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Chapter 18

"Naruto, I think it's time," he heard her say as he studied the floor, biting his lip nervously.

"Why? Why does it have to be now? You can still do it, you're young. Younger than the last," he said, not sure he was ready for this.

"Naruto, I've trained you for this for the past seven years; you couldn't be more ready," Tsunada said, shocked that Naruto was being so hesitant.

"But the kids are still so young…" he tried to reason.

"And they have me there with them, love, This is what you've wanted for almost twenty years. You've said this was what you wanted; why are you now so scared to do it?" Sasuke asked, confused.

"You're right. This is what I wanted. Kiyoshi's ten now and on his way to being a ninja and the twin's start school next year," he sighed before meeting everyone's eyes

"So what is it you're saying then, Naruto?" Tsunade asked.

"I guess that means, I'm your guy. I'm the new Hokage…" he said, smiling brightly at those assembled around him.

"We will hold a small ceremony in five days," Tsunade announced, smiling at Naruto.

"Why five days?" he asked.

"The village needs to be told; your robes need to be fitted...I'm afraid I was never one for them but you will look wonderful in them. And after I've passed the torch, so to speak, there will be a feast," she said happily.

"Papa, papa…… is it true?" Kiyoshi called running up to his two fathers.

"Is what true, my little one?" Naruto asked, smiling down at his ten year old son.

"That you're really going to be the new Hokage….? It's all over the village…" he said his eye's bright with excitement.

"Hmm, it seems the news traveled fast. We wanted to tell you before the village knew. How do you feel about that, Kiyoshi?" Naruto asked, biting his lip as he waited for his son to answer.

"I think it's great! It's what you always wanted, right? Though, you won't be here as much, but that's okay; we can visit you at your new office, right?" Kiyoshi asked, looking up and biting his lip in much the same way Naruto did.

"Of course you can visit, whenever you want, love." Naruto smiled pulling Kiyoshi into a hug. "Now, I should probably go start on dinner. Want to help me?" he asked, ruffling the boy's long locks.

Kiyoshi nodded his head, Smiling brightly at his father he followed him to the kitchen to start on dinner.

"What were they thinking, letting that monster run a village? Such a strong village; how could it be so stupid? We'll teach it."

"Yes, the plan is worked out, lord. It will be done swiftly," a man said with a slight bow to the older man.

"Good. See to it. I want them taken care of the night of the ceremony let that Demon know he's not really in charge!"

The men in the room smirked, knowing just how much their lord hated the new Hokage of Leaf. They couldn't wait to see what would happen when the plan went through.

The ceremony went off with out a hitch. Naruto was pronounced the new Hokage and the feast began.

"You did it, man. You said you would and you did," Kiba said, coming to stand next to Naruto, followed by all the other members of his old class.

"Congratulations, Naruto." Hinata said, a bright smile on her face.

"Thank you all. I don't know how I managed this; I somehow never thought I'd make it this far," Naruto replied, a small smile crossing his lips.

"While you doubted yourself others didn't, love. We knew if anyone could make it, it would be you. The village will thrive with you leading it," Sasuke said as he pressed a kiss to his husbands' cheek before turning to search for their children. "Where have those three gone off to?" Sasuke murmured.

"What's wrong Sasuke?" Naruto asked, seeing the look in his eyes.

"Kiyoshi and the twins have run off," he stated not liking them to run off without saying anything to them.

"What?... damn them. Fine, when I find them they will be grounded; running off on us tonight." Naruto growled lightly. He had asked them to stay close and they had promised to do so. Closing his eye's, he let his instincts take over. Letting out a small gasp at what he felt he opened his eyes. "Come Sasuke, it's the twins." Naruto took off at a full run barely missing hitting the other people surrounding the area.

Sasuke was a few seconds behind him. Soon they were leaping roof tops to get to their missing sons.

"Papa's not going to be happy with you!" one of the twins cried out.

"Shut it brat," a gruff voice growled, knocking the child over.

"Aya!" Haru called out to his twin.

"Quiet Haru, papa and father will come for us," Kiyoshi said softly to his little brother.

