Trapped In Between Two Worlds

Chapter 1

The Weird Dream

Harry was frying some eggs and bacon for Dudley as a midnight snack. Harry hated to do this. But if he didn't do this, Dudley would beat him up. "Are you almost done yet? Dudley asked.

"Not unless you want watery eggs, "Harry joked.

"Very funny," Dudley sneered, "I'm hungry, so hurry up."

"You're always hungry."

Harry put the bacon and eggs on a plate and gave it to Dudley who sat at the table. Harry walked into his room and sat on his bed. He thought of his friends. He thought of Hogwarts. He missed it all. The Dursley's treated him like crap this past summer. Yelling at him and beating him every possible second.

Harry thought what may be in store for him this year. Suddenly Hedwig flew in carrying a letter from Ron. He knew it was from Ron, because there was food stains on it. Harry opened it up and read it out loud.

"Dear Harry,

How are you mate? Mum has been yelling at me, because I eat too much. Do you think I eat too much? I don't. I'm hungry so I eat. I think Hermione has a crush on you. She is so nervous and she misses you like hell. She knows you lie in the letters about how the Dursley's treat you. I think you should hex them and turn them into frogs. See you soon mate.

Your friend,


Harry folded up the letter and put it in a cardboard box under his bed. He kept all of his letters there. He chuckled when he heard Uncle Vernon snore loudly. Harry laid in bed and slowly fell asleep.

Harry dreamt that he was with his friends in a huge room. They were telling jokes and laughing at all of them; even the stupid ones. Suddenly Ron stood up and started yelling at Harry. He grew angry and was shaking his fist in Harry's face. He stormed away from Harry.

Hermione and Ginny shook their heads sadly. "I'm surprised you said that," Ginny said.

Hermione and Ginny got up and followed Ron through the door closest to them. Harry sat on the floor stricken in awe, not sure what to do. Harry stood up and followed his friends. But when Harry opened the door where they just entered, Harry couldn't see them. All he saw was a long hall. The lights were dimly lit and it was kind of spooky.

Harry walked a couple steps and saw a shadow on the wall in front of him. He ran to where the shadow was, but he couldn't find anything. Harry than felt himself running through the halls looking for his friends, but he was unable to find them. Harry started screaming, but he couldn't understand what he was screaming. Harry heard someone crying. He then realized it was Cho Chang.

He ran up a flight of stairs and saw her next to Cedric's dead body. When Cho Chang saw him, she got up angry. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" Cho screamed.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked.


"I was."

"Then why'd you kill him."

"I didn't."

"Don't lie. Everyone saw you holding his body."

Suddenly Hermione said, "I thought you were a nice guy. In fact I loved you. But you did this."

"I didn't do this. Vol.."

Cho slapped Harry across the face. "I hate you. I really do!" Cho said.

Harry woke up breathing heavily. He wondered what this dream would mean. He'd tell Hermione about it, as soon as he would see her. He hoped it didn't mean anything. But it was usually was bad.

Uncle Vernon opened the door and yelled at him to come to him. Harry stood up and dizzily walked to his Uncle. He suddenly vomited on his Uncle.