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ABOUT FESTIVAL... Festival is mentioned in the game but has never really been explained, so I took it into my own hands. My Festival takes place during the summertime; it is two days long and only Meltokio celebrates it. The first day is what I like to call a 'Preparation day', or a day when nothing really exciting happens. First thing in the morning is a church service lasting for several hours. There's food and religious plays and a dedication to Martel. Afterwards there is a parade in which all the nobles and King march from Meltokio to the Grand Bridge and back. (Rolls eyes) Don't ask.

The second day is when the following 4-5 chapters take place. It is called Costume Night and takes place on Midsummer's Night, which is the shortest night of the year. It's sort of like Halloween-- the day proceeds like it normally does, but at night everyone gets in costume and goes around. Only there's no ringing doorbells and getting candy; there's celebrations all over the town.

Costume night has a theme and everyone must dress accordingly to it. For example, if the theme of the current Festival was an underwater theme, you could wear an ugly five-legged octopus costume that would put real octopi to shame. You could wear a clownfish costume, no matter how un-clown fishy it appeared. But you could not wear a marmoset costume, no matter how attractive and furry your marmoset suit was. The year of the victory against Mithos was crowned the year of the Angels, therefore making the Festival angel-themed. It was named the year of Angels partly because the Chosens had helped saved the world (which I thought was completely unfair, since the others weren't Chosens; Lloyd and Kratos were the only other angels. But Lloyd had gotten his wings at the end of the journey, which in my opinion meant that he was human when he saved the world), and partly to remember Mithos the Hero.

The journey to save the world took eight months; it was completed several weeks before Festival. Our heroes and heroines decided to celebrate the holiday, because the day after Costume night they will all go their separate ways.

This story will feature the following pairings: ZelosxColette, LxS, Gesea, and a sort-of-not-really love triangle between Raine, Regal, and Kratos. In that order. All of these chapters take place during Festival. I haven't seen any other stories with a Festival plotline, so I'll know if you steal.

"We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all."- Eleanor Roosevelt

Chosen for Each Other, Part One of Midsummer's Festival.

"COLETTE. Colette? Where are you going? It's only twenty minutes past ten o'clock, you can't possibly be leaving, it's Festival..."

"Please don't worry Sheena. I'm just going out to the palace gardens, it's so hot in this ballroom." I was going out to meet Fate, although I did not know it.

"Okay. Well, I'm going to the Coliseum with Lloyd..." Sheena looked so angelic that night, in her creamy white wings and her white white dress. Her eyes and hair, in comparison, were as dark as ever. A unique combination. She was exotic, something I wanted to be.

"I'll find you if I need you." A small smile was exchanged between us and I walked through the doors to the balcony, greeting a few people before walking down the steps and into the gardens.

The eight of us-- Lloyd, Sheena, Genis, Presea, Regal, Raine, Zelos and I-- never traveled without each other during our two week stay in Meltokio. The reason for this was because the day after Festival, we would all go our separate ways. And the truth was none of us could bear losing each other, which seemed very likely to happen. There was a fear that we would lose contact, that we would grow distant with one another .I'd go to Iselia; Presea and Regal would go to Altamira and use the Lezareno Company's resources to rebuild the cities that had been destroyed around the world; Sheena was going to Mizuho; Zelos would stay in Meltokio; Lloyd, Genis and Raine would go around the world to collect Exspheres and make things better for half-elves.

Seven of us had stayed in the palace the entire week-- Zelos preferred his mansion-- but on the last night (Costume Night) we'd sleep in the hotel. The reason for this was simple: it wasn't safe on Costume Night to sleep in the palace, no matter how many magical charms locked your doors. Champagne can make a man blind and reckless; ale can make a man stupid and horny.

Costume Night was by far the most anticipated night. And how exciting it was! Everyone in pretty costumes, some with paint on their faces, all with wings on their backs. But Zelos and I were the only ones with real wings; Lloyd wanted to blend in with the crowd, so he wore fake blue ones. For some reason, out of the eight people that saved the world, Zelos and I were recognized the most. People tried to pretend that they don't know who we really were, although our wings were so different-looking than everyone else's. But those were the people who lived in the palace; the regular people would begin cheering whenever they saw us.

And enough with the explanations. Are you still reading this? I have a tale to tell, and it all starts with Costume Night...

At nine o'clock our party promptly arrived at the palace for a party that the King was hosting. The sun had just begun to set and even Raine was excited. The King had invited all of us as the guests of honor; it would have been rude to refuse. Besides, we thought, surely it would be fun!

