Title: Tell No One -- Prologue
Author: CatherineBruce
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nuthin! Didn't break 'em, I only borrowed 'em! Any emotional stress these characters display after I return them was already there. I swear it!
Spoilers: Up to 'The Telling' with information found out in Season Three. AU.
Author's Notes: This story takes place during those Two Years. Definitely AU, definitely a WIP. Wasn't really sure which category to place it so I plopped it here. Hopefully I won't face a flogging squad and be flogged with Slimy Things!

For the first time in six months she felt the warm sun shine down on her face. Closing her eyes, she allowed the brisk breeze to cool her skin before taking the next steps out of the facility and down the stairs. With the entire world spread out before her she felt a certain amount of freedom. Even though she knew that they were watching, would probably always be doing so, every step increased the feeling of self control returning to her. Stubbornly strands of blonde hair waved in her face as though to remind her of the shackles that bound her to her captors, but she brushed the thought of them aside and behind her ear with a flick of her wrist. Sometimes the illusion of freedom was better than none at all.

Soon she hoped that the illusion would become reality. One day they would stop watching her so closely, assured that she was their loyal little pawn, and then she would be able to make her move. What it was she didn't know, but there was plenty of time to plan.

Until then though, she would play her role of Julia Thorne, just another alias to wear like a wig so easily discarded once she was through. One day she would be able to throw off this disguise with the Tuesday morning garbage, and finally be Sydney Bristow once again.

-end Prologue

Author's Notes 2: While I plan on continuing this, updates may get to be sporadic. Not because I'm trying to hold anything back, but because sometimes it's difficult to transfer fanfic from paper to computer while in Iraq. Eep! Also, I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants here. Never really wrote anything requiring a plot before, so if it gets sloppy it's a trial and error process!

And no fear, Younglings! Chapter One is finished, I just needa tweak it. Thanks to Twichie for making this all pretty!

(Also, I got the idea for this while reading Harlen Coben's Tell No One. It's not based on the book or anything, but I did get the inspiration from it some how. Hence the title.)