Chapter 25


1 week after the final battle

Harry and Kristy walked into the wizard cemetery and walked up to Hermione's burial site. He stared at it and let his tears fall freely down his face. Kristy stood next to Harry not saying a word.

Harry set a few text books and a bouquet of flowers by the stone. "I miss you so much," Harry said, "Life is so different without Ron, Ginny, and you around. I even miss those arguments you would have with Ron. Voldemort is dead, for now that is. I don't think he'll come back, but he might find some bullshit way to come back. Dumbledore has found a way to bring you back as a ghost, but I didn't want that. I told him it would be too hard to have two girls I really love around. Especially since I plan on asking Kristy to marry me in the near future."

Harry turned around and saw Fred and George walking up to him. They gave each other hugs. "Just visiting our little bro and sis," Fred said with a faint smile.

'I'm so sorry," Kristy said.

"I'm just happy that bastard Voldemort is dead," George said.

Fred and George placed flowers on their sibling's grave site and turned to leave. "Mum is going to kill us if we're out too long," Fred said, "She said we'd miss lunch and I am sure as hell not going to miss that."

"Mum has been cooking up a storm since Ron and Ginny's death. I guess it calms her nerves. She does the muggle way, though," George said, "You should come over and eat with us, we all would like it."

"Okay," Harry said, "I've been in my house all week long mourning. It would be nice to get out and see some friendly faces."

Fred, George, Harry, and Kristy all walked out of the cemetery. They walked back to the Weasley house for lunch.

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