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The banquet was splendid. Every friend was dressed in their best attire. Combed, polished, buffed, and styled, they decorated every chair in the dining hall. Wilt sat at the head of the table next to Mister Herriman. He'd dispensed with his usual formalwear, the tux top that had served him through two years of terrible Talent Show announcing flops, for a new top which Satin had sewn for him. It was a double breasted navy blazer with his name embroidered across the lapel in red and white followed by a basketball. He thought it a tad too flashy but she assured him it looked excellent. He had to admit it was more comfortable than the last one was. Satin sat across from him, clad in the simple green gown that Wilt had helped her to button the day of his confession to her. He felt his cheeks warm at the thought.

The evening was going by well, in spite of Wilt's jitters and nerves. Dinner had just finished, which meant toasts would begin soon. Wilt shuddered inwardly at the very idea. He didn't want people toasting him. He wouldn't be surprised if they made him give a speech. He'd probably faint before he got a chance to speak. With a sigh, he looked up, into Satin's warm green eyes. She smiled at him secretively and mouthed, "I love you." Blushing, he did the same. They were still becoming accustomed to the feeling and were shy about admitting it in public. Most of the house knew by now, from Frankie and Crackers, the way they felt but it still felt awkward to display it.

"Now my fine friends, figments, and fellow imaginaries," Mister Herriman began, rising from his chair, "We are here today enjoying these fabulous culinary masterpieces to honor a noble and notable member of our establishment, Master Wilt Lawrence."

A small cheer rose from the table and Wilt waved to the others, embarrassed. Mister Herriman continued, "This model house resident recently suffered a terrifying ordeal in order to save another. This friend, whom we have all called upon for assistance more than once in our daily lives, plunged bravely into a quarrel that might have resulted in his own demise all for the sake of another. That is, undeniably, the strongest show of what it means to be an imaginary friend. To be willing to sacrifice all to save those one loves."

The hall was silent as Herriman continued, his strong English voice carrying to the very rafters, "However, Master Wilt was also saved in the end, by his companions. Francis Foster, Coco, Eduardo Emilios, Crackers, Mac Evans, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, our newest resident, Batrah Von Sweltz, and Satin Marie Carr. And of course by Officer Joe Thomson."

The hall erupted into cheers for the group clustered around the head of the table. Mister Herriman raised his glass, the rest of the hall following suit.

Madame Foster rose slightly, standing up in her chair. When she spoke it was softly, but it carried throughout the hall, "It isn't everyday that someone saves a life . . . And it isn't everyday that two lives collide but both have happened here." Wilt knew where this was going, had he been sitting in a chair instead of his customary stool he would have slid out of sight, "Indeedy do, I've seen the way these two kiddos look at each other and I must say that love appears to have blossomed inside of Fosters, not for the first time-I might add." her eyes glanced knowingly at Mac and Bloo, who both blushed scarlet over the reminder of their short-lived crushes on Frankie, "Anyways," these next words were directed to Wilt and Satin, who were both blushing brightly and looked ready to run and hide, "Love is a boomerang, put all your heart and soul into throwing it out and it'll come back and nail you between the eyes. It may hurt but in the end it will have been fun! And what's the point if you can't have a little fun!"

There were several cheers and amusing comments cast to the couple after this statement which caused them both to hunch down a bit in their chairs, smiling.

Wilt sighed, that hadn't been too bad. Mister Herriman leaned over to him and asked in a confidential whisper, "Master Wilt, you may say a few words to your fellows if you wish."

Wilt shook his head, "No thanks, Mister Herriman, I feel a little woozy and I'd hate to faint on everyone again."

Mister Herriman nodded and stood, "Dinner is at it's end, you are all excused to do as you please. I believe Miss Francis has set up a variety of special activities around the house for you all to enjoy. Good evening."

The friends set about clearing their places and stacking them with a will, eager to get to the fun that awaited them.

Wilt quickly cleared his place and found Satin, who stood by the door waiting for him. She looked up at him with a smile, "Wilt, will you do something for me?"

He nodded, "Sure, what is it?"

Taking his hand, she replied, "Come with me, I want you to read something . . ."

Wilt took the letter in his hand as he sat upon her bed. He settled the slightly damaged reading glasses on his eyestalks and began to read.

Dear Natalie,

I did not intend to write back to you. After receiving your letter I believed that my life was over. If you didn't want me then it made sense, in my frenzied state, that no one else would either. I was wrong.

You abandoned me Natalie, but you betrayed me as well. You might have at least explained the truth behind your actions, told me why you were really leaving me on a stranger's doorstep.

Once here, however, I found new family. People who don't want to lose me and will go (and have gone) through anything to get me back. These people love me, me as a person, not a passing trifle or a plaything. We might have been sisters once upon a time, however sisters don't abandon one another during rough times. They stick it out.

To be honest I still fear adoption but have come to accept it. I have even become one of the house's representatives and helpers at the Adopt-A-Thought days. It pleases me to see the smiles of the happily united families once the adoption has taken place. I don't feel so afraid then. I also get to work alongside my dearest friend and companion, Wilt. He's a very considerate, kind, and caring friend with a heart of gold. We've grown to love one another very much and to me, he's as close to perfect as anyone can come.

I am happy, Natalie. Though I cannot forgive you for lying to me I can forgive your abandonment. I understand your reasons, I only wish you had told me the truth.

You said that if you were better or stronger like me, you might not have lied. If you were me, you would have run away. That's what I did.

I love you Natalie, and I always will. But that's behind us now and I wish you well in whatever life you choose for yourself.

Your friend,


His eyes met hers as he looked up. She stood before him, scuffing one foot at the ground in a very child-like fashion. Quietly, she murmured, "What do you think?"

Wilt looked down at the letter again, he's as close to perfect as anyone can come . . .

With a smile, he swept her into a hug that lifted her from the floor, "I think that I wish I'd had the chance to write to my creator and it makes me happy that you get to. And . . . Thank you, Satin. No one's ever called me that before."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled, "I don't know why not. After all . . ." she trailed off for a moment then looked him in the eyes, "it's the truth."

Wilt blushed, pulled her into a kiss, then awkwardly replied, "Was that okay?"

"Wilt," she laughed, eyes bright and welcoming, "it was more than okay."