The Lost Princess?

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Zuko&Katara Romance rated T

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

"Captain head straight ahead to that island over there!" yelled Prince Zuko, smiling evilly.

"Prince Zuko, we are heading into a fire nation island. Why are you going to that island, knowing the possibilities if you get caught there?" asked his Uncle Iroh, curiously.

"Because uncle I just saw the Avatar thingy (as in Appa) flying and landing on the out skirts of the island. If we go their without them knowing that we have arrived, it gives us a chance to use a surprise tactic on them. Besides I won't get caught, because I have a plan." He said, still smiling and looking at the island.

"Just make sure we get their without being notice, Prince Zuko." said a worried Uncle.

"Aang we should rest a little bit here and get some more supplies because we are almost out." said Katara.

"I know Katara, but not too long because Prince Zuko might be hot on our trail." He said looking at Katara.

"Katara I going to look for some food for Appa, with my staff as a glider." He said. As he began to run, and prepare his staff to turn into a glider, he turned to look at Katara toying with a necklace around her neck. He stopped and walked back over to her and sat down and asked "Katara why do you play with that necklace so much?"

"Oh! Sorry, this necklace belong to my mother, she died while having me. So my dad gave this to me and where ever I go I make sure I have it with me." She answered smiling at Aang.

"What about your father?" asked Aang?

"He is in the war, fighting for the water tribe." She said.

"Oh, well I better go, because I think Appa is getting hungry." He said. Getting up, he threw is staff in the air and it became his glider and then he ran and jumped up to get on it and yelled "I will be back soon, Katara!"

Prince Zuko had reached the island undiscovered and was heading toward the campsite where Katara was. He was following the smoke from the fire. He finally made it there and peak through the bushes and saw the water bender sitting there next to Appa.

"Aang sure has been gone for a while, I wonder what is keeping him." She said to herself. Appa just nudge her and Momo was sleeping in her lap.

"May I cut in?" asked Prince Zuko. Katara jumped up, throwing Momo on the sandy beach floor.

"Prince Zuko what do you want?" She asked, ready to use her water bending skills.

"Tell me where the Avatar is." He said.

"No, you will have to kill me first." She said exaggerating a bit.

"No, I will do something even greater than that." He said. With that said and done, he threw a fire ball at her. Katara used the water whip to destroy it. Prince Zuko then shot three more fire balls at her and she use a water shield to block them. While she was doing this Prince Zuko jumped in back of her and pulled out an old faded rag and covers her mouth and nose. Within seconds she fainted. Prince Zuko picks the rest of her body up and took her back to the ship and set sail.

"Katara I'm back." said Aang setting Appa's food down. "Katara! Katara! Katara!" He yelled. Aang was getting worried now. He tried to calm himself by saying "Maybe she went to go use the bathroom or maybe she had found a hot spring." But nothing would calm him. He took his staff and searches the island, but there was no sign of Katara. Finally he gave up and went back to the campsite to think. Then something caught his eye, he looked at the sand and saw burnt sand and then it hit him. Prince Zuko had taken Katara and by now they were a least miles and miles away from him.

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