Advent of the Destroyers: Chapter 5: Battles, Shadows and Discussions.

The Minerva hanged silently in space. Its massive thrusters shinned with the immense power of its multiple reactors. However though the vessel appeared to be serene its interior was completely different.

This…. Trans…Tanaa……under….fire……assis said an alien voice over the intercoms on the bridge of the Minerva.

"That's the last of it Captain. I cannot get anything more due to the distance and the interference" announced Meyrin Hawke and looked at Captain Talia Gladys.

"Helm, how long will it takes us to get to that position" asked Talia Gladys to the Helmsman.

"At maximum speed 3 minutes Ma'am" answered the Helmsman, as he prepared all the systems in expectation of the upcoming command.

"Helm takes us there immediately" started Talia Gladys looking directly in front of her. "Change to condition red, and lower the bridge. Have the Destiny, the Legend and the Saviour ready for launch once we exit hyperspace" ordered Talia Gladys and the bridge started to lower itself into the vessel preparing for combat.

Soon the purple looking nebula that signified the opening of a Hyperspace window appeared, and the vessel was propelled to supra light speeds. Upon exiting the Hyperspace channel the launch doors at both sides of the Minerva opened and with a powerful thrust the blue white and red colors of the Destiny flew, followed by the gray red and blue of the Destiny and not long after that the red and white of the Saviour exited, following its partners into the battle that was raging.


In space a convoy of 3 Avioki-class Brakiri cruisers where engaged with over 2 dozen pirate fighters, zooming in and around the slow ships firing a shot every now and then, but not hitting anything vital. However this show of superiority was cut short, as the sensors of the pirates located three approaching fighters, and quickly turned to face the newcomers.

As the 3 silhouettes came into weapons range the pirate fighters started firing. Several of their shots hit their mark and for a few moments all the pirates gleamed with pride at having taken out their enemies. However this celebration was cut short.

From the flames of the apparent deaths of the three silhouettes came several beams of green light and struck the fear stricken pirates, who immediately scattered in disarray followed shortly by to their astonishment humanoid shaped machines which with an unheard off and unbelievable speed not only quickly catched up to their fighters, but seemed to pass off in a blur after which only the explosion of the pirate fighters was left.


"Shinn you take the group on the left. Lunamaria secure the transports" Ordered Rey Za Burrell from the cockpit of the Legend Gundam, as he finished another fighter and went of after another group.

Roger Rey answered Shinn Asuka, and the Legends sensors showed how the Destiny chased off after a group of pirate fighters.

Understood Rey answered also Lunamaria, and before long the Saviour was patrolling the 3 cruisers preparing to attack any pirate vessel that may approach them.

"Very well Captain Gladys, the pirate fighters are scattered and we are pursuing" reported Rey Za Burrell, as the face of Talia Gladys appeared on one of the monitors of the Legend.

Understood, make sure that they are headed for the Jump Gate before you return ordered the serious face of Talia Gladys form the monitor.

"Understood Ma'am, I will……wait, sensors are detecting a high energy spike" said Rey Za Burrell, just as the blue vortex that preceded the exiting point of a vessel form hyperspace appeared and from it a single cylinder like vessel appeared.

For a few seconds all 3 Gundams stopped to look at the newly arrived vessel, as a transmission initiated from the cylinder like ship. I see that you have had some fun with our fighters, but I suggest that you leave immediately or prepare to be destroyed said a harsh voice through the speakers of the Gundams as the vessel headed for the convoy of Brakiri vessels.

Rey Za Burrell however was not a single bit intimidated by either the voice of the pirate or the vessel and so pressed a few buttons on his console. "This is Rey Za Burrell of the United Freedom Treaty Organization acting on behalf of Babylon 5. You have engaged in pirate activities which are an offense against the standing laws. I hereby order you to surrender and submit yourselves or we will be forced to take more drastic measures" replied Rey Za Burrell.

Just as Rey Za Burrell expected it wasn't long before the captain of the pirate vessel answered. you are brave kid I will give you that chuckled the pirate captain. But I am afraid that I will simply have to destroy you finished the pirate captain and just as he finished the cylinder like vessel started firing at the 3 machines.

