back, and Wanda was gone. Cosmo sighed and flopped back down on the bed. This was the third time this week she'd not been there when he woke up. He was worried for Wanda, but also slightly annoyed at her. He knew it was immature and selfish, but he felt comforted when he could wake up to see Wanda next to him. Without her there, it felt like he'd gotten out of the wrong side of bed.

Wanda floated back into the room in her nightgown.

"Sorry honey' she said, climbing back into bed and snuggling next to Cosmo. "I felt sick again."

"Sick!" said Cosmo, hurriedly backing away from her. "Then stay away from me! I don't want to catch it!"

"Yeah," said Wanda, frowning. "Maybe I should see Dr Studwell."

"Dr Rip Studwell," corrected Cosmo.

"You wouldn't mind looking after Timmy today would you?" asked Wanda. "I think I should get this seen to as soon as possible."

"Of course," assured Cosmo in a crooning voice. "I can handle it."

Wanda looked more worried than before.

"No granting wishes, Cosmo," she said sternly.

Cosmo's eyes filled with tears.

"You…don't (sob)… trust…me…" he blubbed.

Wanda sighed. Honestly, looking after Cosmo was like looking after a child sometimes. She floated over to him and gave him a hug.

"It's not that I don't trust you," she explained, holding him at arms length and looking him in the eyes. "But if I am sick, then I won't be able to fix things if you make a mistake. Not that I think you will!" she added quickly as Cosmo's eyes filled with tears again. "But sweetie, we can't be too careful."

Cosmo sighed. "Okay Wanda" he said, hugging her. "You know, I really, really…"

"Want to be sick!" finished Wanda as she flew off to the bathroom.

"I was going to say 'love you', but that's fine too!" Cosmo called after her.

Timmy woke up that morning to find Cosmo alone in the fishbowl.

"Hey Cosmo." said Timmy cheerily. "I was doing some thinking last night, and I've decided that maybe I should use my gift of Fairy Godparents for good, and wish for an end to world hunger. I wish…"

"Sorry Timmy" interrupted Cosmo. "Wishing's off today."

"That's okay," said Timmy. "I can just wish for it later," not realising that his short attention span would mean he wouldn't.

"Why can't I make any wishes today anyway?"

"It's Wanda," explained Cosmo. "She made me promise not to grant any wishes while she was gone."

"Gone?" repeated Timmy. "Why is she gone?"

"She had to go to the doctors, and…"

"The doctors?" interrupted Timmy, sounding concerned. "Is she okay?"

"Well, she's been feeling kind of sick for a while now, so she decided to get it checked out." explained Cosmo.

"Oh my gosh, is it anything serious?" asked Timmy, sounding even more concerned than before.

"Well no…I don't think so…I mean she'd tell me…" Cosmo tried to say, a note of concern sounding in his voice.

"Oh Timmy!" said Cosmo, poofing out of the fishbowl and sounding panicked. "What if it's serious? I don't want her to die! I need her!" he wailed, throwing his arms around Timmy's neck and sobbing into his shoulder. Timmy wasn't prepared for this attack of emotion, and patted Cosmo awkwardly on the back.

"There, there Cosmo, I'm sure it's not that bad."

"But Timmy," sniffed Cosmo. "You don't understand! I need her here, to look after me! I can't survive on my own! I can't even add water to instant soup!" Cosmo cried, making Timmy's shoulder wet with his tears.

"But Cosmo," said Timmy, trying to calm the distressed fairy. "You don't need to add water. You're magic! You can just poof it made!"

Rather than comfort Cosmo, this just made him even more upset.

"You…see," he choked out between his sobs. "I'm so hopeless, I couldn't…I couldn't even remember that I could do that!"

Timmy tried to quieten his godfather, all too aware that his cries could carry downstairs.

"Cosmo, please, my parents will hear you!" He was afraid this would upset Cosmo even more, but to his relief Cosmo just sniffed a bit and stopped crying.

"Sorry Timmy" Cosmo apologised. "I shouldn't pass my insecurities onto a ten year old."

"See!" said Timmy. "You can be responsible and mature!"

"Huh?" said Cosmo. "Sorry, I was thinking about monkeys. Did you say something?"

Timmy sighed and hopped out of bed. "I wish…" Cosmo's eyes began to fill with tears again.

"Sorry, my short attention span, I forgot. I'll just get dressed myself this morning."

Wanda poofed back into Timmy's room later that day. She glanced quickly around the room, her eyes searching for Cosmo. She completely overlooked Timmy, lying on the floor playing his V-Cube. Timmy heard the poof and looked up to where it had come from. V-Cube forgotten, he leaped up and hurried over to Wanda, grabbing her hand anxiously.

"Wanda, Wanda, are you okay? What's wrong? Is it anything serious?" he asked quickly.

"Yeah, it's serious," Wanda said distractedly, still trying to see if Cosmo was in the room. She seemed to notice Timmy then, clutching her hand with a frightened, helpless look in his eyes.

"Oh no, Timmy," said Wanda reassuringly, floating down to his level. "It's nothing bad. I just need to talk to Cosmo. Where is he?"