The party first started off with a dinner filled with boring speeches and fancy food. This, surprisingly, took an hour. I had to poke Lloyd twice because he almost fell asleep. Zelos, on my other side, was quietly imitating the King. Sheena's face turned so red from stifling her laughter that she had to duck under the table, pretending to have lost her earrings. Genis and Presea were playing a game of Go Fish under the table with some cards Presea had brought in her purse. Raine and Regal, however, were alert, holding on to every word. But enough of that! Finally we went to the ballroom to dance. I loved to dance; I thought the evening would finally lighten up. But the truth was the dances were too stuffy for my taste. And it was obvious that I hated it. I could hear courtiers whispering as Zelos and I danced: Oh look at those Chosens! And look at the Golden One, the Sacrificing One. She looks like she wants to run to the sweetly scented woods of her hometown, go stand by the sea and gaze at the far away Martel Temple and listen to the children speak their own language. Look at her dance with Zelos! How pretty. But why is she stepping out the door, into the backyard gardens? It's only twenty minutes past ten o'clock, is she tired already? But they don't know that I despise public appearances? I can't stand them.

I went to the palace gardens because it was too hot in the ballroom. Besides, I couldn't take it anymore. Zelos talking to that concubine with that greedy look on his face. The night is so dark, the night is so young!

Oh, those tulips! Their scent was thick in the air, mingling with the scents of lilies, roses, jasmine, sage, and daffodils... I remember seeing the maze and thinking that nobody would bother me there…

Right. Left. I kept going through the maze, wanting to reach a place of privacy. Left around the rose bushes. A fountain! A seductive fountain, with a golden statue of two swans with their foreheads pressed against each other, their necks arched into a heart's shape. But I was not impressed; swans were beautiful, but also vain like the Princess.

Some privacy. I couldn't hear the music anymore. Too stuffy, that music. You had to clap your hands when everyone else did. Why should I? I thought. Why should I make everyone happy, do what they think is right? I'll dance my own way; dance the way I do in Iselia. Laugh and spin round round round until the music stops, but the music in my head is singing its' own pretty song still, maybe in a different language. 'Kiss me, miss me darling... Tomorrow I'll be gone.' How true that song was, I heard a lute player sing it the first day of Festival. I wonder if he could sense that I wanted Zelos? I wondered why Zelos was avoiding me. He said earlier that he would miss me; didn't he want to spend time with me?

I sat on the fountain's edge and dabbled my fingers in the water. Cold granite, chilly water. I didn't mind. I hadn't been minding a lot of things lately. I looked in the water, saw my reflection. I remembered what had happened earlier that day...

"Your hair is so pretty, so golden! Let us do this to it. You will be a hit!" The royal designers kept commenting. No, don't cut that dress any lower! I have nothing to show. The designers chattered quietly for a while, occasionally throwing inquisitive glances at Sheena and I; finally they chose ponytails for the both of us. Sheena didn't mind, as the hairstyle closely resembled the one she put her hair in everyday.

"Oh my go..." Lloyd and Zelos had both said that when they saw us. Lloyd's eyes on Sheena, Zelos' eyes on me.

Sheena had diamonds in her jet-black ponytail; her dress was so white and so pure that snow would look black. She wore comfortable, ladylike silver slippers with diamonds sewn into a flower pattern and the sleeves of the dress were off the shoulder. Her dress felt like silk; it seemed to show the right amount of cleavage by not showing any at all, something Sheena greatly appreciated. Her wings were silky like her dress and just as white. It was a rare sight, seeing her in such feminine attire.

And I? A mint green, almost metallic looking dress; it was pure and simple, just the way I wanted it, without all the hustle and bustle of the noble ladies' dresses. It was slim and sleek and easy to move in, like Sheena's dress, but my dress had thick shoulder straps. I wore a white ribbon in my hair and a white lacy choker around my neck. I wore white high heels, since I was only five feet and five inches tall.

I saw Zelos pinch Sheena's behind as we left. He turned to face me after that and I just shook my head.

"Zelos, be nice. Today is a very special day. Could you please act...um... decent just for once? Please." I reminded him patiently as Lloyd held Sheena back. Good thing he did. Sheena would have ripped Zelos' eyes out. "And please don't give me that puppy-eyed look, you know I..." You know I melt when you do that.

Zelos looked sad as Lloyd gently pulled Sheena out of the house. I couldn't tell if Zelos was acting or not. "Are you saying I'm not a decent man, Colette?"

