Author's note: Sorry it has taken so long for me to post a story, but college and work have been getting in the way. Anyway, I promise to try and update as soon as possible. Enjoy!


March 15, 1972

Preston City, NW continent

Preston City was considered by many to be a smaller, more peaceful version of Megakat City. Crime was at an all-time low and kats could walk the streets in safety and enjoy the tranquil morning. Owen Kennedy might have been able to appreciate the scene a little more if he weren't being chased by a group of armed kats. He briefly whipped his head behind him to see if Quentin was still with him, and felt relief as he saw the older kat right along side him. Owen sighed inwardly as he wondered for the hundredth time how the Fighters found out he and Quentin were M.I.A. agents. Surely there couldn't have been an information leak, could there? He decided to put the thought out of his head and concentrate on how to lose the pursuing gang.

"Kennedy, veer right at one o' clock!" shouted Quentin.

"Yes sir!" Owen replied as turned down an alley.

In spite of himself, he smiled; it seemed that the D enzyme enhanced your sense of direction as well.

The two kats ducked into another alley, trying desperately to catch their breaths.

"I…I think we've lost them," Quentin gasped.

His theory was proven true as the Fighters quickly ran passed them, whooping and hollering to the thrill of the hunt.

"They're nothing but a bunch of animals!" Owen thought.

Quentin turned to his young protégé and smiled.

"I think we've worked off our breakfasts today, right Agent Kennedy?"

Owen returned the smile.

"I'd say I've worked off breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"

The older kat chuckled and once again, Owen was reminded of how lucky he was to have Quentin Jones as his superior. The veteran M.I.A. agent was an expert at covert operations, paw-to-paw combat, and reconnaissance work. Even before he was injected with the D enzyme, Agent Jones was considered to be next in line for Assistant Director.

"So what's our objective now, sir?"

"I'd say we head back to headquarters and see if we can determine how our cover was blown."

The younger kat nodded with controlled enthusiasm, and the two agents began to walk towards their rental car.

As they walked, Owen couldn't shake the feeling that the Fighters were planning something big. Although they were a relatively small street gang, their ambush of the two agents seemed as well planned as a military ambush.

"Knock it off, it's just the adrenaline in your system. They're just a bunch of common street thugs. What's the worst they could do?"

If only Agent Owen Kennedy knew what was in store for him and his superior.