The club of six had decided that they would build a tree house to have meetings in than to meet at each other's houses.

Kiro and Roald had gotten wood by chopping down at least one tree from every acre, although the bee's didn't agree with that idea and gave Kiro only a lot of stings to the eye.

"Why didn't they try to chase you?"

"My manly spirit!"

Bob had brought over the power-tools since he was the only one to have any and the others knew it was a bad idea. Otis had carved out the base/platform of the tree-house and had Hazel clear the unwanted branches and leaves while the town well cried a single tear. Tad cut out the planks from the trees.

Having the basics down, it was time for the power-tools.

"Hey, can I trace my hand with the drill on the wood? I'll be careful!" He pleaded with sparkles surrounding him.

"I don't think that's a good idea…" Otis warned.

"Well –click and the drill spins- I have the drill and –Points the drill at Otis and clicks it- You don't and these are my –points to him self and clicks it- tools and I know how to work these."

Hazel had to bandage Bob's hand very tightly.

"You ever notice that clouds are made of water and the ocean is made out of water?"

"Yeah?" Kiro asked while holding a plank up and started to hammer the nail in it.

"Then why clouds heat up like water does and SQUREILL!" He said while pointing at Hazel.

Otis had just nailing down the base. The others moved the planks from Kiro's house to where the clubhouse would be, the middle of the town. Bob had carried one plank with on hand and he turned around and knocked Kiro over who knocked the others over in a domino effect.

After recovering from splinters and trying not to get mad at Bob, Roald and Tad had put up all the planks now and were working on the roof. Bob's bandages were turning red.

"Anyone else feel light-headed?"

Everyone but Kiro and Bob had lifted the roof on top of the club house using a scaffle-hold, they had borrowed from Tom's. Bob was drinking a bottle of water and put it down. He held up the saw and Kiro looked down, from the scaffle-fold, at Bob oddly.

"Wanna split it?" Bob asked.

Kiro nodded no as he told the others to push the roof to the left a bit. After perfectly centering it they were down. The only thing left to do was make a ladder and Hazel was doing that while Bob grabbed a marker and an extra plank and signed it.

"To remember this day!" He yelled to the others.

The others agreed and signed it and left a funny comment to remember the day. The last one to assign was Hazel and they all looked at the house with accomplishment. Kiro turned to his side and saw all but Bob there.

"Hey guys, I can do a pull up with my tail!" He started and the others tried to stop him but the damage had been done, the tree house crashing down.