The 3 Gundams moved out of the line of fire with a speed and grace, that all who saw what was happening believed it impossible. Shot after shot the 3 Gundams moved away from the incredibly fast white shots, which followed the 3 agile machines in a way that could only be described as a dance. However though before long the 3 Gundams closed the gap between them and the large cylinder like vessel and immediately started to open fire on the cylinder like ship.

The Saviour Gundam transformed itself into its fighter like mode and opened fire with its twin plasma cannons and high-energy beam cannons which striked the large vessel with impunity. However the Saviour was not yet finished and simply accelerated as if the pilot had blown a fuse ramming the large vessel. To the astonishment of all aboard the large vessel the Saviour passed through all of the reinforced armor like a hot knife through butter and exited through the other side of the vessel. The ship rocked form the impact and for a few seconds lost all power.

Immediately after the Destiny Gundam opened fire with its heavy long range high energy beam cannon and made a large hole in the vessel, which was now tumbling out of control. No sooner had the fire in the hole had extinguished that the Destiny deployed a large sword from its back and simply plunged itself into the cylinder like vessel embedding the sword deep into the armor before it started using its powerful thrusters and moved along the exterior of the craft. When the Destiny finally released the sword from the vessel the whole engine section was drifting to one side, while the forward compartment was moving to the other side, both with a half hole between them.

Finally it was the Legend that gave the finishing blow and with its ten independent guns, plus its own rifle in one shot it destroyed all the remaining armament in the vessel before it positioned itself in front of the bridge of the demolished vessel. "I will say this one last time. Surrender" said Rey Za Burrell to the defeated pirate captain, who agreed to the proposal with a defiant voice, just as the Minerva approached the battle area and docked with the forward part of the pirate vessel.

Good job to all, but next time at least leave the vessels intact said Talia Gladys to the 3 Gundam Pilots with a semi serious face. Now return to base, we will escort the convoy to the gate before resuming our patrol. Take a few hours rest finished Talia Gladys and closed the channel.

And unknown to all of them three different figures watched their every move closely. All of them sizing them and analyzing them for what they all knew would be their own engagement. Finally the three went each on their own way only one of them aware of the other two, while the other two where completely oblivious to the other two watching them.


Meanwhile in Babylon 5 Lacus Clyne along with Cagalli Yula Attha sat in the Zocalo with a pile of papers between them. "You know, I can hardly believe half the statements that pass out in that room" commented Cagalli Yula Attha, as she reviewed a paper from the pile.

"I know, you would think that being races as advanced as they are they would at least try to get along, but instead they simply try to get as much from everyone else as they possibly can" commented Lacus while looking at some of the files herself.

"And check this, there are actually some of them who have threatened to open hostilities against us if we don't follow their demands" fumed Cagalli as she showed Lacus the paper where the information was written.

"This could turn out really bad. It is the same as the blockade imposed by the Earth Alliance that lead to our war" commented Lacus analyzing the document.

While the two young ambassadors reviewed their small pile of papers a young looking man, with a grey outfit, and black hair approached them. Of this man only one thing could truly be said be wary.

As the man approached the two Ambassadors, he placed a wide smile on his face and interrupted the work of the young females. "Excuse me Ambassadors, I am sorry for interrupting you, but I was passing by you and decided to stop for a little chat" said the man with his smile still clearly splattered onto his face.

Both Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Attha looked at each other and at the man in confusion, but quickly regained control. Finally it was Lacus Clyne who spoke "Don't worry about this pile of papers" said Lacus Clyne as she pointed at the. "Please take a seat Mr…?"

"The name is Morden, just Morden" answered said man and took a seat between the two young women. Cagalli Yula Attha looked at the guy suspiciously, there was something strange and bad about the man, but she simply couldn't place her finger on it. Meanwhile Lacus Clyne simply looked at him with a simple smile on her face.

"What would you like to talk about Mr. Morden?" asked Lacus Clyne in a gentle and simple voice.

Mr. Morden looked at the two ambassadors and smiled even more. "Well, I would like to ask you a simple question Mrs….?"

"I am Cagalli Yula Attha, and she is Lacus Clyne" said Cagalli in an annoyed tone, but not really threatening.

"Very well Mrs. Attha and Mrs. Clyne, my associates and I where wondering what do you want?" asked Mr. Morden as if it was the simplest of questions.

Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Attha looked at each other clearly very confused about the question. "I'm afraid that we don't understand what you mean Mr. Morden"

"It is very simple Mrs. Clyne and Mrs. Attha, all we want to know is what do you want?"

For a few seconds both Cagalli and Lacus pondered on the question. For Cagalli it was very simple all she wanted was to live a good life knowing that everyone that was important to her was safe. However for Lacus the answers where not so easy, for she really wanted nothing that she could think of, she had the person she loved, her friends where safe and they had a life.

Suddenly however a thought occurred to her, why would they ask that question? Why indeed. "Mr. Morden, exactly why do you want to know what we want? What do you hope to get from us that would warrant such a question?" asked Lacus Clyne somewhat detached from her own commentaries.

Cagalli looked at Lacus with a questioning gaze and soon asked the same questions why. Getting to no real conclusion, she started to get suspicious there was something that obviously didn't fit for her. "Yes Mr. Morden, why indeed would you ask that question? What do you hope to get from asking that question?".

To say that Mr. Morden was surprised was an understatement. No one so far had done what they had just done, they where asking questions to him, questions that his associates did not appreciate and they where getting angry, so Morden decided to give a few answers. Sometimes it was necessary to give in some, in order to gain some "All that me and my associates want is to help you, you tell us what you want and we help you to obtain it, later every now and then you give us something and we all live happy" said Mr. Morden still with that fake smile of his.

For a second Lacus and Cagalli analyzed Mr. Morden's intentions and soon both of them came to a startling realization. "Mr. Morden excuse us if we decline your offer, but we believe that we are better off on our own without your help at this point" said Lacus looking straight at Morden.

"She is right Mr. Morden. The truth is that even though she will not tell you I will. We do not trust you Mr. Morden you come at us, ask us what we want and offer us some compensation for it. However the fact is that where this to be a business transaction there would be no problem, but what you are asking for is our compliance to terms that will clearly place us in a complicated position, for if our assumptions are correct your favors will clearly bound us to you" said Cagalli in a serious tone to Mr. Morden.

Mr. Morden and his associates where furious, their plan had been deduced by a child, a plan that had so far worked very well in the first of instances had been completely destroyed. Mr. Morden heard a few cracks and whistles and looked seriously at the two Ambassadors "My associates are willing to go to great lengths to give you what you want if you will allow us. There is no need to be so extremist, I am sure that we can reach some kind of settlement" said Mr. Morden trying to convince the two Ambassadors to change their positions.

"I am sorry Mr. Morden, but our decision is final" said Cagalli. "Have a good day" finished Lacus with a smile and they both left their small table with an angry Mr. Morden behind.

"No, there are still ways" started Mr. Morden as a series of whistles, cracks sounded in his ear unnoticed by the passers by. "There are still some that may be useful" once again the Whistles and cracks sounded. "Thank you, you shall not regret this" finished Mr. Morden and left the Zocalo.


"Port control, we are ready to begin cargo transfer" said Miriallia Haww through her communicator.

This is Babylon 5 port control, we are ready when you are said the voice in the speakers.

"Thank you very much Port control, our Mobile Suits will pick up the cargo just give them directions and they will take care of the rest" said Miriallia Haww as she finally relaxed from her duties on board the Archangel. "Ma'am I'm finished with my shift, permission to leave" said Miriallia Haww from her seat on the Archangels bridge.

Murrue Ramius looked at the space station with an obviously bored looked in her face, but quickly regained her composure. "Very well lieutenant Haww, you may leave" said Murrue Ramius in a serious military tone. "Now that the formalities are over, what are you going to do in your free time Miriallia" continued Murrue Ramius in a more informal manner.

Miriallia had a playful smile as she left the communicator on the console. "Well, Dearka, Dr. Simmons and I where planning to go to the space station and have some R&R before we depart tomorrow"

"So I see, give my regards to Dearka and Dr. Simmons and have fun" said Murrue Ramius waving a playful hand to Miriallia who quickly left the bridge.

Soon Miriallia had left the bridge and started walking down the aisle. Suddenly she was grabbed harshly in one of the junctions and was about to scream when she felt soft yet warm lips on her own and she recognized them.

