Since Slipping Away did so well, I've decided to give you a sequel. This one-shot takes place directly after where Slipping Away ends, and it's about Kai getting found and what happens after it. This uses the dub names because I find it easier. I have to warn you it will be heart wrenching in places. But you all like stuff like that so it's all good lol. So what are you waiting for! Read!


By AngeLhearteD

Chapter I: Fallen Hero

The Phoenix bit chip shattered.

The long, dark corridor was empty, and all was silent, except for the faint echoes of hundreds and hundreds of fans cheering outside in the bey arena.

The figure was slumped against the cold, hard wall; the hand rested limply on the cold, hard floor. All around the motionless form were streaks of dark, red blood, blood that had only just begun to dry.

The body was battered, broken, beyond mortal repair. The chest was still, the eyes were closed. All signs of life had gone.

Spencer didn't quite know what force was leading him towards the exit that lead inside the beystadium, to the corridors that lead to the locker rooms, bathrooms, and training facilities. But he decided to follow his instincts, and made his way towards the opening, followed, albeit begrudgingly, by a muttering Bryan, who found no point and purpose in checking up on 'the traitor'.

The traitor, who had just fought the most magnificent battle they had ever seen, and had somehow, miraculously, managed to wrestle victory from the jaws of defeat, and had given hope back to his dejected team-mates. Never had Spencer or Bryan seen Kai battle with such raw emotion. Emotion. That in itself was a first for him. He was always so indifferent, so detached from everything and everyone.

But the Kai they had just witnessed battle had screamed with pain, fury and something else. He had bled and poured every ounce of strength he had to defeat Brooklyn. And his persistence had finally paid off.

But at a price. Everyone in the stadium had seen the way Kai had tripped over his own two feet after stepping down from the dish. One moment he had been slowly walking forward, a small, slight smile on his lips as his team had rushed to him, calling his name and laughing with pride and happiness. But the next, and so suddenly without warning, his eyes had seemed to lose their focus and he had toppled forward, in an extremely rare and worrying open show of weakness, too drained to stop himself, too exhausted to break his fall in anyway.

Had he fallen to the floor, he would not have gotten back up. Both Bryan and Spencer knew it.

But hands had caught him, and his friends had surrounded him, and he had somehow managed to draw strength from them, strength enough to take back his own weight and to reassure them he was alright, strength enough to turn and walk away, and to raise an arm to acknowledge all who had cheered for him.

And all had cheered for him. For despite his cold, callous appearance, he was a firm fan favourite, deeply loved and cherished; a rare display of passion and talent for the beyblading sport. He was an inspiration to many, and Spencer thought he could finally begin to see why and how. He wondered whether Bryan saw it, or whether his team-mate would ever admit it.

'What's the point of this?' Bryan demanded behind him. 'If he had strength enough to make it into the tunnel alone, I'm sure he would have had no problems getting to the locker room on his own!'

They reached the entrance to the dimly lit corridors and Spencer took the right.

'If there's one thing we've learned about Kai, it's that there's more to him than what he portrays.'

'Since when were you such a Kai Expert Analyst?' Bryan sneered.

'Tala told me that. He always used to watch Kai…' Spencer's voice trailed off.

'Kai's the reason Tala's in hospital!' Bryan snarled.

'You know that's not true. Tala didn't even ask Kai to come with us.'

'That's not the point! Does Kai even need an invitation? He's always inviting himself into other people's business, and he's the first to yell if anyone asks him what he's doing. He could have come anyway, he knew we were going!' Bryan argued.

'If Kai had, he wouldn't have defeated Brooklyn now, and maybe there would be no hope to stop Boris.' Spencer replied.

'Whatever. Nothing Kai could offer will ever redeem him in my eyes.'

Spencer suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, and Bryan also did, frowning.


In response, Spencer slowly raised his right arm and pointed in front of them.

Bryan followed the direction and his eyes stopped on a lone figure, slumped on the floor, leaning heavily against the wall, its head bowed, its left arm resting next to the shattered pieces of what he could instantly make out were the remnants of a beyblade.

The figure was motionless.

It was then that Spencer and Bryan noticed the blood on the floor around and behind them and on the wall next to the figure.

Though he disliked Kai with venom, Bryan couldn't help but be stunned again; stunned by the fact that Kai Hiwatari had actually collapsed.

Spencer quickly pushed aside his own shock and rushed forward, to Kai's side. Bryan stayed where he was, his eyes wide, hands clenched into tight fists by his sides, watching as his friend knelt down, seemingly oblivious to the blood that soaked into his trouser leg as he did so.

Spencer slowly reached out with one, big, strong hand and hesitantly placed it on Kai's left shoulder, lightly, as if he expected Kai to awaken and slap his hand away.

'Kai?' He asked awkwardly, quietly. 'Uh…Kai?'

Bryan watched, hardly realising he was holding his breath.

