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Chapter 2

Sharon Crawford tried desperately to ignore the patch of dried blood on the sidewalk. As she walked towards her small apartment, she sincerely hoped that Lopez was taking it easy on Vincent; the boy was only ten years old.

"Not that it matters to that pig! To him, my little Vinny is nothing more than a wind-up doll that's supposed to be at his beck and call!"

As she did nearly every day, Sharon cursed the situation that she and her child were in. Being an unwed, pregnant college dropout, there weren't many job opportunities for her. Things only became worse when Vincent was born and while Sharon loved the boy with all of her heart, he was also another mouth to feed.

Fortunately (or rather unfortunately as it turned out), a kat named Lopez Vialpando had been in dire need of some help for his antique store. At first he had seemed pleasant and sympathetic, but after several weeks Sharon had begun to see the real Lopez.

"Pushy, rude, and no respect for anybody but himself. If only there were some way to get out of his stupid contract."

As soon as Vincent was old enough, Lopez began to shift much of the work onto the boy. Sharon had tried to quit right then and there but due to a technicality in her work contract, Lopez more or less owned them until he decided to fire them.

"Why didn't I look for a better job? Why did I insist on dropping out of college to take care of Vinny?"

She shut down that train of thought immediatley: wishing that circumstances were different was a waste of time and she simply could not afford to attend college and raise a child at the same time.

"Someday, I'll have enough money to give Vincent the life he deserves, and I won't stop working until that happens," she said to herself.

Sharon arrived at the small apartment under the antique shop feeling much better than she had before; all she had to concentrate on was her sweet little boy and how to make his life better. Eventually, things would work out somehow. As she stepped inside, Sharon suddenly felt with absolute certainty that big things would happen for Vincent…whether she made them happen or not.