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Author's Note: You'll have to forgive me if their outfits for the dance seem weird. I'm a fourteen year-old boy, not a fashion designer. The point is they look good.


The big day was finally here. The Spring Fling was tonight, and everyone was excited. Carl, Sheen, Libby, Jimmy, and Cindy were in their seats, just trying to make conversation before school started.

"Wow, everyone's really excited about the dance tonight. I haven't heard anyone talk about anything else," Libby said cheerfully.

"I know. I'm even getting out of school early to get my hair done," Cindy added.

"Wait a minute; you're not wearing it in your ponytail?" Jimmy asked.

"Why yes Neutron, I'm going to my first dance with my hair in a ponytail," Cindy said quite nastily.

"Geez, I didn't mean anything by it. It's just that I've never seen you without it," Jimmy said defensively.

"Don't tell me that you're wearing that stupid ice cream hairdo," Cindy said with a smirk. All of a sudden Libby grabbed a hold of her ear and yanked hard. "Ow!"

"What are you doing? Do not start a fight with him today!" Libby whispered.

"Sorry," Cindy said with a sheepish grin. "Old habits die hard."

Jimmy quickly changed the subject, not wanting to get in an argument with Cindy, today of all days. "So, is Sheen picking you up, or are you meeting him at the dance?" Jimmy asked Libby.

"You know, we haven't talked about that," Libby said while looking at Sheen. "Why don't you meet me there, Sheen? I don't want us to be late because my dad wouldn't stop interrogating you."

"Whatever you say, my queen," Sheen said. The idea of going to a dance with Libby had him more energetic than usual.

Just then the speaker clicked on and Principal Willoughby said the pledge and the announcements. "Attention fifth-graders. Remember that the dance begins at six and ends at eight. Again, formal attire is required. I think we all owe a big thank you to James Neutron and Cynthia Vortex for decorating the dance."

Jimmy and Cindy sunk into their seats. "Man, did he have to use our names? This is embarrassing," Jimmy whispered.

"I know. Now when one of your inventions blows up everyone's going to blame us," Cindy said, but in a playful tone.

Jimmy just smiled. This was the Cindy he liked.

"Jimmy! Cindy! Stop slouching!" Ms. Fowl yelled. Jimmy and Cindy shot up. "Now, I know it's Friday, and that's usually enough to distract you guys. Throw in this dance and I know I'm not going to get anything done today. If you keep quiet and don't bother any other classes, I'll allow today to be a free day." This is great. I get paid to sit here and take a nap.

"So, anyone up for a quick trip to," Jimmy started.

"No!" his four friends yelled.

"The last thing we need is to get in trouble the day of the dance," Cindy calmly explained.

"Fine, whatever," Jimmy replied as he opened up a book.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. Jimmy read his book, Libby listened to music, Sheen and Carl argued over who was better, Ultralord or Carlito the baby llama, and Cindy decided to get a head start on her book report.

After lunch an announcement came over the intercom. "Will Ms. Cynthia Vortex report to the office, you are being dismissed."

"Well, that'll be my mom. I have to go and get my hair done. See you guys later," Cindy said as she gathered her things.

"Bye," the four friends shouted as she walked out of the classroom. Jimmy could have sworn that she winked at him as she left.

It was later that afternoon, and Jimmy was getting ready for the dance. He had on his tuxedo that he wore to Jet Fusion's wedding. He tied a black bow tie on and looked at himself in the mirror. Maybe I should change my hair. Jimmy quickly shook that idea out of his head. Losing those pictures of Betty had been enough. He wasn't giving up his hair for Cindy.

He turned towards Goddard. "Options," he commanded. Goddard's screen flipped up and two words scrolled across it. For what? Jimmy remembered that he hadn't told Goddard about the whole Cindy thing. He looked towards the clock. 5:30. He had to leave, no time to explain things to Goddard. Looks like I'm on my own. "Never mind, boy. I gotta go." He bent down and patted his friend on the head before getting heading outside and running towards the school.

Cindy looked at herself in the mirror. Not too bad, she thought. She looked at the clock and realized that she had to leave. She grabbed her purse and ran to her car with her parents.

Jimmy was amazed when he walked into the gym. It looked even better with people in it. Man, we did do a good job. Just then he spotted Sheen, Libby, and Carl across the room. "Hey guys!" he yelled as he walked over to them. They waved as came over.

