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There was a small party of people in front of the entrance of the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge, perhaps eight in number. Two half-elves, the rest were humans. They all looked as if they were dreading something. They were gathered in a tight circle, luggage placed behind them. They all seemed very somber and silent as they looked around. There was a large cruise ship parked in the waters, and people were slowly getting onto it.

"I'm going to miss you guys," Sheena finally broke the silence, speaking in a choked voice; tears made their way down her face. Colette, standing next to her, looked heartbroken as she held Sheena's hand. She squeezed the woman's hand comfortingly as Lloyd, who was on Sheena's other side, wrapped an arm around his lover's waist. "Please come visit me in Mizuho, everyone. I'll be busy running the village, but..."

"You guys shouldn't be so sad! We'll see each other again, don't worry." Zelos spoke cheerfully, his hand on the small of Colette's back. He smiled at Regal, who was on his other side. "Don't you agree?"

Regal nodded. "I still think it was rather rude of the King to ask you at the last minute to stay in Meltokio. You were planning to escort Colette to Iselia, were you not?"

Zelos nodded. "Yeah, I was. But I have to follow the King's orders. You, Raine, Presea and Genis will have fun on the cruise, right? No studying, Professor, just pure fun!"

Raine sighed. "But it's a perfect opportunity to examine the differences in the contamination of the waters in Tethe'alla and Sylvarant..."

Genis exchanged a look with Lloyd and Presea, who were on either side of him. Regal gave Raine's arm a pat. "You can study if you want to, Raine, but I must request that Genis doesn't. He's going to go on that journey with Lloyd and you afterwards... he deserves a break." Regal stated.

Raine smiled wearily and nodded. "It looks like my teaching skills will be put to use... I'll need to educate people about many things about racism, and how it's not right. And about Exspheres as well."

Lloyd grinned confidently. "Don't worry, Raine! With the help of the Eternal Sword, we can do anything."

"You have a lot ahead of you. Maybe when Zelos and I start journeying, we'll run into you guys." Colette said with a hopeful smile. "I know that Regal and Presea plan to rebuild Palmacosta and Ozette, correct?"

"Yes. Sheena and Mizuho plan to help us as well." Presea confirmed, slightly squeezing Genis' hand. "I think... it is time... that we go on the ship now. It will depart in five minutes..." Everyone reluctantly agreed.

Tears trailed down Raine's face as she hugged everyone goodbye. Regal shook hands with the men and hugged the ladies, looking solemn. Presea and Genis hugged the others freely-- they had the childish knowledge that they would all meet again. They all picked up their luggage and smiled at their friends.

And then they were gone. The group of four melted into the crowd, leaving the other four behind. Sheena and Colette were both crying softly now, but Zelos and Lloyd just looked grim.

"I... I think it's time that I summoned Aska, Colette, and got him to take you... take you home." Sheena said quietly. Colette nodded quietly and gave Sheena a huge, tight hug. They hugged for around ten seconds before Colette moved on to Lloyd and Sheena began summoning. Colette hugged the boy just as tightly as she had hugged Sheena, and just as long. Colette then turned to Zelos-- the hardest goodbye.

"Don't look so miserable, my dear." Zelos whispered as he embraced the angel. "I'll see you again soon. Don't cry, please don't..." Colette lifted her face off his shoulder and kissed him gently, a long kiss. Sheena had finished summoning by the time the two pulled away, and had resumed her spot by Lloyd's side. The four young adults hesitated for a moment.

"It's so hard to believe it's all over." Colette said softly, walking over to Aska. She put her hand on his wing and felt a wave of warmth wash over her. "It lasted so long but now it's all done."

"Yeah..." Lloyd said. "We'll remember it forever... we changed the world... we'll be remembered forever. We can't possibly abandon each other, not after this. We'll live on and on and so will our friendship."

Colette and Sheena both found the strength to smile at this. Colette easily clambered onto the back of Aska, clutching a few of his strong feathers for support. She paused and waited. Colette would fly when the others departed.

Sheena had a grumbling Celsius transport her and Lloyd's luggage for them to Mizuho, and Undine transported Colette's things to Iselia. Sheena and Lloyd preferred to walk to Mizuho. Zelos had no luggage, as wouldn't be leaving Meltokio.

The cruise boat let out a low sound as it began to set sail, and to the entire party of heroes it sounded almost sad and mournful. But perhaps it was imagination thriving; surely fate would bring them together again.

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