Title: Movie Night
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: PoT is owned by Konomi
Summary: It's Oshitari's turn to pick their date night activity and this time he goes for a movie night.

Tezuka preferred not to remember how their odd relationship came around, what he did know was that he wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Atobe and Oshitari were both enough like him to get along with him and different enough to drive him insane faster than his teammates could. All three of their moods rarely matched at the same time so they hardly ever agreed on something all at the same time. Which was one of many reasons why they started having one of the three of them pick the activities they did for the rare nights when all of them were together.

For their last date Tezuka had chosen a study date, while his topic was disliked somewhat by the other two, the only way he could agree to go to Atobe's cottage was if they also agreed to study. Not that they studied the whole time. The time before that, Atobe had rented out an entire ferry for a small trip and picnic before heading to a nearby pasture where he introduced both Tezuka and Oshitari to his favourite girl, Elizabeth. He then proceeded to teach Tezuka and Oshitari how to go horseback riding. Atobe looking for the entire world the king he acted like perched leisurely on Elizabeth's back.

But tonight it was Oshitari's turn to pick the activity for their date night, and Tezuka was only a little weary about it. The last time had ended with him having a horrible hangover for rest of the weekend and a shaky recollection of him standing on a table doing bad karaoke. The time before that had had him dancing in nothing but leather pants and a collar, an image that had somehow ended up in Fuji's hands and being sold as posters out of the tennis clubroom. This time, Tezuka vowed, no matter what he was wearing only Tezuka approved clothes out in public and there would be no drinking or singing.

But apparently he had nothing to worry about, as Oshitari declared that they were staying in for the evening. Tezuka considered this a good thing as it guaranteed that there would be no public disasters. Though private disasters were still very plausible. Especially as Oshitari went on to elaborate about the numerous and sexual possibilities staying at home involved.

Atobe and Tezuka both gave their lover a look and Oshitari immediately added on that he had brought over a movie for them to watch if Atobe could provide the snacks and his home entertainment room for the night.

Tezuka had even been pleasantly surprised when they had settled down in to the entertainment room, and Oshitari had pulled out a dvd with completely clothed people on the cover. Though that was before Tezuka realised he was watching a movie about two gay cowboys. He blinked at Oshitari as he explained the basic plot and that he decided English would be alright since they were all proficient enough to understand the minimal dialogue. Tezuka shot Atobe a questioning look and his blonde lover only shrugged.

With a sigh of resignation, Tezuka uncharacteristically slumped against the back of the couch and took a sip of his juice. Just because the premise sounded a bit sketchy did not mean that the movie would be bad. Actually, he was sure he had even read many good things about the movie. He did have to remember that even if Oshitari was the most sexually outgoing of the three of them, he was also the biggest romantic sap.

Near the end of the movie it looked like Oshitari was liable to break in to tears at any moment while Atobe looked slightly comatose and was leaning against Tezuka's left shoulder lightly. He knew that Atobe still felt guilt towards an injury that was really not his fault at all. Looking over at Atobe's hands that lightly held a half filled cup, Tezuka was sure his lover had been paying more attention to his drinks and snacks than the movie for the last hour. Tezuka had to admit that the movie was a bit dry, but it wasn't bad. When the credits rolled he even found himself a bit teary eyed, though he subtly wiped his eyes before either of his lover's could comment.

Beside him Atobe was stretching and trying to make his brain wake up again, on the other side, Oshitari was switching dvds. "The next movie better have more action." Atobe said around a yawn, and for some reason Tezuka felt immediate dread that he couldn't properly explain.

"Action?" Came the purring kansai accented voice of their blue haired lover as he looked at the movies he had brought and opened one up. The cover was well hidden and the sense of foreboding only increased for Tezuka. "I believe this one will have more than enough action for you." And with that he hit play.