"Man, everyone seems to like the decorations. We did pretty well," Jimmy said to the three of them. They all nodded their heads in agreement, proud of their work. Jimmy looked at Libby. "Wow, you look great Libby," Jimmy told her.

Libby started to blush. "Thanks, you look pretty good too."

All of a sudden Sheen sprang into action. "Jimmy, you trying to steal my woman?" he yelled, speaking twice as fast as normal. He then turned to Libby. "Is there something you need to tell me? Because I have a right to know!"

"Um, what's wrong with Sheen? He sounds like he swallowed helium," Jimmy asked Libby.

"Well, apparently in all the excitement of the dance he forgot to take his pills," Libby said while laughing a little bit. "Come on Sheen; let's go get you some punch." Libby grabbed his arm and walked him over to the refreshment table.

Carl and Jimmy started talking when Jimmy heard a familiar voice. "Hey guys. Cool dance, huh?" Cindy asked.

Jimmy turned around and was about to say hi when he got a good luck at Cindy. He couldn't believe it. He had thought she was pretty before, but she was like a model now. She was wearing a backless emerald green dress. For the first time, he saw her hair down. It went a little past her chin and was slightly curled. She had put on a little make-up, but not too much. It just improved her natural features. She had on red high heel shoes. "Wow. Cindy, you look, you look, amazing!" he couldn't help but say as he stared at her.

Now that Jimmy had turned around Cindy got a good look at him. She had to admit, he did look pretty good in a tux. He was wearing black shoes and a black silk bowtie. Luckily, she had seen him like this before, so she didn't act as odd as Jimmy was. "Why thank you James. You don't look too bad yourself." She was blushing and giggling a little bit. He didn't usually compliment her so openly.

The two of them just kind of stood there for a moment, staring at each other in silence. "Um, I'm going to go see what Bolbi's up to," Carl said as he walked away, a little freaked out.

"Cindy! You made it!" Libby said as she walked over and gave her best friend a hug.

"Jimmy, there you are! I haven't seen you in minutes!" Sheen said as he ran over and started chattering to Jimmy like a madman.

"Uh Sheen, how many of those sugar cookies did you eat?" Jimmy asked, noticing that sheen was shaking and hopping around like crazy.

"Only two," Sheen replied. "Dozen," he mumbled under his breath.

The rest of the dance went on quietly. Jimmy hung out with Sheen and Carl; Cindy hung out with Libby and Brittany. Jimmy and Cindy kept bumping into each other because Sheen and Libby were together. They just said hi, sometimes getting into a light conversation. Both of them were nervous beyond belief. After about an hour of this Libby was getting impatient.

"Jimmy, when are you going to ask her to dance? We've only got another hour left!" Libby said as she pulled Jimmy aside.

"Why would you think I want to dance with Vortex?" Jimmy asked, putting a surprised look on his face.

Libby was really getting agitated. "Will you please stop the whole denial thing?" She shoved him towards Cindy really hard. She then walked over to the DJ booth and popped in a CD with a slow song on it. "Attention everyone. This one is for all the couples out there," She said into the microphone before she headed off to find Sheen.

"Um, hey Cindy," Jimmy said as he walked over to her. Miraculously, she was alone. He took a look around. This time he was not going to be interrupted.

"Oh, hey Jimmy. Cool dance, huh?"

"Yeah, it turned out great. You decorated it really well."

"Thanks. You're inventions worked out great. Besides, we wouldn't have any food here if it wasn't for you," Cindy told him.

They both stood there in an awkward silence, listening to the song. It's now or never, Jimmy thought. "Cindy, you really do look great tonight. Would you like to dance?" Jimmy asked, braving himself for a slap or a crude remark.

Cindy was a little surprised, but a huge smile crept across her face. "Jimmy, I thought you'd never ask," she told him.

As Jimmy took her hand and led her out to the dance floor she felt that familiar tingle creep up her arm, the one that happened every time they accidentally held hands or nearly kissed. She put her head on his shoulders and swayed to the music.

As he held her hands and her waist, he felt that familiar tingle creep up him. The one that happened every time they accidentally held hands or nearly kissed. For once, he cleared his brain and didn't analyze what was going on. As she put her head on his shoulders, he took in the scent of her hair and swayed to the music. He looked down at the one thing that he loved more than science, possibly the one thing that he loved more than life itself.

People say that eleven is too young to fall in love. He knew that they were wrong, and for once he didn't have to run any experiments or solve an equation to prove it. He just had to look down at those glowing green orbs staring back at him, feel that tingle in his spine, and he knew.