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Death was all around the head of the Sohma family. After all, Akito was conceived only to die. From the time she was young, Akito was always coming down with something. Her world was a pallid canvas of illnesses, of fevers and pain. The only thing preventing her life from shattering were the millions of medicines she was prescribed to take. Akito could never strain herself, had to rest, rest, and then rest some more.

The rest of her family didn't have this problem.

The other Sohmas were rarely sick. If they were to fall ill, it was never anything serious and was only for a few days. They always seemed to bounce back. Medicines were their elixirs from which to draw strength and healthiness. These remedies relieved Akito for a brief while, but like a pyromaniac who walks into a burning building becomes consumed by heat, she was pulled closer to death.

This reason contributed to her frozen demeanor. Akito fostered only deeply-rooted hatred for those who had tendrils of joy wrapped around them. Her family could walk, run, even jump with no worries while she was ill and weak. The reason she forbade marriage among those in her family was because of these emotions, with jealousy as the backdrop.

Trust was as ostracized from her vocabulary as Kyo was from the Chinese Zodiac. Akito depended on Hatori, so she could say that she trusted him. But it was like an obligated trust; he was her physician and was therefore required to be her care-giver. Other than him, Akito was wary of the intentions of others.

Then there was Shigure.

The Dog was a jolly soul, unlike Akito. He was lascivious, but that trait was excused by his kindness. He was sweet and understanding, and wouldn't make snap judgements. He seemed to give everyone a chance. Shigure was unconcerned about most things, using the quote "Que Sera Sera" to flow along in life. Whatever happened would happen.

It peeved her somewhat. Why did he place so much faith in others? Surely they would leave him or betray him in the end. Humans may be the most evolved species, but they were not exempt from doing stupid, thoughtless things. Shigure seemed not to have a serious cognitive process behind his large, innocent eyes.

Shigure surprised Akito by telling her he cared about her.

"Why?" Akito had asked venomously. "How could you not hate me, or at least dislike me?"

With an enigmatic smile, he answered her. His mouth formed little words, but his eyes and smile disclosed his reason.

He wanted to. He could. He had the freedom to care about her. Shigure's reasons were obscured, but it didn't matter to Akito.

Someone cared.

She opened a tiny portion of her heart to him. But Akito hadn't let her guard down. She could only place so much faith in a person. Despite this barrier she built between them, he said the words she craved to hear, with no ulterior motives in sight.

With trust came deep affection. With that came a foreign but incredible emotion.


Shigure was the flame in her dismal world. Her canvas of illnesses was splashed with bright colour, rays of sunshine. The doses were in small quantities, but his smile, laughter, and overall presence made her feel that life might be worth living after all.

There was a quote Akito heard once that she scorned before.

'Love is about giving a person the power to destroy but trusting them not to.'

For the first time in Akito's life, she felt that was true.

Trust was no longer isolated from her vocabulary.

Love is about trusting another to be there for them, but not only that. Love is about having complete trust in that person, trusting them not to hurt you, even though they will at times. Love is about trusting one to be faithful to you.