"Timeline is a Tamaranian..."

"Aunt Blackfire married some dude from the Centauri police..."

"The Ring! If it falls into Blackfire's hands, she could-dear X'Hal! We've got to do something!"


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Chapter Four: Join the Army

"Join the army, see the world, meet interesting people, kill them." Anonymous

Starfire sat on the top of the tower gazing out worriedly into the horizon. The sky was turning a hazy blueish purple as the hours passed, fading into evening. The others were inside watching The Shining. It had been two days, where was Timeline? Glittering on her finger was a silver ring encrusted with emeralds and rubies. The Ring of X'Hal. X'Hal had been the first Tamaranian goddess (a/n: I don't really know who X'Hal is, I'm just assuming he/she is like God). With the ring in her posession, she could unlock the most impressive power in the universe. Used for evil, it could destroy everything in the cosmos. Used for good, it would bring peace. Star could feel it's weight bearing down on her shoulders as she sat pondering it. A shadow fell across her and Robin sat down, pulling her to his side.

"You okay?"

"I'm just thinking. Timeline hasn't come yet. It has me worried about what's going to happen. If the ring falls into my sister's hands, she could destroy the whole universe." Starfire said, leaning into his embrace. "And knowing her, she would."

"We're not going to let her get it. I promise."

The door slammed open and Moonfire stalked out wringing her hands together, her mask narrowed in worry. "Calculations can't be wrong. I can't be wrong. If I'm wrong about this what else, what else have I been wrong about?" she was muttering to herself. Starfire suddenly stood up. She had been watching the ground, eyes kept intently on the shadows.

"You're not wrong." she said. "He's here. Robin get the others, Moonfire come with me." She stepped back a few feet and dove off the tower, landing cat-like in the blackness at the base. Moonfire joined her shortly, landing just as softly. "Did you plant the ring?" Star whispered.

"I've got it right here. There was a slight change in plans." she held up the fake ring and slipped it on her finger. She stepped out of the shadows and snuck to one of the rocks at the edge of the island standing in full view of a small figure. The ring glinted in the moonlight, and the figure made it's move. It lept forward and grabbed Moonfire roughly by the arm.

"NOW!" Starfire yelled. The Titans all jumped out of the shadows. Robin pulled out several exploding disks and held them at the ready; Starfire's hands glowed with an eerie green energy crackling with purple lightning; Raven's powers were barely visible in the dark and her eyes were glowing white; Cyborg's sonic cannon whirred to life casting a ghostly blue light on the scene; and Beast Boy stood by Raven in the form of a Tyrannousaurus Rex. Four more shadows crept forward and into the light. Nightwing hovered between his mother and his father, hands ringed with blue-green light; Arella stood next to Wasp, her white telikinetic powers glittering; Wasp's own sonic cannon was aimed at Timeline; Dash stood with an arrow ready.

"TITANS GO!" Explosions rocked the ground, arrows flew, starbolts and eye beams soared. Timeline pulled out a laser, Starfire and Nightwing flew higher. Timeline activated the weapon, aiming it first at Arella and Raven who went down, followed by Beast Boy, Wasp, and Dash. Robin, Starfire, and Nightwing dodged every attack he sent at them. Timeline hadn't released his hold on Moonfire's arm. She pulled out a bo staff and whacked him over the head with it, making him stumble and release her and she kicked him in the gut sending him backwards. Starfire advanced slowly flanked by Robin and Nightwing, the ring glittering on her hand. Timeline looked from Starfire to Moonfire.

"T-two rings?" he choked out.

"That's right." Starfire growled, shooing Robin, Nightwing, and Moonfire away and letting two purple shot starbolts flicker in her hands. "Two rings. One of which could finish you off. Of course, we wouldn't do that to you. We'd just give you a good beating!" The starbolts flew through the air, hitting their target directly in the chest, knocking him out. She reached down and snatched the time device off his silver suit, crushing it in her hands. "Time's up."


"Well, it's been cool." Wasp said, saluting the Titans. "I guess we'll be seein' you around." he and his friends laughed; the Titans each raised an eyebrow. "That was sort of a joke."

"Even Beast Boy's jokes are funnier than that." Raven deadpanned. Beast Boy smiled. "And that wasn't a compliment." The smile was wiped from his face.

"Bye!" Moonfire and Nightwing chorused. Everybody waved as they lugged Timeline into the timestream and disappeared.

"Well, I'm hungry!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Big surprise there." Robin muttered.

"Who's cookin'?"

Everybody looked pointedly at Starfire. "How 'bout we all just go out?" she said.


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