I'm starting to think I should have one story called Tezuka Adventures and just have all these shorter stories as different chapters. My Tezuka sure does get around.

Anyway, Prince of Tennis is the creation of Konomi and does not belong to me.

The story is what happens when Oshitari is dragged on a camping trip by the more nature-liking Atobe and Tezuka. It is a Pg-13 for language and adult-themed hints and teasing.

Lounging in his foldable chair, Oshitari was attempting to read his latest novel of romance on the high seas. But every several words he had to pause to swat at one insect or another who was insisting on making him their lunch. Smacking an insect about to crawl onto him, the seated man looked over his book for the reason he was even here.

Kneeling over instructions by the half erected tent was Tezuka, who was currently debating with Atobe over the best way about finishing the setup of their shelter for the weekend. It was a sight he was sure few at Hyotei would believe but there was the Atobe Keigo crouching in the dirt and seemingly enjoying himself as he passed Tezuka his water bottle.

Oshitari scowled as a giant bug started to dive towards him. He hastily picked up the insect spray and blasted it around him. He was thankful he had been able to convince the others to drive a jeep up to their camping spot. Hiking would have been just dreadful, especially in this heat. Atobe agreed saying the less time they had walking towards the camping ground the more time they would have on the water… Not really what Oshitari had in mind but it had meant he was able to pack as much as the off road vehicle could carry so he didn't have to live like a complete savage the whole weekend.

For starters he had switched the tiny four-man tent out that Tezuka had packed and put in his large, multi-room ten-man tent - That was what they were currently struggling with to put up. Tezuka had muttered something about it being too large and that he didn't know how to put it up when he had seen it. Atobe had just shot Oshitari a reproachful look before setting to work on what he thought was a tedious task of putting poles together. The chair, table, laptop, drinks and other things around him were also hastily packed into the vehicle while the other two were occupied with watching the weather network or something.

Opening his book again, he thought about how he even ended up in his current predicament of being so far out in nature that even his cell phone didn't get reception. - It was truly a traumatizing experience. Add to that there was no working plumbing and Oshitari was likely to have nightmares about this for the rest of the year at least. – He supposed this whole mess was because all three of them were very busy people who hardly had time for family let alone friends.

So it was that the three of them made sure to all get together once every couple weeks. They would each take turns picking activities that all three of them could participate in and maybe even enjoy. Atobe had of course chose first, bringing them to the orchestra, followed by a painfully expensive dinner and ending in one of his father's hotels. It had been a good night, even if the music wasn't to his complete liking, even Tezuka had enjoyed himself, despite being uncomfortable in the suit Atobe had chosen for him.

Oshitari smirked to himself thinking of their second outing. That one had been Oshitari's choice, they had gone out to the watch the latest romance movie, Atobe had nearly fallen asleep right at the best part, and then to the clubs. He was sure this whole back to nature camping trip was just some twisted way Tezuka was seeking revenge.

Personally, he thought that the leather pants and collar he had picked out for Tezuka to wear was sinfully sexy, especially once he talked the stoic man into contacts. How was he supposed to know that nearly every other patron in the bar would think so too? And to this day he swore it was an accident that the picture he took of a dancing Tezuka with his camera phone was sent to Fuji. And he was entirely not responsible for the Seigaku genius printing them off poster size and selling them to random students.

Sadly, when the weekend of camping had been proposed by Tezuka, Oshitari had thought it meant spending time in Atobe's cottage, away from the crowds of Tokyo and where they had only dial up internet available. It wasn't until Tezuka and Atobe started talking about fishing on the lake and trees did he start to think that his intelligence had failed him.

Reaching into the cooler for some chilled water, he saw the tent had been successfully put up and that they were loading their things into it. He vaguely thought about helping, but the two seemed to have it under control… probably thought it would help condition them for better tennis too.

