Notes: Happy Birthday, Tracy! She requested Atobe/Oshitari and I felt inspired to write a date night series ficlet. Tezuka is off in Germany but the date nights must go on. It's been a long time since I've written a date night fic so I hope the tone matches up with the stories that came before. Enjoy!

"You can't be serious," Yuushi said as he stared at Atobe. He had heard some crazy things in his time but really, this one was taking top place. "He really wants us to do that?"

"So it would seem," Atobe said. He held out the latest iPhone to Yuushi so he could read the email from Tezuka.

Yuushi, not quite convinced, took the phone from Atobe and read it over several times before peering at the email address it originated from. It was the same one he had to reach Tezuka and it didn't look to be tampered with. As Atobe didn't seem overly thrilled about the prospect of this activity either, Yuushi supposed it would seem odd for Atobe to forge an email of this like.

He handed it back over to Atobe who gave him a look. "Satisfied now?" Atobe asked.

"Quite. But you know, if we just tell him that we went, he'll have no way of knowing…" Yuushi started and then frowned as Atobe pointed out a line of the email.

Apparently Tezuka was expecting pictures. He couldn't really blame Tezuka for wanting pictures of them in compromising positions and odd outfits. Or for not trusting them to actually have gone and done it without the demand for evidence. Still, he just wished that Tezuka hadn't thought to ask.

"Alright… then where shall we do this?" Yuushi knew that Atobe's mansion held many things suited for numerous types of pastimes and hobbies but he was sure even the mansion would come up short this time.

"A couple of the family gyms should have what we need," Atobe said. He then picked up another one of his phones and dialled. "Michael, I need some facilities rented out for mine and Yuushi's personal use." There was a pause and Yuushi assumed that Atobe's poor butler was asking something. "Yes. We'll need some staff as neither of us are quite adept at rock climbing. Yes… thank you." Atobe hung up and looked over at Yuushi. "My butler is taking care of things for us."

"Joy." Yuushi didn't have as much enthusiasm for their upcoming date night as he usually did. They were missing Tezuka and he was being forced to endure strenuous manual labour as a harness dug awkwardly into his manly bits.

"Come. Let's go see what I have in my closet suitable for rock climbing," Atobe said. And Yuushi knew that if they didn't find anything that Atobe approved of then they'd be hitting up some specialty sporting boutique before going over to the gym. Just because Atobe didn't want to do something didn't mean he would do it in anything less than the perfect style.


"Do you think he's doing this so that he can drag us mountain climbing with him next time?" Yuushi asked as a member of the gym staff helped him strap into his harness. He could already tell this was going to be ridiculously uncomfortable.

Atobe paused and considered for a moment. "It's possible. But while I enjoy nature and hiking I'm not sure how I feel about scaling mountains and large rock faces. So I think together we could talk him into something less strenuous," Atobe said.

"Which will probably still involve camping," Yuushi grumped. He was not a fan of nature when he had to be stuck in the middle of it away from any and all modern conveniences.

"You enjoy our camping," Atobe said with a smirk.

Yuushi would have reminded him that he only enjoyed the parts of camping that had them all naked and not fishing but he knew that Tezuka wouldn't like such things aired in front of the gym staff, even if Atobe wouldn't be overly concerned by it.

"I think you'll recall that I only enjoyed parts of it," Yuushi said instead.

Atobe just shrugged, clearly not bothered by Yuushi's moments of suffering in the wilds of Japan and various other countries he knew his two lovers would drag him to if given the chance to camp there.

When the staff member was satisfied that Yuushi was firmly and properly strapped into his harness he then clipped him onto all of the proper lines. Yuushi looked up at the ridiculously tall wall in front of him. It had plenty of hand and foot holds and the portion in front of him was not the one with all the sharp angles and challenges but it still wasn't something Yuushi looked forward to scaling.

"Should we take a picture before we start?" Yuushi asked. He was sure that Tezuka wouldn't mind a quick email and picture from his two partners and it would also serve of proof that they did indeed suffer through his date suggestion.

"Yes, that would be wise," Atobe said and then strode over to his bag and considered his phones before pulling out the latest iPhone. He passed it over to the staff member that had been strapping him in and moved beside Yuushi. "Remember to look happy," Atobe pointed out.

