"Get up," he hissed.

"Never," I cried pulling the covers over my eyes. He nudged me again and I grumbled bitterly. "Ten more minutes!"

"You said that fifteen minutes ago!" Snape cried wrenching the blanket off of me. I shielded my eyes in horror and continued to moan and thrash around dramatically. "Very funny. Get up, get dressed, and let's go." He walked out of the room and into the baby's room where the sudden whimpering stopped.

Alright so I'll get up, I guess. I don't want to, I am so sleepy, but I will. It is my girls first Christmas and I don't want them to miss anything. Granted they are only nine months and I highly doubt they realize what day it is exactly. I don't mind though.

"I'm up," I called and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was flossing Snape walked in carrying both girls, one in each arm. He seemed to master the art of doing everything with your feet. Picking things up, opening doors, getting someone's attention.

"You're up," Snape commented.

"Good eye Cappie," I remarked sarcastically.

"Huh?" Snape asked turning to me with that same amused expression he always wears.

"Cappie…You know, Captain Obvious…Never mind," I said shrugging feebly as he shook his head and went about kicking the laundry onto the bed.

Lorelai reached out to me and I took her into my arms as Snape easily bent down with only one baby burdening him down. As he picked up his socks he gently rocked Isabelle back and forth gently so she didn't begin to cry every time he bent down. If someone was holding onto me and kept leaning over so I nearly fell out of their arms, I would totally be screaming. No one like their head smacking into the ground, well I'm sure someone out there does, but no one in this house.

"What time do they get here?" I asked lightly as I dressed Lorelai who was chewing on her chubby little fist as though it were a lollie.

"One," Snape said shifting Isabelle 'Ellie'. I nodded once and replaced Lorelai's jumper with a red velvet dress with tiny little Christmas trees on them. "She's got my nose again," Snape muttered trying to loosen Ellie's vice grip as she held onto his nose.

I giggled and picked her up so that she was reaching innocently into air as though searching for the toy that had held her attention for those choice moments. She smiled at Snape, her big brown eye watching him, waiting for him to walk back into grabbing distance.

Each of the girls had his thick, black hair that covered their heads in small black curls. However they seemed to inherit my big brown eyes that sparkled whenever they were happy or excited. Which for a baby I don't know how many times a day those emotions pass through them, but sometimes I think I see it. I wouldn't know though, I am not a doctor, just a mother with a good instinct.

Oh I also totally began my new job at the Ministry. They seemed to readily want to give me one after everything that had happened to me, also because my genius-ness seemed to sky-rocket over the year. Which I must say is amazing. I got smarter just by living with Snape, I think it was all the potions I was researching so if worse came to worse I was planning on shoving down his throat. Sadly I started falling in love with him, then badda boom…instant Hermione Snape. Kind of like what happened between my parents. Only my mother wasn't forced into marriage by her evil potions master. She fell in love and readily married my father after seven years of friendship as children. Which is somewhat similar to me and Snape, only then it isn't. No matter really, we're married and happy and I have two amazing babies to account for.

"What are you doing?" Snape asked suddenly struggling with Lorelai who seemed to be looking for a chance to escape. "Are you staring into space?"

"Yes," I said and smiled at him. He rolled his eyes and took Lorelai 'Rory' out of the room into her playpen where she picked up her stuffed hippo and began chewing thoughtfully onto the ear. He attempted to tug it out of her mouth only to meet it slapped against his face instead.

"She takes after you, you know," he snapped as he passed me. I just smiled knowingly, of course she did. They both did, they were smart and snarky, quiet and sneaky, gorgeous and full of life. They were both of us. I could tell Isabelle was going to be the more Snape-like of the twins, just because she always fights back. If I attempt to wash her, she scoops a handful of water into my face. Then she giggles about it, making Lorelai giggle along with her and soon the room is filled with that chubby laughter.

"What time is it?" I called to Snape.

"I don't know. What time is it?" he asked.

I paused completely at a loss for words. "I don't know that's why I'm asking you!"

"Alright…What time do you think it is?" he asked again. I stood there and just tried to suppress my anger which was always close to the surface.

"Never mind," I snarled. As I walked over to the playpen and dumped Ellie in, I glanced at the clock. Nine in the morning, amazing time for my present to Snape.

So we haven't really had sex, but what married couple does? Besides Mrs. Weasley who seemed to go at it every year and six months. But once again those thoughts should stay shut up in a tiny box with a padlock and many spells which I will forget.

