Chapter One

"WAKE UP,'' Logan yelled,''Your going to be late for school.''

Many kids ran out of their rooms. They all went down to the kitchen for some breakfest.

"I haven't finished my homework,'' Evan moaned, as he sat down.

"At least you go some done,'' Kurt said, sitting next to Evan,''I haven't even started.''

Everyone else sat down, looking tired. They had a mission yesterday, it didn't go to well. Storm and Bobby ended up in the infirmary. Charles wheeled his way into the kitchen, looking a little disapointed. They were supposed to try and help the mutant boy. It went fine for awhile until the Brotherhood showed up. Now the boy was on their side.

"Proffessor, do we like, have to go to school?" Kitty asked.

"Yes, you can't miss another day,'' Charles said,''You've missed too many days already.''

After breakfest Kitty, Evan, Kurt, Gambit, and Rogue got into the van. Jean and Scott always drove to school, in Scott's car. Logan always drove the van to school, all though he had better things to do, Charles made him do it. Said he needed to get to know the kids better.

"Gambit t'ink t'is is going to be a bad day,'' Gambit said.

"It will be for you, Swamp Rat,'' Rogue muttered.

"We don't need a fight right now,'' Logan snarled.

They were guiet the rest of the trip. As soon as they got to school, they went their seperate ways. Kitty went to find Lance, Evan started skate boarding around, Rogue was yelling at Gambit, and Kurt went to his locker. Logan watched them, shacking his head, before leaving. He didn't know that a girl was watching him, with a grin on her face. The girl wore black tight pants, with a black tight shirt, with a black leather coat. The girl also had black hair, that nearly went all the way down her back. It was in a ponytail. She had light blue eyes. The only person who noticed was Evan. He stared at her awhile, before deciding to go talk to her. He skate boarded over to her.

"Hi, are you new here?" Evan asked.

She looked at him with her light blue eyes, before saying,''Hi, yes I am new.''

"I'm Evan,'' Evan put his hand out.

"Kathy Black,'' Kathy took his hand, with a smile,''Your a skate boarder?"

"Oh...Ya, I'm very good at most stunts,'' Evan grinned.

"I skate board too,'' Kathy said,''I left my skate board at home though.''

"Cool, maybe we can go skate boarding tommorrow, I could show you around,'' Evan was trying not to blush.

"No, thanks,'' Kathy looked at her watch,"I have to pick up my class scedule in the office, bye.''

"Bye,'' Evan watched her enter the school.'She seems nice,' Evan thought,'I forgot to ask her why she was looking at Logan, I'll ask her at lunch.' Evan went back to skate boarding around.

As Kathy walked into the school.'I can't believe I just lied to that boy,' Kathy thought. Kathy saw a boy having trouble with his locker.

'I should go help him. Class don't start for another ten minutes.'

"Hi, do you need some help?" Kathy asked.

The boy looked at her. He stared at her for awhile before saying,''Ja.''

Kathy worked on the locker for a minute, before it opened.

"Danke for your help, I'm Kurt Vagner,'' Kurt put out his hand, which Kathy took.

"Kathy Black,'' Kathy smiled.'People are so nice around here,' she thought.

'She has beautiful eyes,' Kurt thought. "So vhat class do you have first?"

" sec,'' Kathy pulled out her scedule,''I have art.''

"Me too, do you vant to sit by me?" Kurt blushed, but you couldn't see it though.

"Ja, Danke,'' Kathy said.

"You know German?" Kurt asked, surprized.

'I know some German, I learned it in my other school. I've also been to German.''

"Cool,'' Kurt whispered,'' Ve better get to class.''

They talked all the way to arts class. Class didn't start for another five minutes. They sat in the back row, after Kathy talked to the teacher. One minute later four boys came in. One with greenish skin, another with white hair, another one who was taller then the others, and another with black spiked hair that had red tips.

"Yo, fuzzy,'' The boy with greenish skin said.

"Shut up, Toad,'' Kurt muttered.

"You can't make him,'' The boy with black spiked hair said, then looked at Kathy.'' Kathy.''

"Hey Steve,'' Kathy said.

"You know her?" Todd asked.

"Ya,'' Steve said.

"He is an idiot,'' Kathy said,'' Who I hope dies and who the hell are you guys?"

"Yo, I'm Todd, this is Pietro, andLance,'' Todd pointed then all out.

"There idiots,'' Kurt muttered.

"What did you say?" Pietro demanded.

"You heard me,'' Kurt smirked.

"You're going to regret that,'' Lance snarled.

"Yo, we'll get you for...OW,'' Todd rubbed his head.

"Sorry, didn't mean to hit you, yoyo,'' Kathy grinned.

"Yoyo?" Lance asked.

"Ja, he says yo with everything he says, so I'll call him, Yoyo,'' Kathy said.

"Why you little...'' Todd never finished, the bell rang.

They went to their seats.

"They seem nice,'' Kathy muttered.

"There my enemy, and my friends enemys too,'' Kurt sighed.

Class bagan by the teacher saying they had two new students. Then they began to draw what they wanted. Kathy had Math, English, History, and Biology with Kurt. It was lunch and Kathy decided to sit by Kurt and his friends.

"Hi guys, this is Kathy,'' Kurt said sitting down, Kathy sat down next to him.

"Hi, I'm Jean, this is Scott, Rogue, Remy, and Kitty,'' Jean pointed them out.

"That is a nice outfit, where did you get it?" Rogue asked.

"In Canada,'' Kathy said.

"Wow,'' Rogue said.

"Hey, where is Evan?" Kurt asked.

"Right here,'' Evan sat down next to Kathy,''Hi Kathy.''

"Hi Evan,'' Kathy said.

"You know each other?" Scott asked.

"Ya, I met her outside, before school,'' Evan said.