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Author's note: This is set after the end of Deep Space 9, when Odo goes back to the Founders. Read and Review if you want but Flames will only be sent to the Borg. Thanks!


Odo, formerly Chief of Security for Deep Space 9, studied the readings on his console with interest.

The feeling of something breathing down his neck caused his head to jerk up and he spun around.

Weyon 9 was standing there, his head turned on one side as he studied the Changeling.

"Have I angered you in some way, Founder?" he asked hesitantly.

Odo sighed, Weyon had just recently been activated with the hope that he could become the Dominion's face to the rest of the galaxy but Weyon still hadn't been able to grasp the most basic ideas that were near to a Solid's heart.

Such as personal space.

"Weyon, do you understand why the Founders have reactivated you?" Odo began.

"Yes, I am to be the representative for the Dominion to the other species in the galaxy."

"Correct and because I have had many years worth of experience with Solids, I have been chosen to teach you how to handle them."

"Where do we begin?" Weyon asked as he came closer to Odo.

Odo turned back around to his console and continued to speak, "I will begin with teaching you how to handle some of their strange habits."

He became aware of Weyon leaning over his shoulder and half turned so that he faced the Vorta, "What you are doing right now is called 'reading over a person's shoulder' and Solids hate it. Please back up."

Weyon nodded and backed up a few inches.

Odo could feel annoyance begin to rise in him, working with Vorta always tried his patience, "Oh, I can hardly see you all the way back there," he said in a sarcastic voice.

"Really?" Weyon's plastic features molded into a panicked expression and he quickly hurried to a position nearly on top of Odo. Closer then he had been before in fact.

Odo sighed, "Next on the list: sarcasm."