Author's Note: I noticed that a lot of you were disappointed with the ending to my story. Well, I'm sorry that was my fault. See, I was in a rush trying to get the story finished before school started. I'll be a junior this year in high school and since they're starting to talk about college I need to focus even more on my studies (I'm a terrible slacker lol). So, my dear readers this IS the end and if you don't like it then I'm sorry.

Seven years had passed since Sesshomaru and Kagome had married. Naraku, after having his fateful plot discovered, was arrested and now was serving time in jail for the rest of his lifetime for attempted murder. Sesshomaru no longer feared for his family line for he now had a family of his own; Kagome; his wife, Victoria; his first born daughter, Henry; his son, and the twins Korin and James. It was pretty much safe to say that the family line was quite secure. At the moment Sesshomaru was sitting inside his father's study reading with Kagome reading to the twins across from him beside the roaring fireplace. Sesshomaru glanced at them briefly with a slight smile on his face. He stared around him. His little Victoria sat on the floor playing with the doll she had recently received for her birthday from her doting godparents, Doctor Miroku and Lady Sango. Yes, a year ago Miroku had begun to properly court the young Sango and they now were expecting their first child. Sesshomaru's eyes roamed once more and he spotted his second child and heir Henry practicing his languages in a corner nearest to Sesshomaru's desk. Kagome stood with a twin in either crook of her arms.

"Sesshomaru," Kagome said, "I'm going to take the twins to bed. They're becoming cranky." He nodded and looked to the other two children.

"Go with your mother children," Sesshomaru ordered gently. Obediently the two stood and left the room single file behind Kagome. As the door shut Sesshomaru put the book back into the bookshelf. He could hear the faint sound of the children's footsteps on the soft carpet and knew that they were almost to their rooms. 'I could never have anticipated being this happy,' Sesshomaru thought as he drummed his fingers on his desk awaiting Kagome's return as he knew she would. Soon, the door opened and Kagome entered no longer wearing her mourning clothing. She now wore a lovely red gown which Sesshomaru found very becoming on her. She smiled as she glided towards him and took a seat in the chair next to him.
"The twins fell asleep the moment I put them to bed." Her smile was warm and motherly much like her own mother's had been.

"I shall pay a visit to their graves," Sesshomaru said absently referring to the graves of his father and brother. But Kagome knew what he was saying and nodded her head her tiny, dainty hands folding in her lap. They made small talk throughout the brief hour that remained before both husband and wife retired to their bed. (Author's Note: I'm not sure if husband and wife did indeed share the same bed during the Victorian period. I've come to understand that it could happen both ways.) Kagome stood up from her chair and moved towards the door.
"I'll see you in bed," she said sweetly with warm eyes. They had formed a cherished bond over the years that they lived as husband and wife and had come to understand each other in ways no one else ever could. Sesshomaru stood as well and moved to her side.

"I shall come with you now as well," said the stoic demon as he slipped his hand around her own hand which hung loosely at her side. They exchanged brief smiles before leaving the small study and walking down the hall towards their bed chamber. Kagome lifted a dainty hand to cover her mouth as she yawned. As they entered the bedchamber the unmistakable sound of a child's giggle could be heard. Sesshomaru lifted one silver eyebrow in silent question. As he glanced at Kagome she nodded with a smile and moved like fluid towards the lump in their bed covers. The child's giggles turned to multiple squeals when Kagome's hand reached for the lump.

"Victoria Anne, Henry Alexander, get out from beneath those covers immediately," said Kagome in a mock stern voice. The lump ceased its giggles and the two said children poked out their heads to reveal two guilty faces. Henry pouted and elbowed his elder sister gently.
"I told you Mama would know it was us," he hissed. Victoria rolled her brown eyes and slid out from beneath the covers.
"We're sorry Mama," Victoria apologized for both herself and her brother with a deep curtsy to her mother and father. Henry's innocent golden eyes were covered by his long silver hair and he crawled out from his hiding space to wrap his small arms around Kagome's waist. Kagome gently kissed the tops of their heads and urged them towards the door. They took the incentive and left causing Sesshomaru to chuckle.
"They are quite sneaky," he said. "If it were not for the lump I would not have discovered their presence."
"Of course you wouldn't have," Kagome said sarcastically as she moved behind the changing screen and undressed so that she stood in her pantaloons and chemise. She slid her smooth, cool nightshift over her head and walked out to where Sesshomaru already lay in the bed, his eyes closing as a heavy slumber came over him. Kagome smiled gently and slid in next to him. As she fell asleep she could almost hear Sesshomaru whisper her name, but she ignored it and sank into the deep slumber that embraced her the moment her eyelids shut. Years would go by and the two would live happily in each other's company. Victoria would later marry into a prestigious family to a lovely man who cared for her deeply. Henry went on to take over the family name by marrying Sango and Miroku's only daughter, Chidori. Not much is known of what happened to the twins, but it is suspected that they ran off to join the army against their father's wishes. Sesshomaru and Kagome died peacefully in their sleep at each other's sides comforted with the knowledge that the family line was secure. When they were discovered the next morning, they were seen holding each other's hands as they rested in their eternal slumber together forever.