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Title: Voiceless

Rating: M (for rape and maybe cutting later on)


Disaster strikes Shuichi. Broken once more by the hands of his enemy he finds himself in a worst situation. Will Yuki's love be enough to help him overcome his new battle scars? What would happen if Shuichi lost his voice? (Rape, maybe cutting)


English is not my first language and I don't have a beta for this story. Some characters may be OOC even if it's not on purpose. There is a scene of molestation that will take place in the second flashback.


"…" talking

'…' thought

:writing in paper:

#…# Change of Point of view

- Flashback- Flash back

(a/n…) - Author's notes

(nnn) – Stressed words

Chapter 3: The Devil's Threat
# third person omniscent #

Shuichi was awake. Unfortunately that was all that could be said about the singer. The boy had sunk into himself within the first two days after waking up.

Everyone could tell that things were going down hill from there.

The once lively boy, passed his days ignoring everything happening around him while staring at white blank walls.

Yuki, while supportive, was wearing down at the lack of expression and communication coming from the boy.

He could not understand what had happened.


"Shuichi…you're awake." Yuki whispered in awe.

Excitement could be heard behind the simple words. Yuki leaned forward and kissed Shuichi with such fervor the singer had to smile.

Then the boy remembered his situation. He would not be able to answer back. His heart constricted in this chest and his eyes started to mists over.

Yuki saw the sudden change of moods and sighted.

"Shuichi… please... don't give up. I know it will be hard from now on but this is not the end. You have a lot of people that love you and support you. Even if you have now this new disability you are still you. The only person that could stop me from going down the deep end was you. The only person I love more than life itself is you"

Yuki slid into the bed beside his lover and hugged him lightly so that he wouldn't hurt him.

Shuichi was so moved by how much love his lover was showing him but hiding deep in his mind were his doubts. Still, he lean into the hug and looked up at Yuki. A smile left his lips and he mouth the words 'I love you'

Yuki knew what that meant. His love would not give up.

-End flashback-

Or at least that's what he had thought.

The day after, Yuki had heard that someone had come to visit the boy while he had gone to rest for a little while before coming back to the hospital. At first he had paid no mind to it thinking it was one of the singer's friends.

Now there was only doubt. 'What happened to you Shuichi?'

# Shuichi #

It had to be kept a secret or all the people he loved would be in danger.

He knew he was playing his role well. 'The tragic rape victim has a mental breakdown'

'Heh' If only they knew how close to the truth they were'

In reality he had decided that the only way to keep them all safe was by pushing them away.


Yuki had just left the hospital to rest. Shuichi was calmer than before knowing that there was still some hope in his relationship even if for just a while longer. He had written to Yuki telling him to get some sleep since he looked dead on his feet. That granted him a chuckle from his lover, making his day somewhat.

The nurse had left a few minutes later saying that he had a visitor.

"One of your friends has come to visit you. I'll come with your dinner in two hours, ok?"

He nodded to the nurse and when back to contemplating his future.

He heard the door opening and closing but decided to stay quite since his mind was still wondering what would become of him. Then he heard the lock being put and decided it was time to confront this person. He didn't like being locked in any room with no one after what had happened to him.

He try to look beyond the curtain around his bed when it was suddenly yank away.

Standing in front of him was the demon that had caused his current misfortunes.

"So, we meet again Shuichi. Hehe..What you're not afraid of me any more?" Aizawa walked toward him with a crazed look in his eyes and took the call bottom away from his hand.


"Or did you just loose your voice after all the screaming you did?"

He was frozen in fear as the man grabbed his hands and tied them to the side of the bed.

"You know you really did a number on me. My head was bleeding for a while which is why it took me so long to come visit."

Aizawa had, by that point, separated his legs and tied them to the other end of the bed. He could not believe this was happening again AND IN A HOSPITAL! I mean come on, wasn't the place full of people?

"I came to give you a warning my pet." The ex-singer shoved two fingers into his ass and the nightmares began again only this time I had no voice to scream.

"If you tell anyone it was me some other friend of your may find themselves in this situation."

The man grabbed his cock and squeezed so hard it hurt. After shoving the fingers a couple more times, scraping the inside slyly and making him come ,Aizawa lean in.


"Well I guess that's enough for now, let me clean you up so that no one gets suspicious." The look on that man's eyes was that of a lunatic.

The ex-singer finished, let him loose from his restrains, and closed the curtains surrounding his bed.

"Remember what I said Shuichi-kun" and with that the devil left.

He started crying, and try to move but his lower region still hurt from the abuse.

Some hours later all feelings were hidden.

He had to protect those he loved or they may end the same way he did.

- End Flashback-

His whole life was a mess. What would he do now? Sure Yuki was there for him like he had promised but for how much more time?

He knew from the first time he had woken up that his music career was over. He knew that by pushing his friends away he was setting himself for a total mental break down but he still did it. It had to be done…for their safety.

Why would anyone want to be with him now anyways?

'… I'm dirtier…Yuki you shouldn't even want to touch me.'

Salty tears started running down his face. That, had been the first emotions he had shown since the day Aizawa had come to his hospital room.

What he didn't know was that Yuki was there beside him and saw the tears.

# Yuki #

"Shuichi? Shuichi why are you crying? Please tell to me!" he whispered this in his lover's ear but the only responses was more tears running down his face.

"I'm still here sekichiku(1), I'll never leave" he lean in to kissed the boy's cheek, when Shuichi suddenly flinched.

'Am I making it worst? Damn I kept forgetting! He must be traumatized …should I leave for a while?'

These questions kept running through his head and torturing his soul. He didn't want to leave his lover alone again but if it would help his lover he would do it.

He looked down to his hands and asked, "Shuichi do you want me to leave? I don't want to hurt you…"

Sudden movements, made him look up. He saw his lover getting up from the bed trying to reach out for him. The boy was looking at him with silent cries of protest while salty tears ran down from his amethyst eyes.

The pink haired man slide into his lab and clung to his chest tightly. He was shocked. The boy had barely moved for days.

"You don't want me to go, do you." It was meant to be a statement but the boy in his lab shook his head severely.

He then hug his lover tightly, "I'll never leave again, never"

They were once again finally getting somewhere.


(1) Japanese for a type of pink flower (hey I wanted to call him something different)

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