Dearka as always the playful jester that he was decided to surprise his wife and clearly succeeded from the silent scream that she let go before she melted in the kiss.

When Miriallia decided that she needed air she withdrew from Dearka and looked seriously at Dearka. "You know that I don't like that" said Miriallia and planted a short kiss on Dearka.

Dearka was clearly not surprised at all by the answer. "I know, but I can't help myself it is just too funny" finished Dearka kissing Miriallia once more.

"I guess that I will just have to learn to live with it" said Miriallia in a half dejected tone, but quickly changed. "Now, though I would certainly love to stay here and just be with you we promised Dr. Simmons that we would meet her at the launch bay" said Miriallia as she looked at Dearka.

"You're right as always" said Dearka in a defeated tone. "But she can wait a few more seconds" finished Dearka and the two of them simply stayed with each other for a few seconds. Finally the two left to the hangar bay of the Archangel.

At the Archangel's deck an angry chief Simmons awaited the arrival of her two cohorts. When the door opened once again her to companions came in Dearka with a hand over his wife's and Miriallia with her shoulder resting on his husband obviously very happy. As Erica Simmons watched the happy couple she herself remembered what she lost when they made the fateful jump that brought them to their current place. However these memories quickly vanished as she remembered where she was.

"Hey there guys, having fun?" was Erica Simmons question.

Dearka leaving Miriallia's side looked directly to Erica Simmons with a playful smirk on his face. "Yes we are Ma'am" answered Dearka and made a salute that resulted in all of them bursting with laughter at his simple joke.

"Very well, our ride is waiting for us, so we should leave" informed Erica Simmons and the three of them took the elevator to their shuttle that was just about to leave.


In Babylon 5 John Sheridan sat with Delenn in one of the meeting rooms going over some of the reports that they where getting from their limited sources.

"I am still impressed with the abilities of our new friends" stated John Sheridan as he looked over some of the reports.

"I am more worried about what they could do to us if they decided to leave us, or go to others" said Delenn looking at John Sheridan. "It isn't only their technology, it is also the fighting abilities they posses" finished Delenn as John looked at her and both of them sighed.

"I take it that you are referring to the mock battle you had against the pilot of the giant robot?" asked John in a worried tone.

"Yes that same one" finished Delenn and both of them simply seated themselves deep in thought.


"So you guys want to face me?" asked Kira Yamato as he looked at a group of pilots from the Babylon 5 squadron.

"They say that you are the pilot of that robot parked in our docks. They also say that you took a whole squadron by yourself" said one of the pilots to Kira Yamato who looked somewhat worried at the whole incident.

"Yeah, and they also say that you helped in the destruction of one of Earth Destroyers that came to attack us" mentioned one of the pilots and all nodded.

"Perhaps I did some of what you say" said Kira trying not to sound too superior.

"However we don't believe that you would be so good without your machine" said another of the pilots in a challenging tone.

Kira Yamato was not just worried, he was completely against the idea. However he didn't want to say no. Unfortunately he was manhandled.

"Then why don't you prove them wrong?" asked Security chief Michael Garibaldi as he walked by the group.

Kira was completely dumb founded as he heard the security chief and just looked at him as if he where crazy.

"Now don't tell us that you are scared?" continued Michael Garibaldi joining in on the group.

Soon Kira was being insulted and humiliated like he had never been before. Suddenly however he simply couldn't take it anymore and simply bent over to the pressure. "Well If you are really sure about your superiority in numbers I'll take you all in one of your fighters" was Kiras answer nearly screaming.

The group of pilots where now very happy and they obviously had a good premonition. "Very well then tomorrow at 1200 hours, meet us there and we will settle this" said one of the pilots as the group left. In the distance Kira could heard how all of them where secure of their victory.

"I don't know If congratulate you or insult you for your obviously stupid move" said Michael Garibaldi who hadn't left.

"You where the real reason I accepted the challenge" said Kira in a sulking tone, clearly very annoyed by the whole idea.

"If it serves of anything I'll be rooting for you" finished Michael Garibaldi and left a serious Kira Yamato alone to think.

The next day the whole station had heard of the bet and every ship that could had made a small circle around the battle scenario where 12 Auroras and 5 Thunderbolts faced a single Thunderbolt.

