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Chapter III: The Gift

The staff in the hospital's emergency room rushed about, knowing that time was of the essence if they wanted to save as many lives as possible.

But no fuss being made was as big as the one around the pale, motionless form of Kai Hiwatari.

He had been motionless and had been about to be covered by a sheet…when his body had suddenly convulsed.

Now the doctor held the shock pads over Kai's chest, ready to attempt to resuscitate him.

'Alright, the rest of you know what to do if he recovers. Standby!'

He looked at the nurse who was in control of setting the charge level, and nodded.

'Charge to 200!'

The nurse nodded and a few moments later, the defibrillator emitted a high pitched noise. The nurse nodded again, signalling to the doctor that all was ready.


The doctor nodded to the rest of the medical staff who had crowded around.

'Everybody clear!'

They all stepped back and the doctor took a deep breath and lowered the pads to Kai's chest. They came into contact and Kai's body jerked upwards violently, and the rest of the staff held their breath and all eyes turned to the heart monitoring screen.

'Come on kid…' Yu whispered. 'You can do it.'

The monitor picked up on a beat but as suddenly as the line rose, it dropped again and was once again replaced with the flat tone of a still heart.

'Nothing doctor.' The nurse said, looking back at him.

The doctor swallowed and looked at the nurse again, and nodded.


The pain was so intense and so unlike anything he had ever felt before. Kai lost his breath, lost track of everything except the pain. Dranzer's eyes burned into his and he screamed again.

'Argh! N…no! S…stop!'

He was used to feeling fire running through his veins. It was what gave him his power; it was his adrenaline in battles, his strength. But this was different. The fire he felt within was scorching his blood vessels, sizzling and burning and making him feel like he was going to explode from the raw pressure.

I am sorry Master…His bitbeast's voice came to him again and through the gentle sadness, he felt her pain, he felt her life draining away. The more pain he felt, the more he sensed her struggle. And with it his pain increased, doubled. He not only felt his own agony, but also hers.

'Dr…D…' He could not say her name, he was choking; he was burning. He could hear the blood rushing in his ears, blood that had been still moments before.

He wanted to curl up and die. He wished and he longed for death to rise up and seize him. He wanted no more pain; he wanted to cause no more trouble. He did not want to mess up anything else.

He had already messed up everything.

He tried to fight the fire, tried to bring the darkness back, anything was better than the pure torture he felt at that moment. But Dranzer would not relent and mercilessly poured her life giving flame into him.

He felt himself rising, being lifted. Through the immense agony, he felt softness brush against his left cheek, and then warmth. He could barely see; his vision was full of angry red and black spots. But he felt her, he felt her wing close around him and he blindly reached out to cling onto the soft feathers of her breast. His left ear rested against her and he could hear her heart deep within her, and all around him he heard it: it was slowing with every moment his quickened.

No…no…no…denial and horror and anger mingled with the pain and he felt sick, so very sick. He knew what she was doing. She was a phoenix. He had been died. The maths was all too easy to add up and there was nothing he could do to stop her.

The tears were spilling before he was even aware that he was crying. They rolled down his dirt and blood stricken cheeks, cheeks that were burning, so scorching that the tears evaporated after seconds. Her feathers were everywhere, falling all around him.

Then, suddenly, through the excruciatingly burning sensation, he felt another kind of pain. This felt like…electricity and his stomach lurched and his entire body shook from the current.

What…what is happening to me…? Panic and pure fear took over and he cried out to her, confused and angry at the weakness he felt.


It is…almost done…Master…Her voice in his mind sounded further away and much weaker than it had when she had first appeared to him.

'N…no!' It took all his strength to force the words out. 'St…stop! I…I did…I did this…let me…let…me…I deser…ve…'

He deserved to rot alone in hell. He deserved to be damned for all eternity. His life had been such a joyless, cursed existence that the thought of ending it all was far less terrifying than continuing it, and without her.

The pain would not cease and he felt as if he would lose his mind.

'Dran…zer!' He cried, choking off at the end of her name. He couldn't let her do this. He would not be the cause of another's suffering.

He could not lose her. He could not be the cause of her death. Even if she did return him to the living world, the guilt would eat away at him and he would be dead anyway.

Without her he was incomplete. She had always been there for him. She had always been his one consistent comfort in a world that had consistently let him down and had always schemed against him.