"In the castle. He's been there since this morning." Timmy told her, still not entirely reassured. "He was pretty upset."

"Upset…" Wanda repeated absently, frowning. She seemed to snap out of her reverie and notice Timmy again.

"Yes, Timmy, castle, Cosmo… got to find Cosmo! He's in the castle right?"

"Right…" said Timmy, wondering if his godmother was crazy. "Wanda, are you sure you're feeling okay?"

"Timmy, I'm fine. It's nothing to worry about. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I've spoken to Cosmo… Cosmo! In the castle!" and Wanda poofed away.

Timmy shook his head, and sat down at his V-Cube again.

Cosmo was curled up on a couch in their living room, sucking his thumb. He just kept on thinking about how much he loved Wanda, and how much he needed her. What help would he be if she was really sick?

Not much he thought sadly, and he felt tears pricking hotly behind his eyes. He tried to blink them away. He'd need to be strong for Wanda, his Wanda, his only Wanda…

I should have gone with her he thought fiercely. He could picture Doctor Rip Studwell saying seriously 'I'm sorry; it's very serious. We need to operate right away.'

Wanda could be lying right now, cold and alone, in pain, in a hard bed in the Fairy World Hospital.

The thought made tears spring to his eyes again, and he sat up, raising his wand in the air, about to poof to the hospital right then.

No he thought, curling back up and sucking his thumb again. She asked me to stay here, to look after Timmy…

Like your looking after him right now, you mean, Cosmo argued against himself. He felt so confused and sad, and he could feel the tears stinging his eyes, and a lump sticking painfully in his throat…

"Wanda," he croaked miserably.

"What is it sweetie. I'm right here," said a voice behind him. The most wonderful voice he'd ever heard. Cosmo sat bolt upright, hardly daring to believe…

"Cosmo, are you okay? What's the matter?"

Cosmo turned around quickly, and saw Wanda standing just inside the living room door, looking concerned.

"Wanda!" he shouted happily, flying over to him faster than he'd ever flown before, and hugging her so tightly he felt he'd never let her go, sobbing happily into her shoulder.

"Cosmo," she said, stroking the back of his head to comfort him. "I've only been gone for three hours."

"I thought…I thought…" but Cosmo hesitated, unwilling to share his fears of a few minutes ago. They felt silly now he had Wanda safely in his arms and he could see she was perfectly fine.

"I'm just glad your back," he said finally, hoping she'd put his crying down to his ability to get overemotional.

"Well that's nice sweetie" she said, trying to pull out of Cosmo's crushing embrace, but he seemed reluctant to let her go.

"Cosmo, we need to talk."

Something about the seriousness of her voice alarmed Cosmo. She had been physically sick after all, so obviously there was something wrong with her. And for her to say 'Cosmo, we need to talk' in such a serious voice could only mean she had something bad to say. Cosmo held her tighter, afraid to hear what it was.

"Cosmo, my ribs!" gasped Wanda, as she felt Cosmo's arms tighten around her. She felt them loosen, and she kissed Cosmo lightly on the cheek in what she hoped was a reassuring manner. She could feel the wetness and taste the saltiness of his tears.

At least he still cares she thought, smiling at him. Cosmo smiled weakly back, still unwilling to let her go.

"Come on honey," said Wanda, leading Cosmo to the couch. "You might want to be sitting down for this."

Wanda sat Cosmo down on one end of the couch, and she sat down on the other, so they were facing each other. Cosmo looked small, lost, upset and frightened, so Wanda held his shaking hand to comfort him.

"Cosmo," she said softly, "as you know, today I went to see Dr Rip Studwell…"

Cosmo's eyes filled with tears again.

Oh great thought Wanda. At this rate, we'll be here all day.

"Cosmo, I need to have a serious adult conversation with you now. It's great that you can show your emotions, but can you please not cry for just a bit? Please?" she added, with a hint of desperation in her voice.

Cosmo sniffed once, blew his nose, and nodded, his eyes meeting hers with a look of determination. She sighed contentedly, knowing she could now tell her story with him doing his best to be mature about it.

'Now, I went to Dr Rip Studwell, and he examined me, and asked me questions like how often did I feel sick, had I put on any weight…"

Cosmo grinned at this, but it faded when he saw the glare from Wanda. Even if she is sick he thought, she still has it. He listened carefully as she continued.

"After this, Dr Rip Studwell referred me to a special doctor who confirmed after about five minutes what Dr Rip Studwell had already here, Wanda took a deep breath, held both of Cosmo's hands in her own, and looked straight into his eyes, which seemed to hold fear and apprehension in there deep greenness. She could have sat there staring into them forever, but she knew she was just stalling, and had to tell him eventually.

"Cosmo," she said again, holding his hands tightly. "I'm pregnant."

And Cosmo fell into a dead faint.

Cosmo felt someone stroking his hair. That feels nice he thought. It's Wanda. Wanda… The name meant something, he needed to remember…was Wanda in trouble? In pain? No, she'd just told him she wasn't, just told him…

Cosmo's eyes snapped open. He found himself staring into Wanda's eyes, which had a look of relief and concern.

