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The accident

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the giraffe was driving in her new Mercedes. Bob was being chased by bees, he ran into the nearest house to sneeze.

Bob was a purple cat who was forgetful. He was going to deliver something to Kiro the human. Unfortunately, since he was forgetful he was distracted by Gracie's car. Since he was intrigued by this auto mobile he started to smell it. When he smelled the new car scent he started to sneeze. Unfortunely, for him he sneezed right on the driver's seat. Gracie saw this and freaked out. She ordered Bob to wash it but since he was forgetful he didn't and asked what happened. She explained that he sneezed one her once clean car and now she was going to run him over. He left quietly and started to run until he bumped into a nest of bees.

Meanwhile Gracie cleaned the car seat and started the ignition. Bob who was outrunning the bees on all four limbs needed to get inside a house. Also Bob ran in circles…in the same acre. Gracie soon followed chase. Bob then thought of the closest place to hide.

"This sounds like Goldie Locks!" Bob thought.

As Bob ran into another acre he noticed that a house was there. He ran into the house and soon.


Gracie had smashed through the house. Hazel stood there in shock as she saw her house with a hole in the wall. Her pupils left her eyes as she saw all the damage. The birds were flying everywhere, a car was parked in her house, and Bob was slowly creeping away when Hazel turned towards him. Her once happy cheer was gone (for now) and that was left was anger.

Me- There you go a story of how Bob is one funny cat.

Bob- I thought I was your favorite character!

Me- You are but I'm just writing this for humor purposes.

Haze- Please review.

Chapter 2- Reasoning