Broken Dreams

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Chapter 1

Shattered Memories

"Get your filthy hands off of Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled. Kagome sighed. Why did he get like this every time Kouga came around? It wasn't like she was going to go with him. Although it did make her feel kind of wanted, knowing that Inuyasha got jealous of her giving Kouga attention.

"And what if I don't dog-shit, you gonna swing that rusty sword of yours and do something about it? Besides, I have to come here and make sure you're taking care of my woman," Kouga growled.

"For crying out loud, she ain't your fucking woman!" Inuyasha roared, unsheathing Tetsusaiga

"Don't tell me she's yours, a beautiful woman like Kagome could have far better then you," Kouga laughed.

"Kouga, don't insult Inuyasha like that," Kagome scolded.

"Sorry Kagome," he said immediately. "So have you decided to be my mate yet?"

"Um, well…" Kagome hated when he asked that question.

"Fuck off, wolf!" Inuyasha shouted, swinging Tetsusaiga. Kouga easily evaded the move. "She's ain't yours, she's mine!" Kagome's jaw dropped, and Kouga growled.

"What the hell did you say mutt?" he hissed. "There's no way in hell Kagome's yours!" Kouga dashed at Inuyasha and caught him off guard. He landed a punch to the chest and sent Inuyasha flying. The hanyou hit a tree and fell to his knees.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled, running towards him.

"No, Kagome!" Miroku shouted, holding her back. "You can't, you'll get hurt."

"Listen to the houshi, Kagome," Inuyasha snorted, climbing to his feet. "I can handle this mangy fleabag on my own." Inuyasha jumped and narrowly missed cleaving Kouga in two with Tetsusaiga.

"We can't let them fight like this!" Kagome protested.

"We have to," Sango said solemnly. "Inuyasha called you his, knowing Kouga has laid a claim to you. It's a challenge of mates now." She explained. Kouga aimed a kick at Inuyasha and flung him into the trees. Kagome broke away from Miroku and ran after Kouga as he went looking for Inuyasha.

She came to them fighting at a cliff, Inuyasha and Kouga trading blows, but neither giving in.

"You just don't get it, do you?" Kouga sneered. "Kagome's my woman, she's never been yours. Filthy hanyous like you die, they don't have mates!" Inuyasha snarled and leapt at him, Tetsusaiga above his head.

"She's not yours!" he shouted. Kouga dove and landed a kick to Inuyasha's stomach, sending him back onto the ground. Tetsusaiga spun in the air before landing to stick in the ground behind Kouga. Kouga knelt down and picked up Inuyasha by the neck. He pulled Inuyasha up to his face and sneered.

"She's mine," he whispered. He drew Inuyasha back and slammed his fist into his chin in a fierce uppercut while digging his claws into Inuyasha's neck. Inuyasha flew back, rivers of blood pouring out from the wounds Kouga's claws gouged on his neck. He screamed in pain as he sailed over the edge of the rocks. Kagome gasped and ran to the edge.

"Inuyasha!" she screamed. She tried to watch him as long as she could, but he vanished into the mist below. Kagome felt warm tears run down her cheeks as the man she loved disappeared from her view, and her life, forever.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Kouga!" Kagome cried, sitting up from her sleep. She looked at her companions, and found them all asleep. Kagome breathed a sigh of relief and tried to calm her hammering heart. They weren't awake, nothing tonight, luckily for her. She lay back down and tried to forget that dream. That day had been three years ago, and she dreamed about that day every night. And almost every night she woke up, which usually meant…

A muscular hand slid around her waist, and Kagome tensed as a firm, masculine body pulled her up to its chest. She was wrong. Not everyone was asleep.

"You wake panting, flushed, and cry out my name," Kouga chuckled, kissing her neck. "That must have been one hell of a dream." Kagome gulped as the hand on her waist started to work its way up under her blouse.

"Yeah, I guess," Kagome mumbled.

"I usually find that real life is far more rewarding," Kouga said, licking her neck. Kagome sighed and locked herself away in the precious box of sanity that kept her alive as Kouga's hands worked under her clothes. She barely even felt the pain as Kouga took her to the gentle glow of the dying fire. Not just physical pain, which she could deal with. In the last three years, Kouga's various acts had…stretched her. She didn't hurt after the first month or so. But the pain it caused her head was far worse. She didn't hurt because of what Kouga did, but because of what she did.

Because after three years of being taken, she simply didn't care anymore. She felt nothing for Kouga's acts anymore, she was used to them. The one she was disgusted with wasn't Kouga; it was her.