The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

By: Porcelain Prayer


Disclaimer: This story is not making any money. Original characters belong to the wonderful J.K Rowling, I am merely borrowing them for a short amount of time. Also, the lyric's at the beginning of the chapters (and chapter titles) are not of my creation. They were just songs I listened to while I wrote the chapter.

Rating: This story is rated "R" for graphic violence and rape. Chapters will have a warning in beginning, for those sections that will have graphic scenes.

Summary: AU. (Before the Halfblood Prince) The war ties Hermione and Severus together during her 7th year. Severus makes a decision that changes everyone's life forever. I'm very bad at summaries, because I don't want to give too much away. Hope you get what I'm saying.

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YES IT'S TRUE. The Quiet Things is back…again…



Everything always happens for a reason ...

I guess it was never meant to be . ...

But it's just something we have no control over . ...

and that's what destiny is ...


"C'mon 'Mione, you can do it later."

" Yeah Hermione, just leave it for a few hours...take a break.."

" Shut up you two!"

" Fine, but your missing out Ms. I'm-going-crazy-from-studying. C'mon Hermione!" groaned Ron, sitting next to her and putting a hand around her thin waist ( she had lost a lot of weight from lack of eating ( who would waste time eating when it was an extra hour wasted of their nose in a book?) and there was a sort of waif look taking over her body) " It's nearly Christmas! We're all taking a break. It'll be easier when you come back! And you won't hear us complain for 2 whole hourssss..." He placed his hands on her shoulders and gave her a messy massage.

Hermione looked up from The Advanced Book of Spells, Grade 7 ( A Preparation for N.E.W.T.S) and rubbed her eyes. She was tired and hadn't put her book down for the past 3 hours. She could do with a break...

" Fine," She said, giving in. Maybe they were right. Maybe when she came back she'd be able to concentrate a bit more.

Ron gave a big "Whoop!" and Harry smiled and grabbed her cloak from the back of her chair.

" How about a trip into Hogesmede? We haven't been there in a week.." said Ron looking out the window. It was pitch black, but that hadn't stopped them this past month. And Ron needed an excuse to buy Hermione a very late birthday present ( what are you talking about? Of course he didn't forget!) and her and Harry's Christmas presents as well.

" It's nearly 8," said Hermione. He voice sounded weak and very tired; like someone who hadn't slept in days. "Everything's bound to be closed."

Harry frowned. They all needed time away from the castle walls. Away from the books and distractions...

" Hagrid's?" he suggested. Ron looked at Hermione. Hagrid didn't exactly "approve" of their relationship.

" Er.." said Ron, clearly thinking. " Why don't you go and Hermione and I will take a walk along the Forbidden Forest?"

At this point Hermione looked at him.

" I didn't stop studying so I could freeze," she said and reached for her book.

" Accio!"

Hermione looked up, annoyed, at Harry; but saw to her amazement that he didn't hold her book. It was Ron. She gave him a " Mrs. Weasley" look, before trying to snatch her book back. He held it high out of her reach.

" No way! It took us an hour to get this out of your hands! We're going somewhere!" He looked at Harry, almost begging him to think of something.

" Ron..." said Harry slowly. " Didn't you say you found an empty chamber near the western dungeons...?"

" Yeah," said Ron, putting down the book, but giving a side-ways look at Hermione to make sure she hadn't realized this. She was looking at Harry puzzled. If Harry knew about the empty chamber than surely...?

" Why don't you and Hermione hang there while I go visit Hagrid?"

Ron seemed to pick up the looks going around the room. Hermione turned to him, the pink rising in her cheeks.

"... Ronald Weasley..."

Ron looked truly horrified.

" Holy hell..." said Ron getting up slowly. He glanced at Harry who laughed and said jokingly, "RUN MAN-RUN!"

Ron bolted to the corridor just as Hermione- tiredness failing her- pushed back her chair and made at Ron's chair.

Harry laughed as he watched the portrait shut behind them. Hermione didn't really expect Ron to keep their relationship activities secret- did he? Harry had learned about their "first" everything a long, long time ago. They were boys after all.

Laughing, he reached into his bag, grabbing his map and cloak, and made to Hagrid's hut.