Right now all that is about to change because for one of my two gifts for Snape, I am going to have sex with him. Bloody brilliant huh? Majorly cliché, but I think he may want sex more than the set of books I saw him lusting over in Diagon Alley. I would totally want sex more then books, which is truly saying something. Mind you I have only had sex twice, but both times have had amazing things happen afterwards, well mostly during. Of course last time I ended up getting pregnant and married…Eh.

"Have you seen my-?" Snape trailed off as I walked into the room with a sexy smirk. I judged all my smiles before hand so that I could see what made me look luscious and what made me look ill. "What's up?"

"Well, hopefully, in a few minutes you," I purred making my way over to him. He continued to stare at me as though I was crazy, once again I am no need to point it out.

"Are you alright?" Snape asked cautiously as I came close enough to reach right out and pull his nose. I didn't though because for his daughter it is funny and sweet, for his wife it's annoying and possibly an insult.

"I'm fine," I crooned leaning over and planting a small kiss on his cheek, just below his earlobe. I felt him gulp and glance nervously at the door.

"Hermione-" he began but I had pushed him into the desk roughly and kissed him firmly on the lips. He opened his mouth eagerly to accept my tongue as it snaked it's way in carefully. My hands slid all the way down his body as he let out a faint moan and placed his hands on my shoulders.

With a small wave of his hand the door flew shut and I crawled onto the bed suggestively. He quickly knocked my flat on my back, turned me over, and continued his kissing.

Soon came the fondling, then the rubbing, then the sex. Once it was over I just lay there against him wondering what my life would be like if I hadn't been kidnapped. Obviously I would still be single and possibly still a virgin. I wouldn't have my daughters, who I couldn't imagine my life without, and Snape. As funny as it sounds, Snape has been a constant in my life that I was never given. I always knew my father was there, but he was so awkward that he didn't really comfort me. I was always expecting Harry to go off and die and leave me alone, as horrible as it sounds I did. Ron, well, Ron was just Ron. He never really offered any real comfort that was long lasting, sure I would be cheered up for the moment, but the second I was laying in my room thinking, it would deflate.

Snape however stuck in there with me long after he could have very well given me back to the Order. He trusted me and told me things that I am pretty sure he has never told anyone else, and despite myself I love him for it. Sure sometimes I want to shove his head into a blender or take out my wand and blast his balls off, but I love him. No matter what he does he will always be the father of my children, the man in my life, possibly the love of my life. He made me live a life I would never really have had he not kidnapped and lied to me for months. I've heard of relationships starting with worse…not many but a few.

He must have always loved me…Or that is what I like to tell myself when these thoughts start coming into my mind. I mean why would Snape, a man who has so profusely announced his hate for me, accept me into his home for half a year if there wasn't some sort of romantic love? I was on my most annoying and he didn't kill me, which I was sure would have happened. I mean hearing about what I did, Ginny winced at all the right moments and giggled correctly. Sure I am still mad at the entire Order, and sometimes Snape and my parents, but I think about what I have, and what I wouldn't have, and it's just better this way. Sure I don't like the fact that I was tricked into thinking I was going to die, no ones does! But even if I was just staying with Snape, or in close quarters with him for a while, I would have fallen in love with him. I think some part of me always was and because he was so close for so long didn't help it.

"Do you think they heard us?" Snape asked suddenly and I turned to him smirking. He continued to look at the doors with his concentration.

"The babies? I don't think so," I said laughing slightly. "You aren't reading their mind are you?" I asked quizzically and he scowled.

"No," he snapped and began to trace a line from my arm to my stomach. "I was just wondering if we could do that again…"

"I think we might," I said casually and kissed his cheek. "I might need some talking into."

"You are a stubborn bitch," Snape growled into my ear.

"Once again, with words like that I can't help fall in love with you all over again," I remarked sarcastically. He just kissed me again and I rubbed his cheek.

"Good," he muttered heavily and I giggled.

Twenty minutes later I was stepping out of the shower as Snape played with the girls on the bed. Something deep inside of me told me that no matter what had or should have happened, I wouldn't be happier here. How could I be?

Before I was a cold, stuck up, frigid bitch. I would have been one of those witches who entire life revolves around the Ministry and the work she does there. I wouldn't have gotten married, any boyfriends I did manage to obtain I would probably chase away because of my attitude. Oh mother of Miranda! I would have been Dolores Umbridge…

"Snape?" I called and he looked up as Ellie successfully latched onto his nose.

"Ya?" he asked smiling at me.

"I love you," I said quickly.

He watched me for a moment and then nodded once and went back to playing. That was all I needed.

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