She was the only mercy he knew, she was his stability, what gave him hope and belief and courage, the only thing that prevented him from losing his mind, the only thing that stood between him and utter darkness, the only thing that stopped him from completely freezing over.

A life without her was a life he did not want to face, a life he could not face.

'Stand clear!'

Everyone moved back at the doctor's command and again the shock was administered to the body.

The body jerked upwards, more violently than before. But once again, the heart beat began and then faltered and stopped.

'Nothing…' The nurse said. 'Doctor…I don't understand…'

The doctor stared at the young man, thoroughly baffled himself. How could it be that the heart recovered but kept faltering? If he didn't know better, it was like Kai was fighting against coming back and recovering. It was as if he did not want to wake up.

But of course, the thought was entirely illogical and unscientific, as well as impossible. The doctor shook his head. This was the last try. If the boy did not recover from the next shock level, then there was no hope.

Around him, the staff were looking anxious and apprehensive. Yu met the doctor's gaze and shook his head. The doctor looked away and swallowed.

'Give me 360.' He instructed.

Spencer peered through the small, circular window on the door, and then turned away, pacing restlessly.

It had been a struggle, but the staff had finally managed to escort them out of the room and convince them to stay put, with promises that as soon as Kai was in a stable condition, they could see him.

Bryan sat on a chair, feeling more than he ever would have thought possible for the traitor that was Kai Hiwatari.

'What's taking them so long?' Spencer exclaimed.

Bryan said nothing. A few floors up lay Tala, asleep but in stable condition nonetheless. He wondered how the redhead would react if he ever woke up and found out that Kai had died. He wondered what Tala would say, how he would look, what he would do.

Bryan could almost imagine the reaction.

What…you killed him yourself, is that it? Nice try Bryan.

No…he really is dead Tala.

That's enough Bryan.

Tala would not believe it, and when eventually given the terrible proof, Bryan would not like to see the reaction that would follow.

And then of course, there was the small matter of Kai's other friends.

There was nothing they could do but wait, and unlike Spencer, Bryan did not hold a wisp of hope that Kai would recover.

The beat of her heart was now so slow and irregular that raw terror filled him and gave him strength enough in his desperation to call out to her again.

'Stop it! Dran…zer…I ord…I order you to stop!'

She always obeyed him, always did as he asked. He prayed to whatever higher power that cared to listen that she would now, that she would save herself. He did not deserve her; he could not let her do what she was doing.

When the pain would not stop, he screamed and his voice was full of a heart wrenching mixture of pure agony and desperate pleading.

'Dranzer…please! Stop…that's…a…an order! Stop!'

I cannot…obey. Came the response.

Shock overwhelmed him. She was disobeying him, defying his order. What hope was there? What more could he say or do?

Too exhausted to continue verbally, he spoke to her in his mind.

Stop…stop…I brought this on myself…for once…j…just let me get what I deserve…please Dranzer…I…I can't…I can't lose you too…please…

What he felt back from her stunned him. Through the pain and growing weakness, he felt warmth of a different kind. One that dulled the pain and gave him comfort.

It was…her love. Such a pure kind that he forgot about talking both verbally and mentally and raised his head to look at her, to meet her eyes, eyes that were losing their beautiful, golden glow.

Dear Master…you…deserve…life…and I must fulfil my duty…as your guardian…as your sacred spirit…I cannot leave you in the darkness. For too long you have been alone. It is time…Kai. It is time for you to begin your life.

She rarely called him by his first name. His burning eyes stung and the tears were falling again. Despite his desperation he knew the ritual was too far along to reverse, he knew that even if she could reverse it she would not.

He lowered his head and buried his face into her chest, and for the first time in ages, Kai Hiwatari wept.

Once he started, he could not stop. The burning sensation dulled even more and the cold crept in and he began to tremble. Her warmth was fading and it was his entire fault.

How could he go up against Brooklyn again? What madness had possessed him to want to seek revenge so badly he would even risk her existence to get it?

He was just as bad as the cursed man that was his grandfather. Power mad and selfish and having no care for who he hurt on the path for glory.

Weep not, dearest Master…Her gentle voice made him feel even worse. He could barely bring himself to listen, but he could not block her out either.

