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Title: Voiceless

Rating: M (for rape and maybe cutting later on)


Disaster strikes Shuichi. Broken once more by the hands of his enemy he finds himself in a worst situation. Will Yuki's love be enough to help him overcome his new battle scars? What would happen if Shuichi lost his voice? (Rape, maybe cutting)


English is not my first language and I don't have a beta for this story. Some characters may be OOC even if it's not on purpose. There is a rape scene that has been mark so that if you wish not to read you can skip it.


"…" talking

'…' thought

#…# Change of Point of view

- Flashback- Flash back

(a/n…) - Author's notes

(nnn) – Stressed words

Chapter 1: Attack of a Madman

# Shuichi #

Things had been wonderful the last few months after Yuki had return from New York. The concert had been successful and they were well on there way in finalizing their latest single called "In the moonlight"

Currently Shuichi was celebrating with Hiro and Suguru in a night club. Even though they had a long day they had managed to finish their single, which for once K-san had accepted right away.

"Hiro!" screamed a genki, drunk, pink hair guy.

"We are...hic…finally done! I can't wait to …hic… tell Yuki."

Hiro was sitting at a table located close to the dance floor. Shuichi could see, between his staggers to get closer to the table, how drunk his friend also was. They had all gone clubbing right after finishing work. This reminded him that he had not told Yuki he was going out.

"I'm going home before my Yuki worries"

Unfortunately Hiro and Suguru, who had just fallen to the floor, did not hear him.

# Hiro #

Once Hiro manage to get the green hair kid of the dirty floor he noticed that something was missing.

"Hey! Where did he go?"

"Who?" mumbled the keyboardist.

"Shuichi no baka, that's who!"

One could see the worry on his face as he got up to look for his friend.

"dunno" Suguru yawn and felt at sleep.

'Damn I can't leave him to look for Shuichi now.'

He sat back down. 'I may be drunk but I'm not stupid…I hope he's fine'

Unfortunately, he did not notice the jacket that had been left behind, which held Shuichi wallet, or the man who left right after the singer had gone out.

# Shuichi #

'How stupid can I be', was all he could think at the moment. He could not find his wallet and could not take a cab because of it. Still, he wanted to get to Yuki so he had left anyways and started to cut through back alleys. He walked for a while thinking about how great things have been for him and Yuki lately. He knew he was closer to Yuki's house but was taking his time since his head was pounding a little. In his state of mind he failed to realize he was being followed until it was too late.

"How lucky am I to find you alone"

He heard this while the guy who had spoken grabbed him by the wrist.

Too dizzy to pull out his had he asked "who..hic.. are ya?"

"Tsk. Tsk. How can you forget an old friend?"

It all clicked in. This was Aizawa which surprised him very much. 'WTF I …I thought he had left' He started to shake and hyperventilate. The last time he had been alone with his man he had been tricked and raped. The mental scars, though not visible, were still there.

"I thought getting you broken like the whore you are would have been enough to destroy you the first time but I was wrong you need something more" The man roughly pulled Shuichi down and kneed him in the stomach. "...Like a good beating before hand" and started to laugh.

For a few seconds all the boy could see were stars. He fell to the ground but still held his eyes frozen, looking directly at Aizawa.

Unexpectedly he asked, "what ha..have I ever done to yo..you?"

The only answer he got was a smirk and these words 'oh just exist', before getting beaten the crap out of. He knew what was happening but not how to stop it. The bastard had broken a few of his ribs and towards the end kicked him so hard in the neck that he had not been able to breath for a minute. He knew it was all in time before he die. The funny thing was that the only regret he had was not being able to see Yuki for one last time.

In between the kicks and punches Aizawa kept saying random things.

"You destroyed my chances and my career, slut!"

Kick, crack, kick, punch, punch, sprain.

"You will die tonight! But not before I have my fun" the evil light in his eyes only enhance his demonic feelings of hatred.

Shuichi had been frozen since he had realized who it was, but now he could not stop the panic induce seizures that came with these words. He could not stand going through that pain again.

Rape Scene (not too graphic but still disturbing. I hate writing these)

Aizawa ripped his shirt off and pulled his pans down. He started to scream when he notice no sound was coming out. 'Oh my Kami-sama!' was all he could think. There was something wrong with his throat. He could not check what, because he was already pin against the ground with 'droopy eyes' in top of him.

Suddenly he felt the other man's erection being shoved into him. The pain was even greater than the last time this had happened to him, for some reason. It could have been the severe beating he had gotten or just the pain in his heart that he could not prevent it once again.

'Oh Kami-sama he's doing this to me again!' Disoriented with that though, he started to look around him to see if he could find something to use has a weapon.

Then he saw it. A brick lying there like it was destine to save him from this and not let Aizawa finish the atrocity of ripping his insides and spilling his seed.

While the man in top of him got through his starting orgasm Shuichi picked up the brick discreetly.


End of Rape Scene (hopefully it was not too graphic)

There was no movement after that. Shuichi's panic was still very much present but his determination to get away was even greater.

He pushed the unconscious man with the little strength he had from in top of him. This caused him to realize the immense pain he was in, because of the broken bones and his back side, but still the adrenaline was running.

He got up on his knees and hands and started to crawl away from the man who had once again managed to hurt him deeply.

He pulled his pans up slowly and tried to get up.

He knew Yuki's house was only a block way from here but started to doubt whether he should go there looking like he did. Now the tears finally came. 'Why! Am a such a bad person to deserve this?'.

Between his sobs and coughs, since it hurt to breath, he noticed something trickling down his chin. He tried to wipe it as he kept limping when he saw it. It was blood.

It was then that things had gone from really really bad to horrifically worst, so he started to drag himself towards Yuki's house. He knew that if he was bleeding internally there was no other option. If he died at least he would be able to see Yuki one last time.

'I hope he can forgive me'

# Yuki #

The last thing he had expected was this. His boyfriend had not had the decency to tell him if he had plans after work. It bothered him not knowing where Shuichi was for some reason.

He had been typing the whole day until it was time for Shuichi to come home. He knew what was coming so he always prepared him self for his genki lover. Even if he denied it, he loved the small things his lover did for him. The hugs from behind, the little bites in his ear, though it could get annoying too.

The time came and went just like that. 'Where the hell is he?'

Three to four hours passed. He was still sitting in the same spot he had been since 7 pm. That's when he heard something. At first he though it was just rain but then he noticed it was consecutive small taps against the front door.

He got up with the intention of being his usual grumpy self even if he was really relived. Still, there was something wrong with this picture. He knew Shuichi had keys and if it was him then he would have enter and greeted Yuki with is usually 'Tadaima Yukiiiiiii!'. 'Who else would dare come so late to my house?'

This got him in a bad mood. This meant that his Shuichi was still missing.

He got to the door and opened it "What the hell do yo.."

There was his Shuichi barely recognizable. Bleeding from places he could not see and through his mouth. Yuki had frozen at this terrifying image in front of him.

He noticed that his lover was trying to speak but he couldn't hear anything. All he could do was see how the blood dripped from his mouth every time he opened it while he mouthed an 'I love you'.

Then suddenly like being kick by a horse Yuki's adrenaline rushed through his veins so fast and in panic he saw has his lover began to fall. He reached out for him and grabbed Shuichi before he hit the floor.

"Shuichi baby what happened!"

But nothing came, just the voiceless drizzle of rain hitting the pavement that began to fall all over Japan.


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