No sooner had he said this than he felt his half demon papa come closer, his anger rumbling through the ground.

"Boys!" Naruto said upon seeing all three of his son's bound and on the ground.

"I'm sorry papa. I thought I could get them back," Kiyoshi said just loud enough to be heard.

"We'll talk later, Kiyoshi, he growled. "Unbind them now!" Naruto roared at the four men that were standing in battle stances', armed and ready to fight. "You do not want to fight me," Naruto stated, raising an eyebrow at them.

"Naruto, you found them; good," Sasuke said as he came to stand next to Naruto.

"Boys get out of those ropes now since these men refuse to untie you," Naruto ordered, smiling slightly as his three sons moved to do just that.

The men just stared as the three boys got out of their ropes and stood there waiting for further instructions from their fathers.

"Come stand behind us," Naruto growled out.

They did this so as quickly as they could.

"What should we do with these….Kidnappers?" Naruto asked as if just saying the word left a bad taste on his tongue.

"Why did you take our sons'?" Sasuke asked, standing at the ready to fight if they needed.

"Your son's shouldn't even exist. They would have been killed for the good of all villages. That beast shouldn't be in control of a village as strong as this one; he'll bring nothing but war to these lands." The man breathed heavily. He knew he'd be dead; there was no way that he'd be able to outrun these two. "He should be killed; put down like a rabid beast he is," he shouted.

Naruto didn't even blink an eye at the man's words. He stood there for a moment before turning his back at the man and looking his children over. "Children it is time to go home." He reached out a hand to his youngest two and smiled encouragingly to his oldest. "Sasuke could you show these men that I want no wars between the villages but that to attack children is to attack a villages heart? And that can not be left unpunished." He knew that if he were to fight these men that he would kill them. He didn't want death…but a painful reminder for what they did.

Naruto turned, walking away. He knew Sasuke would take care of the men, and that he needed to vent his anger over what had happened to them.

"They failed my lord. They know who we are. What shall we do, my lord?"

"We do nothing. If they have defeated my best, there is little I can do but hope they don't seek to avenge what was done," he said before taking a deep swallow of his drink.

The others backed off leaving their lord to his own pondering.

"Papa. I'm sorry I know I'm not big enough yet to do things like that. I will think better next time," Kiyoshi said softly as he stood in front of his papa.

"Come here, Kiyoshi." Naruto said, opening his arms for his son.

Without hesitation Kiyoshi flung himself into his papa's robes, knowing that he was too big for tears but that if his papa could cry over them being safe so could he. Naruto hugged him close, petting his hair as he kissed the top of his head.

Everything will be fine now," Naruto assured his son.

Sasuke paused as he stepped through the doorway. The twins were
asleep on either side of Naruto, both tightly gripping a handful of his robes;
Kiyoshi was crying on his lap as he held him close.

"We are all safe my loves," Sasuke said as he stepped closer to his family.

Naruto smiled as he looked up at his husband. "Yes; we are safe. And we will continue to
be so."

Sasuke nodded his head and leaned in closer to softly kiss Naruto. "Kiyoshi it is time
for bed," he announced as he moved to pick up one of the sleeping twins.

"Yes father." Kiyoshi answered with a slight yawn. Kissing his papa and father on the
cheek he headed off to bed.

Once the twins were in their beds Naruto and Sasuke went to theirs. After readying for bed they cuddled close, giving each other soft kisses and teasing touches.

"Are you happy Naruto?" Sasuke whispered softly.

"Yes I only wish we could have a little girl as well," Naruto pouted softly against his husbands chest. "But I am very happy, my love," he said, his eye's closing as sleep began to fall over him.

Life went on in the village. It became more peaceful than anyone could have thought. Who knew that having a half demon running a village would be a good thing? The children grew and two of the three children became ninjas. The other more soft spoken worked at an orphanage, wanting to make sure no more children grew up the way his father and papa did. No matter how strong they were he wanted the children of the village to be happy.

When the children, now adults, found their loves, their family grew. Naruto finally got a little girl to spoil and four grandsons to teach. They couldn't be happier, or more honored than to explain the whys of the world to the new generation.


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