"No! No. I..." I sighed. "I'm sorry. I just want everyone to be happy. I mean, it's our last day together… tomorrow everyone will go home…" My hands were folded, prayer-like.

Zelos tilted his head and smiled at me. "Oh my Colette. I was only teasing you. Come along, the King is waiting—"


I stood and whipped around. There was Zelos, his eyebrows raised and his head tilted.

"Hello, Zelos. What are you doing out here?" I asked.

"I got bored inside. I saw you leaving and thought I would come and keep you company." He spoke with a cocky smile.

"That's very kind of you, Zelos. But what about the Princess? I thought you would spend the evening with her."

Zelos tilted his head. "Now why would I do that?"

"You two have always seemed to be attracted to each other. I thought you would eventually..." My face was a slight pink color.

"Such romantic thoughts, Colette! No, Princess Hilda is nothing compared to you, my hunny." Zelos chuckled.

A smile, illuminated by the light of our wings. "I've been a romantic for quite some time Zelos, I guess I just haven't shown it much. I've been this way since I was eight. Since Lloyd..." I trailed off.

"Well you're very good at disguising it. I never would have thought of you as a romantic," said Zelos as he sat on the granite edge of the fountain and gestured for me to join him. All I did was nod, sit, and smile at the starry sky. The moon was fat and might as well have been pregnant with Eros' coquetry that night, with the roses thick in scent and everything just right. It was a lover's night; it was a seductive night. Who could resist?

"There are different types of romance, y'know?" Zelos murmured. "It's so difficult to distinguish them. But I, Zelos, Master of Love--" we both laughed at that. "--Have a theory."

A flicker of interest sparked as two pairs of eyes met, looked away, and traveled back to each other again.

"I..." What to say? My soul wanted to state how she felt; but my soul was so very much older than my mouth and my mind. How does the soul admit that she almost...?

His eyes suddenly seemed like two bright sapphires, basked in the glow of his golden wings. "Ah, Colette. I always forget how young you are. Never mind."

"Zelos, I think I can understand. Just tell me."

"Colette, I haven't told anybody my theory. I'd feel as if I'm corrupting you somehow." His face turned away. The distance between our bodies, just then, felt more than just a foot. It felt as if we were battlefields away from each other.

But then I was angry. I wasn't a child anymore! "Zelos! Stop treating me like a child! Please. We're always so serious with each other. And honest." I exploded. Why was I like this? So unusually bold?

Zelos' eyebrows shot up. "I've never heard you yell before," he said quite calmly. "I've lied to you before, I've betrayed you. Can you really trust me? You make me think, I'll give you that."

"I wasn't yelling." I said crossly, standing up, taking a step forward. My temper usually never got the best of me; but I wasn't a child anymore! I was a young woman, with a growing body and a soul that saw everything.

Zelos grabbed my arm. "D'you really want to leave me, my angelic hunny?" For effect he put on a pleading pout.

I sighed. "I'll only stay if you stop treating me like a child, and tell me about your 'corruptive' theory of romance." My body turned to face him. "And I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled."

Zelos smiled. "It's okay. I should apologize for treating you like a child. You're far from that." His hand still on my arm.

And for a moment we just stood there, our eyes holding each other. Was it a moment? Was it really a moment? It felt like a lifetime-- just taking in everything. His body so close I could feel the heat radiating from him; the moonlight was so unnaturally bright I could see his pale eyelashes, the dark blue of his eyes, the very curve of his cheek. I wanted to kiss him. Right then and there. An impulse, an instinct. But I was afraid; I wasn't sure as to how I felt about him.

But then he breathed, "My theory. Yes." And the tension was broken; the heat was lost in the summer air as the thread that held us in position broke and Zelos took a step back. My soul was soaring, higher and higher until she could touch the stars. And my body was sitting down with Zelos again; my hand went to the water and traced artful designs on the surface. Zelos and I both watched my hand for a moment in silence, and then he began.

"There are three types of romance that I have encountered: lust, crushes, and family love. Lust is--"

"--what you have for Sheena--"

"-- the burning desire to touch someone. Love for their body and only that." Zelos continued, ignoring my comment. "You want their kiss, you want to hold them. To have them in a bodily sense, to smell their scent..." I began to think then. Was I had for Zelos-- was it lust? "…Colette, have you felt lust before?"

I jumped a bit in surprise, turning red. I had been caught off-guard. "Y-yes." The words came out before I could think.

"Oh? To whom was that lust directed?"

"I'd rather not say..." my face was most likely redder than a cherry. "Sorry."