Yuushi forced his look of long suffering into one of a pleased smile. He was sure Tezuka would see through it but Yuushi hoped he would appreciate the charade. Yuushi looked over at Atobe and as expected he was doing a much better job of posing happily. Though he was much more of a showman than Yuushi who was better at sticking to the poker face through it all.

After a few pictures were taken, Atobe took back his phone and started writing an email. "I'll tell him that we are about to embark on his date instructions and that he should be awed by our climbing prowess."

Yuushi chuckled at that. He suspected that Tezuka would be many things by the pictures and email but amazed at their climbing skills would not be any of them. "Of course," Yuushi said diplomatically. He wondered if Atobe would have some video them as they climbed the wall. If they failed, he supposed Atobe could get someone to edit it so it looked less dreadful.

"We'll have them take pictures as we climb, too," Atobe said. Clearly he had heard the doubt in Yuushi's voice. Atobe passed the phone back over to a staff member with strict instructions to take numerous photos and to try and be as flattering as possible to Yuushi's ineptitude.

Yuushi rather thought he should be saying that about himself as he didn't think Atobe had a vast amount of untapped hidden climbing skills up his repertoire. But he supposed with a numerous amount of pictures taken, they could artfully select the best.

"Ready?" Yuushi asked as he looked over at Atobe.

"Perfectly. Now do try not to pull anything. I don't want to listen to you moan about pain for rest of the night," Atobe said. And there was something about the way he phrased the last part that made Yuushi feel that moans of pleasure would be more than acceptable instead.

"Yes, yes," Yuushi said dutifully. He then felt a bit more motivated about this adventure as Atobe started up the wall ahead of him. He leaned over to the left and looked up as Atobe's ass was on fine display above him, nicely framed by the climbing harness.

Atobe, always one to notice eyes on him, looked down at him, "Are you coming?"

"Not quite yet," Yuushi said in a drawl that left no doubt to the innuendo.

Atobe just rolled his beautiful blue eyes and then focused back on the wall. He seemed to be looking for a good hand hold and tried a few before he pulled himself up further.

Deciding that he would never hear the end of it if he didn't actually climb, Yuushi moved to his section of the wall and started working his way up. Between admiring glimpses of Atobe's rear end above him and searching for where the best hand and footholds might be, Yuushi pondered what to pick for his next date.

By the time he reached the top, sweaty, tired and a little aroused, he had a devilish smirk on his face.

Atobe didn't even bother asking him what it was about, once they had a picture capturing their triumph, Yuushi was pushed from the top by a laughing Atobe who jumped down after him. "I don't want to know. That way when you subject whatever torture you are considering onto Tezuka and myself I can claim ignorance and garner his sympathy and we can team up against you."

Yuushi, after he recovered from the surprisingly sudden and fast fall - though he did give the gym staff credit for tightening his safety line in time, even if the sudden stop was uncomfortable for his groin - gave a huff at Atobe's direction. "Fine. You may stay in the dark and miss out on the chance to team up with me against Tezuka," Yuushi drawled, waiting to see if Atobe took the bait.

From the raise of Atobe's eyebrow and the look he was getting he knew Atobe was considering it but he just turned back with a shake of his head and moved to get unhooked from the climbing gear.

"No. I think I'll pass on your evil plotting and just go and enjoy the second part of our date," Atobe said. Now that he was unharnessed, he was doing some stretches that Yuushi was sure shouldn't have piqued his interest as much as they did.

"And why was there no mention of this second part in the email you showed me?" Yuushi asked.

"Because it came in reply to the email we sent earlier." Atobe held up his reclaimed phone to Yuushi.

He smiled as he read it. Well, perhaps he could forgive Tezuka this one date night then. Even if Tezuka himself wasn't here to massage their tired limbs in person, booking them appointments with Atobe's favourite masseuse was really the next best thing. Though he'd have plenty of time to reconsider his plans while he and Atobe were getting worked on and he was sure he could come up with something suitable. Even if Tezuka was still stuck on the other side of the world for it. What else were web cameras for?