Title: Scarred

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairing: Ed/Roy

Warnings: Shounen ai, angst, spoilers for end of series.

Disclaimer: Don't own it sigh

Summary: Roy is reluctant to allow his lover to see his scars.

"You can take it off you know."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Roy stiffened, one hand coming up to rest against the patch. Ed ran one hand down the line of Roy's back, gratified when Roy leaned back into the touch slightly.

"You leave it on all the time," he said softly. "Doesn't it itch?"

"I can't feel anything," Roy replied, turning slightly to give Ed a tight smile. "I don't mind."

He turned away, but Ed rested his hand against Roy's cheek and coaxed him round. "You do mind. I can see it. What about your skin? It covers more than just your eye."

Roy laughed hollowly and pulled away from Ed's touch. "I told you, I can't feel anything. It wasn't... it isn't just my eye." He moved up the bed and lay down, tugging the covers around himself.

Ed sighed and slipped beneath the covers himself. He wrapped one arm around Roy's body and rolled him over so they were facing. Hesitantly, Ed brushed his fingers across the eyepatch. "I don't mind."

Roy made a pained sound and closed his other eye, trying to block out Ed's words. But he didn't protest when Ed's fingers started to undo the knot that held the patch in place. "You saw me when I had lost my arm and leg," Ed continued, voice low and soothing. "A tiny maimed child, but you weren't disgusted. Why do you think I would be?"

Finally the patch was removed and Roy held his breath, waiting for Ed to make some noise of revulsion and to move away.

Ed stared for a long moment, taking in the vision of the deep scars etched across the left side of Roy's face. Most of the skin was ruined and his cheek was pitted with deep gouges. The eye itself was completely gone, leaving only an empty socket. The scarring continued across Roy's forehead, almost up to the hairline.

He could feel the tremor of fear that ran through Roy's body and smiled softly. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his lover's forehead, letting his lips linger. "Silly," he mumbled and let his fingers trace along the scars, brushing the edges where sensation could still be felt so that Roy knew what he was doing. "You're so silly."

His fingers brushed across Roy's lips and he could feel the beginnings of a smile.