"Oh well, just to let you know, lust usually ends in disaster. The feelings fade." I blocked out his voice again as I thought. I wanted to kiss him, hold him. But was that purely it? No. I loved the way he was so serious with me. He didn't treat me the way he treated Sheena or Raine. Zelos and I used to talk about the goddess Martel, what it was like to be Chosens, our fears and so many other things. With a pang of relief I realized it wasn't lust. I loved him for him.

"And then there are crushes. You talk to the person, yes, and maybe you're friends. But true, honest-to-goodness, life-lasting love? No. It's a schoolgirl sort of thing. But your mind is so blinded by your heart that you believe that it is love. Maybe 'crush' isn't the right word for it... Infatuation! Yes, that's what it should be called. It's a fascination, maybe a little bit of an obsession. Young love, puppy love, child's love. They're always on your mind and you're continuously plotting new ways to impress them. But eventually you'll get over them and move on." He took a pause here to catch his breath and I spoke.

"Sounds like what Lloyd and I had." I commented breezily.

"Had?" Zelos put a hand into the water immediately and irritably flicked some water around. The other hand went to his loose hair and through the silky locks, adjusting the midnight blue headband that went so perfectly well with his black jacket, pants, and boots; his shirt was a dark blue identical in color to the headband.

"Yes, had. I used to be 'infatuated' with him; I even thought that he was my Prince Charming. But I guess I assumed my love for him, as my best friend, was actually true love. But now I know that he's for Sheena."

"And you're okay with losing him to her? Personally, I think they're beautiful together; if only they'd get over their shyness and let their feelings loose." Said Zelos with a slight smile.

"Oh yes, they belong together. They're so alike, and so comfortable together. Sheena's not afraid to tell him how she feels-- not necessarily in the romantic sense, but as in she can tell him when she is worried or afraid-- have you noticed that? But I... I'm too secretive. I was willing to sacrifice myself but Lloyd didn't want to sacrifice anyone. I'm a liar, I'm always too afraid to burden him with my troubles." I couldn't look at him.

"You're not a liar. You just have layers of emotions, like a cake." We both laughed and I told him to continue on with his theory. I thought I saw Zelos trace a heart-like shape on the surface of the fountain's water. But the human mind can always blind you with hopes and dreams; I could have just imagined it.

"Family love. I've only felt such a love for Seles. My parents were too self-centered to love. My mother's last words to me were that I should never have been born. I've told you about the day she died, Colette. But I have seen perfect examples of family love. For example, one day I saw this peasant family... they were so poor and their home was small, but their faces shone with happiness. When I asked the mother why they were so happy in such a terrible state-- they were dirty and had tattered clothes-- she told me that the two sons of the family had returned from school in Sybak for the holidays. She had given them all her money, to use on school things. Her young daughter was simply glad that her brothers were alive, because there had been a snowstorm. The father had died the previous year; he got caught in a blizzard and was never seen again. Ever since then…"

"…All they've had is each other." I said, finishing his sentence.

Zelos nodded. "Exactly. They live for each other, would sacrifice anything as long as they are kept together." His face grew dreamy. "I wish my family was like that. Together through thick and thin."

"A Chosen's life is a hard one. I had no friends besides Lloyd and Genis; you had an awful family."

Zelos nodded and withdrew his hand from the water silently; a moment later I did the same. People were gathering on the palace balcony; but surely they couldn't see us? The palace's mazes were thick and tall, but the balcony was high above the ground. Zelos moved closer, his arm pressing against mine, as if he wanted to protect me. From what, I didn't know.

A child-sized silhouette stood at the very edge of the balcony-- a girl, I figured, because it appeared that she was wearing a dress-- pointed to the sky. "Look, Genis. Shooting stars, a whole storm of them! I've never seen them before, aren't they beautiful?" I knew that voice!

Zelos and I exchanged awestruck glances. Was that Presea? We had never heard or seen her in such an excited state. But it was surely she; nobody else had those pigtails.

"Wow! I hope Raine's watching the sky, she loves shooting stars!" A boy's shadowy figure hovered next to Presea, and his face was tilted up to the sky. The moonlight illuminated his mass of silvery hair-- it was Genis.

The palace clock began chiming as I looked up at the sky. Eleven chimes-- an hour until midnight. At exactly twelve o'clock, fireworks would be launched. I was excited because I had only seen fireworks once before, when I was five. I wanted to see them again.

