By: Sokai

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Note: This series as well as this particular chapter was created/written in May 2005.

". . . Something is amiss . . . the ripples within the time stream are very unsettling . . . it can only mean one thing . . ." A lone figure, female, half shrouded in darkness murmured ominously to herself while standing guard outside a rather tall, large ivory door.

It had always been quite incapable for any type of wind to pass through this particular plane of existence the woman currently inhabited. And yet, for the very first time she had been there, a great gust suddenly blew throughout the area, causing an unruly upturn for her long forest green hair.

". . . If nothing is done, soon everything as it is known will be . . ." she paused, tightening her white gloved firm grip upon her menacing yet mystical looking pole arm as she closed her maroon colored eyes.

". . . gone . . ."

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