"Wanda!" Cosmo gasped, struggling to sit up. "You're okay! That's why I fainted! Because you're not sick! You're not going to die!"

"What?" said Wanda, not realising her husband had feared for her life.

"You're not sick!" Cosmo repeated happily. "You're, you're…what did you say you were again?"

Cosmo was telling the truth about why he'd fainted. When Wanda had said 'I'm…' and a fatal condition hadn't followed, he'd passed out from sheer relief, not actually taking in what she'd said. Now, however, he had the feeling it was something important.

"Oh Cosmo…" said Wanda, rather annoyed. Fainting wasn't the reaction she'd hoped for, but not hearing what she'd said at all seemed worse.

'I'm pregnant, Cosmo. We're going to have a baby," she said, slowly and clearly. She watched his face carefully, to see how he reacted.

Cosmo knew having a baby was a big deal. He also knew that fainting wasn't the best way to welcome the news. He was also so happy Wanda wasn't going to die, that his next action seemed obvious and natural. He pulled Wanda close to him and kissed her.

"Oh Wanda, I'm so happy," Cosmo said. He could tell Wanda was grinning happily over his shoulder. So he had done the right thing. He had made Wanda happy by his response…well, his second response anyway. And he hadn't been lying. He was excited about being a father… a daddy, he thought, grinning. Then some questions came to his slow working mind.

"But Wanda," he said, pulling out of their hug so he could look at her properly. "How?"

"Como, I don't really think I need to explain how at this stage, do you?" she said, smiling.

Cosmo shook his head to clear it. He blushed slightly.

"I mean when. How long have you been…."

"Pregnant?" finished Wanda understandingly. She knew some men could take a while to come to terms to with the concept of being fathers and her dear, sweet Cosmo would take longer than most. "About two months."

Cosmo frowned, trying to think back. As he did he did, he stared at Wandas tummy. How could he have not noticed? Was he imaging thing, or was there a bump there already?

Wanda knew Cosmo couldn't concentrate on two things at once, and besides, she had already figured out when it happened in the doctor's office.

"Cosmo, remember that Saturday, two months ago, when we granted Timmy the wish that his parents would spend the day with him instead of hiring Vicky?"

Cosmo frowned, trying to concentrate, but the word 'parents' kept running through his poor tired brain. He shook his head to clear it again, concentrating as hard as he could.

"Hold on Wanda, hold on, I think I'm remembering something…" The day came to his mind and he started to remember. "Oh yeah, that day…" he said, glancing slyly at Wanda.

"Wow you guys, thanks for granting me such a great wish,' said Timmy happily, as he lay in bed that evening. "My parents and I had such a great time."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it sport, but just remember we can't grant you wishes like that every day. It breaks the 'Too Much of a Good Thing' rule." Wanda reminded.

"Yeah, I know," said Timmy, yawning. "But it's nice while it lasts. Goodnight Cosmo, Goodnight Wanda."

"Goodnight Timmy," said the fairies quietly as their godchild fell asleep with a smile on his face.

"It's so nice to see Timmy happy," said Wanda once they were back inside the castle. "It makes our job worthwhile."

"Yeah," said Cosmo, "but it's only eight o'clock, and we've gotta do something now that Timmy is asleep."

"We could do our favourite thing for just the two of us," said Wanda seductively.

"You mean play Scrabble?" said Cosmo, holding up the game board.

"No," said Wanda slowly, trying to let Cosmo get the hint. "Our other favourite thing to do by ourselves."

"Ohhh," said Cosmo, comprehension dawning as he returned Wanda's look. "You mean Monopoly. I want to be the banker!"

"No Cosmo!" said Wanda. "You couldn't be the banker. You can't count properly. And besides, I didn't mean Monopoly. I meant our other favourite thing."

Cosmo returned her a blank look.

"That we do by ourselves."

Blank look.

Just the two of us…"

Cosmo shrugged. "Besides Scrabble and Monopoly, I can't think of anything else…"

Wanda grabbed him by his tie and pulled him close to her, a little more roughly than she normally would have done.

"In the bedroom…" she trailed off, deciding that if Cosmo couldn't get the hint from that then she may as well give up. Fortunately Cosmo, for all his stupidity, was still a male, and after such obvious hints, even Cosmo couldn't help but get the message.

He picked up a giggling Wanda, and floated with her through to their bedroom.

Cosmo's mind snapped back to the present. He found himself staring at Wanda's tummy again. Was there really a life in there that he'd helped to create?

"What do we do now?" he asked her, looking at her face.

"Well first I'm getting you a hot sweet tea. It'll help to calm you down. You've had a very emotional morning." Wanda poofed up the drink and handed it to Cosmo. He happily took the cup and sipped it, but the sweet beverage suddenly turned tasteless in his mouth.

She's the one looking after me, thought Cosmo. Like I'm the pregnant one. Or like I'm a child.

He felt that if he swallowed the tea he'd choke on it, so he spat it back into the cup when Wanda wasn't looking and poofed it away.

"Oh, finished already Cosmo?" She sighed. "Then I guess we'd better go and tell Timmy."