Broken Dreams

Kagome shifted and yawned against Inuyasha's shoulder. She smiled into his neck.

"Good morning." She whispered. She ran a hand through Inuyasha's hair and yawned again. She pulled her head back and gasped at the pair of shimmering golden eyes peering into hers. She reached up and ran a finger over the lightly tanned, healed face in front of her. "How…?" she whispered. Inuyasha smiled.

"After you fell asleep…I made my wish." The hanyou explained. Kagome barely registered the explanation as he reached up to clasp her hand tightly in his. His 5-fingered hand. Kagome moved her gaze up to the top of his head and felt tears in her eyes as she saw two fuzzy white ears twitch at her. "I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet." Inuyasha said, his grin growing wider. Kagome frowned and went to stand from his arms. That was when she finally realized they weren't under the tree anymore. Kagome stepped back and gaped, eyes wide.

There was a thick layer of dust everywhere. The door wasn't locked, but was closed tightly. A few specks of clean areas could be seen where objects had been moved at one time or another. Kagome struggled for words and picked up a lone picture from the dresser opposite the bed. A picture she hadn't seen in 3 years…

"My room…" Kagome whispered. Tears fell from her eyes and stained the dust covering the picture. She reached down and drew three fingers through the dust, revealing the picture of her and Inuyasha she had convinced him to sit for shortly after Sango joined them. She heard Inuyasha shuffle behind her and felt his arms wrap around her waist.

"I wanted to give you everything you wanted…" Inuyasha whispered. "I couldn't wish for myself Kagome. The jewel would have sensed it was a selfish wish and turned it back on me. But you…god, Kagome, I'd give you everything in this world if I could get it for you." Kagome listened to his words and wiped away her tears. She turned and looked up at him through watery eyes.

"Are we really back?" She asked. Inuyasha nodded, and Kagome threw her arms around him, pulling into a tight embrace. "Thank you…oh god, thank you so much." She whispered, pressing her lips to the hanyou's neck. Inuyasha smiled.

"There was one thing I wished for myself…" He said slowly. "I'm not sure if it worked though…do you wanna go check?" Kagome nodded into his shoulder and hanyou stepped back to the window. He parted the curtains, slid up the window sill and grabbed Kagome in his arms, leaping down the roof and landing in the shrine courtyard below. Kagome looked over the shrine steps at the sprawling Tokyo streets below. She turned her attention back to Inuyasha and gasped as she realized what his part in the wish had been.

She ran past him to the well house and threw open the door. Upon doing so, she dropped to her knees. Before her stood the fully intact Bone Eater's Well. Kagome stared in disbelief and rose to her feet with Inuyasha beside her.

"Does it…does it work?" She asked. Inuyasha exhaled.

"If my wish was granted the way I made it…" He whispered. Kagome turned to the hanyou and wrapped her arms around him, new tears streaming down her face.

"God, Inuyasha…thank you." She whispered. Inuyasha nodded.

"Do you want to see if the well works?" He asked. Kagome shook her head slightly.

"No…just hold me for now." She replied. Inuyasha nodded and wrapped his arms tighter around the miko before him. Kagome looked out across the shrine at the Tokyo skyline as the sun rose above the city, sending a wave of light across the streets below. The past three years of pain and hurt rose into the air and shimmered in the sun before turning to smoke, forgotten. Kagome smiled into the sunrise as her nightmare vanished, her broken dreams repairing themselves and merging into a ray of hope.

Two years of confusion, two years of being lost in the darkness of the void that was his past…all the pain crashed down around him as Inuyasha held Kagome in his arms. For two years, the same face had haunted his memories and dreams…the face of the woman before him. The woman who had freed him in more ways then one. A million pounds of weight lifted off Inuyasha's back as the warmth of the sun washed over the two lovers. Kagome sighed and lay her head on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"I love you Inuyasha…so much." Inuyasha chuckled slightly and kissed Kagome's head.

"I love you too, Kagome."