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Potifer Fop

Raoul the Fop had very few cares
He was one of Parree's millionaires
Having made a fortune buying shares in
(Raoul) Opera Houses

Raoul the Fop had made some huge cash
Won Miss Christine Daae with a heroic dash (As if!)
Meant that he could really make a splash
And he did
(Raoul) And I did

Erik was a dark and tortured
Monster who lived five floors under
His beloved Opera house and loved Miss Christine Daae
Raoul the Fop thought he was evil
And so then he tried to kill him
But Erik was a sexy beast
And made out with Christine instead

Raoul the Fop was cool and so fine
"But my wife would never toe the line"
Its all there in Phanphic 39
On Dont believe everything you read dears

She was beautiful but Soprano
Sang a lot with Erik on the low
Raoul would often tell her that she was a ho
(Erik) How dare he!

Erik's mask and tall dark figure
Had attracted her attention
Every evening she would beckon
"Please take me from the Fop boy!"
Erik knew he should resist her
Till one day she grew too eager
Erik cried with joy
"Okay! I'll take you too Las Vegas!"

(Christine) About time

Raoul was brushing through his hair
In his den below the bedroom
When he heard a sing-song escape
Sung stunningly above him
Suddenly he knew his hair care
Couldn't give him what he wanted
Hair would never make him happy
If she loved the Phantom

Letting out a girlish scream
Raoul the Fop lost his hair cream
"Erik I'll see you rot in -Ugh!"
Punjabbing me in song is beyond the bar

Poor poor Fop boy whatcha gonna do?
The Phantom's got your girl now
Whatcha gonna do?
Poor poor fop boy does no one really care?
Things look bad for you now
He's just messed up your hair
He's just messed up your hair...

Bows to Andrew Lloyd Webber, no offense intended