But even the shooting stars couldn't distract me from the sudden gusts of wind that came from time to time. They were surprisingly cold for such a hot midsummer's night. I found myself rubbing my arms ferociously, and yet goose bumps still appeared.

Zelos looked over at me and chuckled. "Cold? Don't worry, my innocent sweetheart, I'll keep you warm." He smiled and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. I felt my cheeks turn pink, but I was glad for his warmth.

But Zelos confused me. Whenever he touched me-- from the slightest brush of a shoulder to the way his arm wrapped around me-- my skin felt as if they were on fire. And yet I couldn't tell if he felt the way I did. Was he attracted to me? He didn't touch me the way he touched Sheena, didn't try to embarrass me about my body. He was serious with me sometimes, with the occasional sweet-talk that he always used thrown in. But he trusted me; why else was I the only person to which he had talked to about his theory?

"You know, Zelos," I murmured softly, not wanting to ruin the magical effect of the green, red, and yellow shooting stars that streaked across the sky. "You never mentioned true love."

Zelos was silent for a moment and his body seemed to stiffen. I felt his shoulder twitch. "Tell me what you think true love is, my dear."

"What Kratos and Anna had. A love so strong and deep and true that nothing else matters." I replied.

"Ah, I see. But I've never truly encountered it. At least not in this hellhole called Meltokio." he said this bitterly, almost angrily.

I felt shocked. "But Zelos, Meltokio is your home."

"No. No, it's not."

"But you've lived here for the majority of your lifetime, Zelos." I couldn't comprehend. I had lived and grown up in Iselia; I loved it with all my heart. The definition of 'home' in my mind was a place where you lived.

"So? That doesn't make it a home. A home is a place where you really feel as if you belong. You can be yourself there. All my life, everyone liked me because I was the Chosen, instead of liking me for being Zelos. A home is a place where a happy family lives. My family wasn't happy, my childhood wasn't happy, even my adulthood in Meltokio wasn't happy. I believe that the only joyous time of my life was when I was on the quest to help you lot save the world, and even that's over." Zelos rambled. "One day, I'm going to go around the world and find a place I can call home."

I sat there silently, taking it all in before I replied. "I hope your journey goes well, Zelos. I hope you find home."

Zelos smiled. "You're so sweet. Come on angel." he said as he stood up. "It is late. I'll walk you to the hotel." he held out his arm. I hooked my elbow around his, and off we went.

"There are no rooms left, Miss Colette."

"But I made a reservation!" I repeated to the stick-thin, auburn-haired woman behind the counter.

"Yes, but a man offered such a large amount of money that we couldn't refuse. He asked for the finest room and so we gave him it, which happened to be yours. I'm sorry, but all the rooms are taken." she paused and shook her head. "I have other people to attend to. Goodbye."

I bit my lip and turned away, pushing my way through the crowd of people to the doors. I wandered out into the street and heard the church bells chime along with the palace clock-- midnight. I stood in the middle of the empty road, watching the sky as fireworks flew up-- cerulean, emerald, crimson, ochre. The bright colors and loud noise calmed my slightly, although I hadn't the slightest idea as to where I would go.

"Colette." I looked to the right and saw Zelos, his face illuminated by the fireworks and his golden wings. In his hand was a bottle of rum.

"Oh, Zelos! I thought you had gone home." I walked over to him.

He raised the bottle and shook it slightly. "I went to a shop to buy this. I was planning to drink myself to sleep. Why aren't you in the hotel, sweeting?"

I explained my situation, my hands shaking slightly. When I was done, Zelos just smiled brightly and said, "Don't worry. You can stay at my home. I have several guestrooms, which are in the parts of the house that you haven't seen yet."

My face brightened. That idea simply had not occurred to me. Zelos simply chuckled when I thanked him. "No need to thank me," he said as he put his hand on my elbow and began walking. "Let's get going." And with another exchange on smiles, we were on our way. It felt so comforting when we had finally reached our destination. With Zelos I felt as if I were on the edge of a bridge, looking down into mysterious waters below. Who knew what we would say next? He made me feel alive and open, like I could actually speak my mind. Perhaps I even felt a bit reckless at times with him. Safe, and yet searching for adventure.

As soon as we were inside of the home, we bolted the doors for security. With a wave of his hand, Zelos lit some strange devices with illuminated the rooms. Raine had explained to me countless times about how these lamps operated, but I still couldn't understand. I went upstairs instantly to wash my face and hair in the washroom. Zelos sent his butler to retrieve my bags from the hotel, and told a maid to prepare a room for me. When I came back downstairs, Zelos was in his sleeping clothes-- silky black shirt and pants-- and Sebastian had taken my bags to the room the maid prepared. Zelos explained to me that he had given the maid and the butler permission to go back to their homes. We were completely alone.