This is your beginning…

'Dranzer…' he sobbed. 'No…pl…ease…'

Go back, Master. You are wanted and needed. They wait for you. He will soon awake.

He? Confusion prevented him from registering who she meant. His emotions were all over the place and he did not want her to leave him.

'Ready.' The nurse nodded.

'Clear!' The doctor barked. Everyone stood back.

He lowered the shock pads.

This…is…my…greatest gift…Master…

Kai opened his eyes at her words but before he could register the meaning, pain assaulted him anew, and it was even worse than before. He did not think he could feel anything more extreme but what he felt at that moment proved him wrong.

The burning mixed with the electricity and he heard voices in the distance, around him.

He could barely catch what they said, just fragments.

'…heart rate!'

'…the oxygen!'

'…it now!'

He gasped. The pain took away his voice, took away everything. Dranzer's wing fell away from him and with it the warmth disappeared and cold surrounded him. But inside he was burning and his heart was racing, pounding so strongly that he felt as if it would burst out of him. Flames suddenly exploded and engulfed his entire body, momentarily blinding him. But he fought against the feeling, and cleared his vision enough to see darkness once again.

He twisted his aching head and caught site of her. What he saw was like a knife being plunged through his heart. Her glow was fading and she was dematerialising. Her feathers were everywhere, brushing against his face, his arms, his fingers, they fell into his hair, they surrounded him, and their flame was dying.

It is…done…breathe again…young Kai…

He didn't want to breathe. He didn't want to lose her. But he felt so much pain, and he felt so weak.

No…Dranzer! Please don't go! Don't…leave me! Dranzer!

He suddenly felt something give and then he was falling at a high speed, further and further away from her. The feathers floated above him and he caught one, gripping onto it tightly, crying out in despair and terror.

The guilt was crushing him. The pain was too intense. He desperately wished it was all a bad, terrible nightmare but the reality was all too harsh and clear.

The crushing feeling was too much and his aching lungs finally drew in a deep gulp of air. He reached out and up in vain, trying to somehow stop himself from falling, but there was nothing to hold onto and she was now almost completely out of his sight.

It was too soon. There was so much he needed to say to her, so much she had to know. She didn't know how sorry he was, she didn't know how much he truly loved, cherished and valued her.

It was but a fragment of how much she loved and cherished him however. It was now too late for words.

'Dranzer!' He screamed, and the last thing he saw was two golden orbs of fading light, her eyes that never left him.

Yu stared at the boy's face. He looked like he was in intense agony. The breakthrough had finally come after the doctor had administered the last charge. Kai's body had jerked upwards and then, after a few moments of nothing, his heart rate had shot up, baffling all the medics with its sudden strength and speed.

Now an oxygen mask was placed firmly over the nose and mouth and the rest of the staff were hurrying to administer the appropriate care.

It was nothing short of remarkable. A miracle. Yu silently thanked the force that had brought this amazing recovery about. Had Kai been lost, his death would have deeply saddened many, as well as the sport in which he excelled in would have lost one of, if not the best stars of its time.

The nurse took the shock pads from the doctor, who wiped the sweat from his forehead. He looked at Kai with an expression of amazement on his face, and shook his head.

Muttering 'incredible' under his breath, he congratulated the rest of the team and ordered Kai to be taken to Intensive Care.

The bed was wheeled out of the room, surrounded by nurses who hurriedly exchanged words andexpressed theirrelief and awe at the unexpected and wonderful recovery.

Bryan and Spencer's heads rose as the bed was wheeled past them. They both stood up and one of the nurses looked back and smiled.

'He's alright.' She assured.

It wasn't enough proof for the two young Russians. They hurried forward and peered down at the face. The eyes were closed, and Spencer called out to him.

'Kai? Hey Kai, can you hear me?'

'You'll be able to see him later…please stand back.' The nurse said politely, as they wheeled the bed around a corner and towards the nearby Intensive Care unit .

'No…wait…we just want to make sure…' Spencer persisted.

'Kai?' Bryan called out before he could stop himself. The forehead contorted slightly and the brows drew closer together as the eyelids twitched.

'Please stand back…I must ask you to take a seat in the waiting room.'


Just as they were forced to stop following the wheeled bed, they caught sight of the lids slowly opening, and very briefly met the gaze of exhausted, disorientated, yet intense and beautifully luminescent purple eyes.

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