Spencer swallowed. Why did he feel hesitant to shake Kai? He knew the answer. No-one got close to Kai, no-one ever touched Kai. Then his resolve hardened. If he was going to wake Kai up, he needed to be more firm. He knew that if Tala were here, he would have roughly shaken Kai out of his senses by now.

His grip tightened and he shook the younger youth.

'Kai? Hey Kai, it's Spencer. Can you hear me?'

Against all that was logical in his mind, Bryan felt that his heart was beginning to pound, even though he was furious at it for reacting in such a way.

'Kai!' Spencer shook the young man again, more roughly, but the body toppled forward from the force. Spencer's arms automatically caught it, and he swallowed as he felt the coldness of Kai's skin. The chest that was pressed over his left arm was still.

He blinked, his minds slowly registering the facts at last.

Kai was not breathing. Kai was cold. Kai was…Kai was…

No…dead…? The thought entered Spencer's mind like a foreign body and it seemed so ridiculous that he half expected the motionless weight in his arms to stir and Kai's head to snap up, snarl, and shove him away.

But the slate-haired youth was still, the body limp, no trace of life in him at all.

Bryan slowly let out his breath and stepped forward, disbelief etched all over his face.

'…What…Spencer? Is…he…?'

'He's… so cold.' Spencer said, in a strangely detached tone of voice. 'Bryan…he's not…breathing.'

How long had Kai stopped breathing for…? How long had it been since he had passed away…alone, suffering in silence, in this long, dark hallway, away from everyone else, from help, from his friends?

Bryan stared, his mouth open slightly in an 'o' of shock.

Spencer stared down numbly at the top of Kai's head, at the unruly strands of slate hair. First Tala…and now Kai? Their team captain had not shown much signs of improvements in his comatose state, but at least they knew he was alive. At least, when he had fallen, there had been people there for him, to make sure that he would make it.

But Kai had fallen silently, away from everyone else. And Kai was not moving, was not breathing. Spencer did not particularly like Kai, but death was far from what he wished for Voltaire Hiwatari's grandson.

'Bryan…' Spencer managed at last. 'What…what do we do? He's…' He couldn't bring himself to say the word.

Footsteps jerked both of the Russian youths out of their horrified thoughts. They were light footsteps that skipped towards them from the direction of the bathrooms. The sight of pink hair instantly identified the person as she approached them.

Mariah of White Tiger X stopped at the sight of them, an unfriendly scowl forming instantly on her pretty face.

'Bryan and Spencer? What are you doing here…huh?' Her golden cat eyes suddenly stopped on the lifeless form in Spencer's arms and she blinked, her frown intensifying.

She had last seen Kai just after he had defeated Brooklyn, when he had been turning away to step down from the beydish. She didn't like Kai at all. She thought of him as arrogant and rude, and she never understood how Ray considered Kai as one of his best friends. Regardless, she had to admit, he had fought a brilliant battle. She had told Lee that she would be right back, and had quickly headed to the bathrooms. Now the sight of Kai on the floor when he had been fine in what seemed like minutes earlier to her got her both confused and curious.

'Is that Kai? What's going on?' She demanded.

Before either Bryan or Spencer could respond however, she was answering her own question.

'Collapsed has he? Well it serves him right! He's always trying to show off! And…oh?' Again she stopped and finally noticed the blood on the floor and on the wall next to Kai.

She forgot about her intense dislike for the former Demolition Boys and in particular Kai then and her eyes widened in alarm as the seriousness of the situation finally registered. Kai was not moving. Kai was badly injured.

'He needs a doctor!' She exclaimed.

Spencer finally found his voice.

'It's…too late. He's already stopped breathing.'

'What?' Mariah stepped forward and put her hands on her knees, peering at Kai more closely. She saw the dirt, cuts and bruises on his arms, some deeper than others. The blood was beginning to dry in some places but most of it was still fresh, which meant he hadn't stopped breathing for too long. She then looked down at her pink shoe and realised she had stepped into a pool of Kai's blood, and wrinkled her nose in distaste.

She didn't like Kai. But Kai was a friend of Ray's and she would do it for Ray.

She stepped back and looked at Bryan and Spencer in disbelief.

'How can you just stand there and do nothing?' She censured. 'Isn't he a Blitzkrieg Boy despite everything? Oh, why am I bothering? I'll be right back with help. Just try not to disturb him until I get the doctor!'

With that she ran past them, down the rest of the hallway, her movements light, cat-like.

Bryan and Spencer remained still, stunned, their eyes fixed on the motionless figure of Kai Hiwatari.

Author's Note:

This one-shot will be in chapters. I don't know how many there will be altogether. I know there will be two at least though. I hope this first one was ok and you enjoyed reading it. Please leave your thoughts and I'll be working on the next one soon. Just to warn you, it's going to be emotional : ) Think Kai losing Dranzer in Rebirth, but much more emotional and detailed than that. Thanks for reading!