Title: Frozen Treats
Setting: season four
Spoilers: None
Parts: 2 or 3
Author's note: Based on a scene from MacGyver!
Pairing: Sam and Jack
Age: G
Category: Humour / Romance

"What do you mean? No Jell-O?"

"Sorry ma'am...CMO's orders"

"Just what order is that...Airman?" Sam shouted at the food server.

"Dr Frasier thinks you're running the risk of developing false diabetes due to your sugar intake...you're not allowed to eat jell-O on base anymore...ma'am"

"Fine!" Sam snapped like a petulant kid, storming off in the direction of the kitchen.


Sam was rummaging through the kitchen looking for any sign of blue jell-O. She couldn't get through the day without it! She peered over at the industrial freezer, and noticed that the door was slightly ajar.


Intrgued, Sam decided to go over and investigate. That's probably where the jell-o was anyway!

Sam knew someone was in there.

Damn! I just wanna be alone with my jello! she moaned internally, before peering into the depths of the freezer.



"What are you doing here here?"

Jack wiped at his mouth, and for the first time Sam noted that he was covered in chocolate.

soooo lickable

Sam chased the thought away.

"Dr Frasier says I'll get diabetes if I don't stop eating sugary stuff...so the foodserver refused to give me my Ben and Jerrys and I get cranky without my Rocky Road so...I broke in."

"How mature."

"And why are you here? Major." Jack used her rank in order to keep things professional.

"Being immature."

"You're in good company then! Blue Jello's over there!" Jack said, pointing to a shelf.

Sam retrieved some, and sat down next to her CO. She took a bite and leaned back...all was right with the world...



"The door?"


"You shut it?"


"We're in a freezer."


"We're trapped in here!"