Tension was high in the Senate chamber. The threat of the Separatist movement was overwhelming the better judgment of many of the senators, and to Padmẻs dismay, they were seriously considering creating a combat army. Voices of anger and heated debate filled the domed room, with even the booming voice of Mas Amedda unable to quiet the uproar.

A sudden momentary lull in the debate quickly focused all the attention of the senators to a lone disk located high up on the back wall. There sat Senator Amidala, giggling hysterically.

"Mee-lady!" Jar Jar whispered, attempting to discreetly get her attention. "Weesa being watched!"

A loud boisterous laugh erupted from her before she spewed and sputtered out. "I'm sorry. Please. I…I was just remembering a joke someone told me earlier." The still present smile quickly disappeared from her face however, upon seeing the serious expression worn by Chancellor Palpatine.

"I'm sorry." She repeated, returning his serious look.

Obi-Wan had learned of Padmẻ's ticklish nature only a few months ago and completely by accident. After a stressful day of senatorial debate, he had snuck into her apartment to see her and volunteered to massage her feet. When he had lightened his touch, brushing across the soles, she burst forth in a fit of giggles and squirmed under his hands.

He now sat in meditation at the Temple, fully aware that Padmẻ was to be in senate meetings most of the day. He hesitated at making good his threats to get her back for all the moments she had caused him embarrassment, but in the end decided that she had this coming, and he was going to enjoy every minute of it.

He started with her left foot and visualized taking each toe into his mouth and sucking on them, one by one. He would occasionally brush his whiskered face across the soles and place light kisses into the arches. He then moved on to the other foot.

Padmẻ had completely lost all control when she felt the sensations in her feet. She immediately recognized Obi-Wan's presence and began to squirm in her chair. She assured Jar-Jar that she was okay, mentioning some absurd excuse to him about her new hosiery itching her, before bursting into laughter. Now having regainedher composure, hidden beneath her long gown, Padmẻ flicked and flexed her toes, attempting to alleviate the torture Obi-Wan was putting them through.

She was greatly relieved when the tickling stopped, but focused quickly, preparing herself for his next move. She then felt his beard move over the top of her feet and up her legs, slowly across her stomach and lightly brushing across her chest. An immediate tingling sensation occurred deep within her. She had never considered falling in love with a man who had a beard, but she discovered the feel of the coarseness of it across her skin was highly erotic. As his beard moved to her neck, the tingling within her quickly turned into a warming and Padmẻ felt herself sliding down in her chair.

Obi-Wan then whispered through their connection. "I'm letting you off easy this time, Senator."

"Thank you." Padmẻ let out a huge sigh of relief.

"But I still owe you one."