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The dinner table was surprisingly very enjoyable that night. Molly and Tonks discussed her inability to change her hair into a certain shade of green, Arthur and the twins were mulling over the joke shop, Ginny kept to herself, and Harry actually had a decent conversation with Hermione and Ron. He felt LOADS better after having Ron know about his new... Powers, so to speak.

He'd also informed everyone that he was going to keep Hogwarts. Not only that, but he'd be moving into Sirius' old house for the summers. And, to top it all off, the Order of the Phoenix was going to put up headquarters at Hogwarts as well, where it was most safe.

Harry'd be damned before he let Hogwarts be closed. And if that meant having to take it over personally, to insure Dumbledore's legacy continued, so be it.

"This is great!" Ron said happily through a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "Now I'll never get in trouble!"

Harry couldn't help but laugh. Hermione scowled, "That's not true. A good headmaster doesn't do 'favorites'. Right, Harry?"

"You mean you don't want an all-access pass to the restricted section in the library?"

Hermione's eyes lit up and she threw her arms around him. "Favorites are good! Oh, Harry, that'd be wonderful!"

Ron snorted and quickly picked up his glass of pumpkin juice and began to drink to cover up his laughter. Hermione released him and studied him for a few moments. "But don't you think you should wait a bit? I mean... School starts in a week. Are you ready for that responsibility?"

Harry smirked. "'Mione, I've had hundreds of death eaters out for my blood. I've been attacked by giant spiders, I've been kidnaped by Voldemort, I've ridden a bloody hippogriff to save my godfather from dementors; I think I'm capable of running a school."

Hermione shot him 'the look'. He rolled his eyes. "Listen, I'd be worried if Fred and George were still going, but they're not. Everyone else that even comes CLOSE to the title of 'troublemaker' pales in comparison to those two."

Fred and George paused in their explanation of a new prank that included a cat that could flatten itself out, then pop back up to its normal size to scare those who thought they'd just run over it, to look over at Harry and graciously thank him for the compliment. This included bowing.

Hermione shook her head, muttering about "Juvenile Weasley's", which of course got Ron going, and then, per usual, their bickering started up again.

"Where's Draco?" asked Ginny, speaking for the first time that night.

Harry shrugged. "Don't know. I'm done though, so I'll go track him down."

Molly looked up from examining Tonks' hair pigment. "Tell him if he gets hungry, I saved him a plate."

Harry nodded, clearing off his plate and putting it in the sink before walking upstairs. Just before he got to the landing, he saw the crumpled form on the floor right near the trap door, that had apparently fell open as it hadn't been closed all the way. He bolted over to him, picking him up without even thinking about it. Cradling the unconscious boy to his chest, he looked down at the floor, relieved to see that there was no blood. He all but ran up the stairs and placed him down on his own bed, as it was closer, and quickly went back to shut the door.

Biting his lip, he knelt beside Draco, prying one of his eyes open. No response. The blonde's hair was sweaty and stuck to his forehead, instead of how it usually hung loosely around his face. His normally pale cheeks were flushed and he was positively burning up.

"Shit, shit..." Harry murmured. Upon examining him further, he noticed a small line of blood on the side of his neck. Brow furrowed, Harry rolled him over as gently as possible. With a grimace he then saw the back of Draco's head matted with blood. Muttering a quick cleaning spell and centering on his inner magic, he quickly got the mess cleaned up, so he could see the actual wound better.

It wasn't that large, nor was it that deep, but it was definitely ugly, and definitely required attention. With a low groan, he realized that not only did he have the cut, but there were slivers of wood IN the cut. He paused for a second, before muttering "Accio splinter."

One of the many splinters flew from Draco and lodged itself in Harry's open hand. He hissed, glaring at the back of Draco's head. "Bloody git... Always getting in trouble..."

After around five minutes, all the splinters had been removed from Draco's cut, and transplanted into Harry's hand. Harry hurriedly yanked them out with his teeth and spat them to the floor, ignoring the dull throb in his palm. The wound had begun to bleed a little, from the rough treatment.

Harry leaned back on his heels, running his hands through his hair, at a loss for what to do. "I don't know how to heal... I don't FIX things, I BREAK them. That's all this bloody power gives me, the power to destroy." he said miserably. "And I can't get the Weasleys... They'll call the aurors, and I'll be off to Azkaban and I'll NEVER get the horcruxes... Merlin this was a mistake. I should have never come back."

He sat there, consumed in self pity for several more minutes, before he thought of how the longer he waited, the worse off Draco could be in.

Every darkness had it's light.

Every night had it's dawn.

And with this dark, mysterious power, there must be SOME way that he could help Draco.

Standing up, he hovered his hands over the one below him, and closed his eyes. He shoved all his anger, his insecurities, his pain to the very back of his mind, and concentrated on one thing: Draco. He focused on that ugly cut closing up, his fever going down, those stunning blue-grey eyes to open again without being fogged over by pain, on him sitting up and making a snappy comment on Harry's stupidity for ramming him against a wall, for him to be awake.

The harder he thought about him, the larger the lump in his throat seemed to get, and the more determined he was to do this. He pushed himself farther and farther, until finally, he felt the magic within him begin to stir, like a sleeping dragon waking from its slumber. Slowly, it filled his entire body, seeping through his pores, and moving about in the air around him. He felt so much more powerful than he did when he was being destructive, he felt... Almighty.

He began to emit a soft green light, only this time, instead of it hovering about him like a blanket, it traveled down towards his hands, where it became more concentrated. With one final burst of energy, Harry focused with all his might on Draco once again, and the light in his hands shot downwards into Draco. Harry felt the magic leave him, and he opened his eyes at the loss, to see the green energy envelop Draco, swarming and swirling about him. The wound on his head slowly closed, and the light seemed to push him onto his back with hundreds of tiny hands.

Then, it entered Draco's body, and seemingly coursed throughout his system, before quickly leaving Draco and shooting back inside Harry.

Harry stumbled back at the return of his magic, still in awe at what he had done. He knelt on the bed, gathering Draco into his arms, and pressing his ear next to Draco's lips. When he felt the steady puffs of warm air, he nearly let out a 'whoop' of triumph. He pulled Draco against him more, until he was nearly in his lap. He rocked him back and forth, smoothing back his hair, desperate for the contact with the one he'd hurt.

As twilight crept up upon them, Harry lay down, lowering Draco with him, keeping his arms tightly around the other, as if he were afraid to loose him to the depths of the night. Soon, Harry's breathing evened out, and his grip on Draco's waist loosened slightly.

Draco rolled over, so he was facing Harry, and studied the sleeping boy's face. He'd been awake ever since Harry had healed him... He just had felt no need to advertise that fact. Why was Harry being so delicate with him now? Because he felt bad?

Coming to the conclusion he didn't really care, he relaxed in Harry's arms, closing his eyes. "Night, Harry."


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