Summary: It's just Martin and Ruthie FLUFF!


Dear Diary,

This is Ruthie Camden. I'm fifteen years old and I'm absolutely in love with Martin Brewer! But I can't tell him cause I don't know if he loves me too. Just about ready to head off to school. Bye!


Ruthie shook her dark auburn hair, set down her diary and went down stairs cause Martin was calling her. "RUTHIE,RUTHIE, What have you been doing up there?" shouted Martin.

"Well I was upstairs of course finishing my hair!" Ruthie shouted back. He loved her for her stubbornness. He loved to get her mad cause he thought she looked so cute! "Well you better hurray up or were going to be late for school." Replied Martin. "Alright,alright I'm ready let's just go." Ruthie sighed. She was still tired she stayed up late reading so she was REALLY cranky!

"Fine let's go." Martin said smiling. While they were walking Ruthie yelled upstairs to her parents. "Mom, Dad were leaving ok bye." Ruthie shouted. "Ok bye honey!" yelled her mother, Annie.

When they finally got to school Martin said he'd meet her back here at 2:40 cause that's when school ends. She said all right and stomped off cause she was still mad at him. Normally, she doesn't take their petty arguments seriously by today she was tired and CRANKY! "She is SSSSOOOO HOT!" Martin said to himself smiling while checking her out.

"So how is Romeo?" greeted her friend Casey. "SHUT UP CASEY he could hear you ! blushed Ruthie. " And he's fine." Ruthie said smiling. "What I didn't say his name!" replied Casey. "Not the point he could still hear you and then ask me who it is and I can't lie to those beautiful blue eyes!" said Ruthie. " I think I'm going to puke!" joked Casey. Ruthie laughed and then Casey laughed. "How's Juliet this morning?" teased Mac. "MAC WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING SHE COULD HEAR YOU!" shouted Martin while moving his head around to see if she was there. "Testy aren't we this morning." replied Mac. "She looked SSSOOO HOT TODAY!" replied Martin smiling. " Then just tell her already you IDIOT!" mocked Mac. "You know I can't she probably doesn't even like me more then a brother what makes you think she'll say if I tell her she's HOT!" said Martin. Sorry guys that's chapter one I'll try and update soon! Please Read and Review!