Tezuka wrapped his arm around Atobe as the dramatic tennis player rested against him again. Oshitari looked over at them briefly before focusing back on the screen, while his fingers brushed against Tezuka's right hand the genius made no indication of moving closer.

It wasn't that odd though, as Tezuka had found out that Oshitari really enjoyed his movies and tended to not like being distracted from them. Atobe had tried once and while Oshitari had let Atobe distract him, he had pouted about missing an integral part of the movie for a whole week until Atobe had relented and agreed to rewatch the whole movie with him and this time without distracting him. Tezuka was thankful that he had been absent from both those viewings as Atobe droned on about the boring and overly sentimental parts of the movie and how Oshitari should have appreciated Atobe's skills more instead of complaining. He had then gone on to demonstrate said skills, and Tezuka had agreed they were very breathtaking, though it made him curious to see what type of movie was better than that.

That had led to Tezuka witnessing first hand how absorbed Oshitari could become in to a movie that he had apparently watched enough times to mouth along to his favourite lines. The movie was a bit boring but there were a few scenes of tennis and the ending had him thinking. He and Oshitari had even engaged in a light debate about the merits of the movie. And shortly after was rewarded by Oshitari for being such an enjoyable movie watching companion. Something he was sure Atobe had not gotten.

But as the introduction to the 'action' filled movie started playing, Tezuka decided that there would be no debate about merits afterwards. He also felt that Atobe would not be complaining about how boring this movie was. Though Tezuka highly suspected that none of them would make it to the end of it. Not even Oshitari. But judging by the smile the genius was wearing – one way too similar to the smile a certain Seigaku genius wore – Oshitari was actually betting on being distracted from the film.

Tezuka was staring in slight shock at the screen. He never would have thought that someone would actually make a porno version of the movie they had just watched, and he was about to be shocked that Oshitari would procure such a thing, but he admittedly was no longer surprised when Oshitari produced such things.

He looked over at Atobe, who was staring at the screen, eyes slightly wide. Tezuka hoped that his blonde lover would put a stop to this.

"I definitely approve of this version more." Atobe said, looking past Tezuka to give Oshitari an approving nod. Tezuka mentally beat his head against a wall for ever thinking Atobe would be a voice of reason when it came to anything sexual. And no, he was not blushing.

"I think it might be a bit too much for our dear Seigaku companion though." Oshitari purred, his fingers massaging the inside of Tezuka's wrist and making it much more difficult to concentrate on what was going on around him. Though as loud moaning and slapping sounds came from the tv he doubted he wanted to be able to focus on that.

"It's not too much." He said, before Atobe could think of something more damning to say. "I just find pornography to be very coarse." He explained hoping that they would just shut off the tv. He'd be much more willing to engage in x-rated materials than to watch them.

"Really?" Atobe questioned, pressing closer to Tezuka and whispering in to his ear, "I find it quite arousing. Just watch the screen Kunimitsu. I assure you the floor won't do anything exciting once you look away." Atobe continued to coax him and eventually Tezuka focused back in on the screen, his face reddening again as the camera angle shifted to an interesting view.

Oshitari trailed his fingers up his arm and down his chest pressing closer to his other side. "Just watch and picture us doing that, doing that with you, to you, or in front of you."

Tezuka blinked as the words washed over him. Put that way it was a bit interesting but still, "I'd rather be doing it than thinking about it." He had more than enough time to think about it when they were apart. Something that happened quite a bit since he didn't even attend the same school his two other lovers did.

"He does make a point." Atobe said, writhing lightly on the seat beside Tezuka before reaching down to adjust himself. "Why watch when we can do." And with that he straddled Tezuka's lap and drew Oshitari in to a kiss.

Tezuka thought that they should really turn off the movie, but soon enough they were adding their own sound affects to the show, and Tezuka couldn't be bothered to think at all. Really, movie night hadn't been such a bad idea, but next time he was picking the movies and he'd pick something in German just to spite the genius who couldn't speak more than a word of it.