He scoffed, repositioning his battery fan to better blow on him. Just watching the other two work and sweat was making Oshitari hot, and not in the good hot and bothered type of way he preferred. The sooner this weekend was over the better. Oshitar doubted his luck of seeing no frogs would last once he was dragged down to the water's edge.

Not even the memory of an amphibian landing on poor Ohtori's forehead – causing both him and his partner to freak out and do a little dance – could make the frogs more attractive. And nothing could make the prospect of fishing more enjoyable.

If they wanted fish so badly, they could go to a market and buy some, or even better, a nice restaurant. And if sitting quietly for hours on end by the water is what they desired, Tezuka could go sit by his family's koi ponds or by Atobe's pool. They could even get tans that way, and Oshitari was sure that Atobe wouldn't want dreadful tan lines and that could lead to some very interesting times at the poolside.

With that pleasant thought in mind he tried to put the dreadfulness of nature out of his mind.

He had almost succeeded when annoying shadow fell on the page he was trying to read. Looking upwards, he saw that Tezuka and Atobe had moved over to him. Not that it was a bad thing, they were certainly more enjoyable to look at then typeset on a page.

Atobe was panting lightly and had apparently dumped his remaining water over himself – rendering his shirt delightfully see-through. Tezuka on the other hand, had opted to use the bottom of his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face; Giving Oshitari a generous view of glistening stomach muscles and just a hint of dusty nipples. Perhaps there was some hope for the camping trip yet.

"Done with the tent?" Oshitari asked raising an eyebrow at the two who seemed to be quite proud of themselves for some unknown and most likely camp related reason.

"Quite." Tezuka replied, and in that one word Oshitari felt that the other man was telling him it would have been easier if Oshitari had either helped or not messed with the gear to begin with. Some people were so uptight.

Atobe just smirked at the two of them before purring his thoughts to them, "Tezuka and I decided there was no point going to the lake today." There was no reason for that sentence to be as arousing as it was, but Atobe's voice was sinful at the best of times. "So, we've decided to let you choose what we do for rest of the afternoon." Ah, there was the reason for the seductive tone.

"And the evening?" Oshitari asked stretching out in his chair but continuing to drink in the sight of his two camping buddies.

Tezuka frowned slightly as if he thought they should get to bed early but Atobe seemed to cut any protest off, "Maybe even part of the night if you'll be good rest of the trip."

That certainly had potential but Oshitari had to wonder what exactly being good entailed. "When am I ever good?"

"When you come fishing with us." Tezuka easily said, not seeming to care how much Oshitari hated nature and would prefer to stay on his little lawn chair. "If not, I'm sure Atobe and I can find something to do for rest of the day together." Without you hung in the air unsaid.

Oshitari did not enjoy being threatened, no matter how minutely, but he was up against two people he knew to be absolutely stubborn when the put their minds together. It was a lost battle, but not a lost cause. "So we fuck and I fish?" He drawled?

"More or less." Atobe said brushing damp hair out of his heat flushed face.

"Then we have a deal." The smirk on his face probably should have warned them that Oshitari was indeed planning something but either they were too overheated and tired to notice or they felt they had too much of an upper hand to care.

"Good, now share the fan." Atobe said moving to steal Oshitari's fan before sauntering back to the tent.

"What? No tree sex darlin'?" He called after the sandy blonde, watching a rare smile form on Tezuka's lips.

"Maybe beach sex if you're really good." He said before heading to the tent to join Atobe. Now that was a promising proposition indeed. Even if the sand getting everywhere and the possibility of wild life being around was less than appealing.

Still, there would be time to think about that later. He leisurely made his way over to the tent where he fully planned to leave both so exhausted that not only would they both sleep in for once, he would also be able to switch the alarm off.

His smirk widened as he entered the tent to see the two already removing each other's sweaty clothes and kneeling on a large air mattress. Perhaps Tezuka's idea had some promise to it after all. Was his last coherent thought of the moment as he began to strip his own clothes off and joined them on the makeshift bed.


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