Kira Yamato sat in the uncomfortable cockpit of the Thunderbolt and looked at all of the command options for just a few seconds before opening the comm-link. "Are you sure about this, we can just call this off right now?" said Kira Yamato.

No way man, you agreed to this and now we have to finish it, just look at how much people are gathered here just now said one of the pilots.

Yeah man, don't tell us that you just chickened out? said another one and the comm line jumbled with contained laughter from the whole squad.

Kira Yamato looked again to his controls for a few seconds and then took the main keyboard and started typing extremely fast. For a few seconds all of the screens in the Aurora flickered and then returned now showing different information and a completely different system. When Kira Yamato was finished he once again opened the comm-link. "OK guys when you're ready"

Very well, all of our systems are set for test only, so if you get destroyed your fighter will stop working for the rest of the exercise said the lead pilot of the Babylon 5 squadron. Got that kid?

"Yeah I got it" was Kira Yamato's answer.

Very well we'll start in 1 minute said the lead pilot. Upon his order the whole squadron rearranged itself and looked at the single Aurora as if seeing an easy prey.

When the minute finished the 12 Auroras and the 5 Thunderbolts opened fire on the single Aurora expecting an easy kill. All of the pilots where surprised when the Aurora simply moved upwards and started shooting at them, in a single instant 3 of the Auroras where out of combat as the single Aurora moved in to attack them head on.

The Babylon 5 pilots where not expecting that move, they thought that because of their numbers their victory was assured. However when the single Aurora shot upwards and took out 3 Auroras all hell broke loose for them. In his second pass the single Aurora of Kira Yamato broke their formation taking out another 2 of them in the pass. All of the squadron tried to scatter to take him out from different angles, but it proved too little too late.

After Kira Yamato finished his pass to break up their formation he immediately rotated on his Z axis and looked at the scattering group face down while he opened fire with his cannons and targeted them one by one. He managed to get 2 more of the scattering squadron which was quickly turning to face him.

As the squadron tried to attack Kira Yamato he maneuvered the Aurora in small moves that made the shots pass him by, while engaging the incoming fighter as soon as he was able to. Kira Yamato came on one who was trying to fire at him and quickly took him out, passing him by with 3 fighters on his tail. With a sharp move that impressed the whole audience Kira Yamato turned the fighter side ways and backwards letting the 3 surprised fighter pilots who where following him pass by and be picked off by Kira Yamato who concentrated on the remaining craft.

By this point the whole audience was dumbstruck a single Aurora had already taken out 11 Auroras and the remaining Aurora and the 5 Thunderbolts moved quickly in a sphere around it, trying to encircle it and destroy it. However as the fighters came into range the single Aurora in the center started to spin on its own axis in every direction and left of a few shots, that in less than 3 seconds had disabled the remaining 6 fighters.

When the fighter pilots systems came back on it was clear who the winner was and all who left where now fearful of the lonely pilot who had single-handedly disabled an entire squadron.

End Flashback.

"That guy Kira not only took a single squadron all on his own with a machine that he barely knew, but he also changed it completely. Now all of our techs are just trying to get the fighter into operation. Whatever he did to the OS of the Aurora is so complicated that my best people, and even some of your own are having trouble just rearranging all the programs for regular operation" commented John Sheridan once again looking at the reports.

Delenn thought for a second and looked at John "It is just as Stephen told us. They are clearly no ordinary humans" was Delenns comment and looked at John, concern clear in her eyes.

"Yeah, now that you mention it they said that our OS was inefficient, now I understand why"

"When did they say that?"

"That was when I was giving them the tour of the station. If I recall most of them just though of our systems as primitive and inefficient, and even the Admiral was surprised that we where capable of working with them" said John Sheridan.

"I see. We will have to thread carefully, they are clearly becoming a problem that we will have to deal with soon" commented Delenn.

"Yes we will, but for now let's not worry about it, I prefer them as allies, and that is enough at the moment" answered John Sheridan.

"But that will soon have to change, seeing how powerful they are we will soon have to include them in our alliance" said Delenn with a sigh.

"I understand and we will soon, but not now, it is not prudent" finished John Sheridan and him and Delenn remained silent wondering about the possibilities of the future.