"I can't thank you enough Zelos." I managed to say. His kindness had been so unexpected and overwhelming, and yet so spur-of-the-moment. Zelos just laughed and told me to follow him to my room.

My room, it turned out, was right next to his. Zelos didn't explain why; I didn't ask. But the room was still beautiful, for it had a theme of silver, black and white. Silver gossamer curtains covered the windows. All the furniture was made of white oak, including the large, almost skeletal harp in the corner. The covers on the king-sized bed were black and so were the candles that stood on the tiny silver dresser by the bed. My suitcases were dutifully placed by the white wooden bookshelf. I turned and thanked Zelos; it truly was a pretty room.

He just inclined his head and said, "Try to get some sleep. We all must meet at the front gates of Meltokio at noon tomorrow." With another nod he walked out the room, slowly shutting the door behind him.

I changed into my white nightgown and slid into the soft bed. I felt empty inside as I heard Zelos move quietly and purposefully in the room beside mine. Finally all the rustling stopped, but I still could not sleep. Memories, wishes, thoughts... The palace clock chimed once... more thoughts and wishes. I could not sleep, so I got out of bed again. I walked barefoot to the door, trying to make as little noise as possible, and slipped out of the room. Zelos' house appeared both intriguing and intimidating lit only by the gentle moonlight. I brought out my wings and they cast a soft comforting glow about me as I padded out of the hallway and towards the front of the house. Something in my mind clicked as I saw a few playing cards on the table: We're breaking apart tomorrow. This is it. No more journeying. And I began to cry softly. I sat down on the bottom step of the stairs. I didn't want to leave my friends, the only true friends I had ever known!

"Colette?" I immediately stood up. It was Zelos, staring at my silently in his black pajamas and golden wings.

"Zelos." I sniffled. "I didn't wake you up, did I?"

He shook his head gently and walked over to me. "Colette, why are you crying at such a late hour?" Only a foot away. Come closer, my love, come closer.

The dam burst and more tears made their way down my face. "T-tomorrow we're l-leaving each other. What if I... what if I don't see you a-again?" I whispered.

"Oh Colette, come here." Zelos stepped closer. His hands cupped my face and his lips came crashing down on mine, a sweet and passionate kiss. A few moments later he tried to pull away but I instinctively pulled him back to me. His hands fell off my face and went to my hips, pulling me close so that our bodies were pressed against each other. I stood on tiptoe-- I had grown a few inches, but he was still about four inches taller than me.

"Come with me to find home." he breathed. "Please. Let's keep journeying. I can't do it without you."

"But where would we go?" I pulled away to scrutinize his face.

"All over the world. Every town and every city. I need you to be with me, Colette. You make me whole, you make me think. Before I used to be so reckless but... you're the only one who really gets me. I don't pretend-- I don't want to pretend with you. I'll admit, when we first started out with this journey I had a crush on Sheena, but you... I want you now. I've wanted you for the past two months or so."

I smiled. "I've wanted you too. I don't know how long... but I feel the same way about you." His face brightened but I continued on. "But I will have to go back home first and tell my father, make sure it's alright with him. Then I'll come back here and we can set out."

"You should ask Sheena for help, maybe she can use one of the summon spirits to send the message to your dad. She has known for quite a while now about the way I feel for you." His eyes were so unusually bright and hopeful.

I just kissed him again. How could I keep away? His lips were soft; but then again they weren't soft at all. His kiss was warm one moment, but the next second I would shiver as if I were in Flanoir again.

"We need to sleep." I managed to say between kisses. Who knew how long we had been kissing? Five minutes? An hour?

"Let me sleep with you." he said recklessly, his gaze unfocused. His eyes refocused as he took in the expression on my face. "Oh, no sex or anything. I just want to hold you in my arms. I can't stay away, not after this." I just laughed and nodded, pulling him back towards the hallway.

I slept well that night, with my sore lips and strong arms around me. But don't you know?

Some things don't need explaining; some things just can't be explained. Our love was both of them.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, in case you haven't guess, after this story will be a story of Zelos and Colette's search for home. Next up are Lloyd and Sheena! Read and Review, guys, but make sure to use constructive criticism. As for my loyal fans, here is my explanation for my long hiatus: I have been inspiration-dry for more than a year now. However, I am working on a story with my friend Anna. Her username is Silence-Angel.